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I have tons of Macro equipment that is basically collecting dust. Instead of waiting for the weather to clear around here, I decided to put some of that equipment to use. This was taken with a Pentak K-5 II camera, 50mm f4 Macro Preset lens(circa 1962) @f22, Viltrox L1161 LED light. As you can tell I need a lot of practice ! 



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15 hours ago, hjoseph7 said:

Here is the same subject taken with the Pentax 100mm f2.8 Macro @f22. I got about 8+ inches of additional working space, but the magnification remained about the same ?



Nice shots! I am a fan of older macro lenses as well. I have a set of Macro-Nikkors (ca 1960s-1970s) that I use often.

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