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Canon photo #48 November 30 2017


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This was taken from Bullhead City Arizona looking towards Laughlin Nevada across the Colorado River. Laughlin is a gambling destination with hotels and casinos. The beam of light can actually be seen with the naked eye. I can only assume they are beaming advertisements into space hoping to entice the extraterrestrial crowd to come and lighten their wallets. 5D Mark IV Tamron 15-30@ 2.8 ISO 200 30 seconds_A0A6622.thumb.jpg.29dc4c411a04d936f50cd8588098aacb.jpg
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JRCrowe, like your picture. Why is it bowing inwards? Is this barrel distortion with the 15-30?

Mark, I don't know it that is barrel distortion. I think it is extreme converging lines caused by turning the lens upwards. I could be wrong. At 15mm it is very apparent though. I have used the lens for indoor real estate photography and with the lens held level the distortion is minimal. I know for a lot of the astro photographers on You Tube the Tamron is their go to lens. Here is another with the lens turned skyward, the pole should be vertical._A0A6668.thumb.jpg.830b8b68aa13e892e8499ec7b7a4d499.jpg

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