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Adox Film


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Hello. I saw a blurb about adox film in the latest issue of shutterbug. I have

never heard of it before. It says it is a very good film for fineart

photography. Freestyle photo is distributing it. I called them and asked the

sales rep about it. He says you need to process it in different chemiclas other

then the standard black and white chemicals. I was told it was like the seattle

film where it did not take standard processing. Would I be able to have it

porocessed in the "normal" black and white chemicals and have it come out as

sharp ? Anyone have any pros/cons about it? If not are there any alternatives

on the market I can use. I have a roll of fuji black and white as well as

ilford 125. Thank you.

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true freestyle sells efke/adox. or equiv.

there is a company who makes ADOX in canada but cannot sell it under that name in the usa

they have a website.

I think it may be sold in the usa under a different name.


I think the need for a special developer is an opinion rather

than a fact, I would like someone to comment on that.


I used KB14 way back when

but i still miss panatomic-x ( please mr kodak)

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You can currently order all ADOX films at Freestyle.com. I have tried Efke. I made the mistake of buying 22 rolls, 10-100iso, 10-400iso and 2 rolls 25iso. I shot 2 rolls of the 100iso and developed it D-76. Worked great, nice contrast, good midtones. Then I went to print some of the shots I had taken. It looked like the cat and a chicken had walked on the film. I later read and article about Efke film and the user had the same problem. Apparently the emulsion is very soft and can easily scratch in camera and when being developed. If anyone out there would like to try this film contact me and we can arrange something, (you pay for postage or some sort of trade). Roger, r-barrier@hotmail.com Good luck and happy shooting.
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