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Scanning Axis WWII negatives

Are the scans and archives of acceptable quality?  

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  1. 1. Are the scans and archives of acceptable quality?

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If you liked my previous digitizing work of the 1937 Egypt negatives you may also like this:


For the past year I have acquired a collection of +300 35mm negatives taken by an unknown Axis soldier. I've been scanning these for online publishment.


Most of these photos are on uncut rolls of 35mm negative film in metal or paper canisters. The films are mostly Agfa Isopan, with a few Kodak rolls too. I am no historial so don't know the period, but looks like early 1940's.


Among the scenes so far is a trip to Paris, skiing on snowy mountains and landscapes, forest areas, the german olympic stadium. A train ride, solider barracks and general sight-seeing. In the photos are people of several different ranks.



Complete photos can be found here.

Mosaics made from overlapping photos can be found here.





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Unfortunately there appears to be vertical banding on some rolls, but not others. I think this depends on the density of the negative. Very dense or faint negatives may introduce banding.


I do not know why this suddenly appeared, while not on the two previous rolls. Scanning one of the previous rolls to test appears to show no banding.




I guess there is no perfect scanner in existence, and I may have to go back to my coolscan 8000. Will try the scanner on my laptop to see if it changes anything.

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