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Post Your Non-Studio Headshots


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There was a Little Girl with a Little Curl

This candid photo was taken about 8 o'clock at night at the end of this little girl's 5th birthday party, after the games, after the presents had been opened, after the ice cream and cake, after the last of her young friends had gone home.


I am not sure this qualifies as a head shot since there is a knee in the photo, but it is one of my favorite photos. Taken with a Bronica S2A and Vivitar 283 flash on Kodak T-MAX film; scan of an 8 x 10 print.

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A couple more. But I must say, some really good shots here. Henricvs - bravo. And, again, LineMartel - how was that done - it's brilliant. And andrey_bressolitsyn - well done. So too Erik_Christensen, and ng, that's a hauntingly beautiful shot - film?


So a few more shots, both of people near our dinner/restaurant table recently:






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