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Here's one of the photos that will be in my all-abstract "Horizontals: Rusted" exhibit at The Faculty Club on the UC Berkeley campus, Jan 3-Feb 1, 2018. The Faculty Club is free and open to the public. See the TFC website for directions (Home - The Faculty Club at UC Berkeley 2016) or call (510) 540-5678.


Shameless self-promotion but I thought Bay Area folks who post to this forum would be interested.


In the meantime, anybody else shooting rust abstracts?



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Sally Mack asks:

Fungus imitating rust?! How cool is that! (Or am I all wet and it really is rust?


It really is fungi, but no imitation.Fungal rusts are a group of fungi with complicated life cycles. One stage of growth is rusty reddish orange brown and it looks like an organic rust on plants. The one I posted is Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae aka Cedar Apple Rust. It's as cool as anything can be.

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