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Film Camera Week for August 10

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Greetings all and welcome to our new thread.. As usual, post all the images you like from your film camera. I'll start with some FP4+ that I developed earlier this week. Camera was the Rollei B35. Images span several months as I kept forgetting I had film in the camera.


one of the last El Caminos. (Hopefully the owner replaced the weak 4.4 liter V8 and the inadequate Turbo Hydromatic 200


Ballard park


afternoon swim


morning near Jackson area



I have a second roll of FP4+ that I shot in my Spotmatic F that I will post some images from later.

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No photos to share right now--the summer heat wave and smoke haze haven't made for the best conditions, and some other projects have come up. Hope to finish a couple of partial rolls in the next few weeks.


One camera I really should get out and use more is this Praktica LB 2. With its accurate selenium meter, it's a good choice for battery-free shooting.




Praktica LB 2

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Very practical.....


Praktical :) and I like the clean industrial looks as well.


Perhaps it's just luck, but every Praktica I've come across with built-in metering has had a working meter. The TTL ones have tended to be non-linear, but the selenium meters have all been accurate.

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M4, 35mm Nikkor f2.5, Tri-X, Rodinal semistand. Ilford RC, Dektol.

11756365324_0b22a0eb88_b.jpg by bc50099


M4, Nikkor 35mm f2.5, Tri-X, Rodinal semistand. Ilford RC, Dektol.

11755285735_d1de57e340_b.jpg by bc50099


M4, 135mm Serenar, Tri-X, Rodinal semistand. Ilford RC, Dektol.

11756049086_79d05a249a_b.jpg by bc50099


M4, 50mm Summar f2, Tri-X, Rodinal semistand. Ilford RC, Dektol.

11754584113_1d46440391_b.jpg by bc50099

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