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Server Error, etc.


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<p>Try to remove a folder and getting this message.....<strong> "Server Error The requested URL cannot be accessed due to a system error on this server."</strong><br /> As said, ". . . . . on this server" and not on my computer.<br /> This exist all ready a month, with other, <strong>502, 503 and 504</strong> messages, complained several time, nobody ever replied me from the administrator or what ever.</p>
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<p>I am also getting these errors and I notice that it never happens to me on the front page and browsing the photos, but frequent in the morning trying to browse the forums.<br>

I also notice that closing the browse and trying again it works most of the times.<br>

<br />I'm not a expert but looks like that the system may be too busy and gives the error, and, it holds some "kind of handle" or keeps opened a database session associated with my IP giving error on any try. Closing the browse it gives me "another handle" or open a new session and it works.</p>

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