Z9 Teaser video.

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  1. That's why I said 'almost no-one'.......;)

    I did add,

    If it will do, say, 1080P60 for 5 hours or so, that might make unattended hide use interesting.

    So I can fore-see some uses! :cool:

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    With the Z6, I often capture an hour or two of video, but edit it down to 30 seconds or a minute. It is no different from shooting 500 frames and only show a couple of them.

    I also crop the center of the frames in videos. You may capture 8K and only show a cropped 4K or standard HD.
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  3. Is it 'simple' to crop 8K to 4K or FHD in random directions?

    I'm thinking of BIF where the footage is jinking around, cos of me, but the bird is pretty stable.

    I'm sure I had a plug-in once that stabilised 4K > HD by finding something in the frame as a reference that's in all the frames, shifting all the frames so that 'point' didn't move.... and dumping the rest outside the box. I guess it's the external equivalent of pixel cropping stabilization in older cams.
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    Even with iPhone video, they already have software to trim the outer 10% or so from your frames to achieve "digital stabilization." I have seen people capturing iPhone video while skiing downhill. The software smooths out the bumps quite well. I am not that much into video editing to purchase software to do a lot of the fancy stuffs.

    In any case, it is always better to capture more and then throw away whatever you don't need. Memory cards and hard drives are quite cheap, especially when you are buying a Z9 at $6500 or whatever.
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  5. So, if you take 8K you could always crop it or 'bin' it down to 4K....:)

    As many above have said, who actually has an 8K screen anyway!
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    My wife and I just bought our first 4K TV a few months ago, but in the US, Samsung is already selling huge 8K TVs, but you need to have a big house ….

    The problem is where do those 8K videos come from?
  7. There was some 'chat' elsewhere about the AF boxes being added in post, which I don't believe for a second.

    However, one of the reasons given for thinking this was that there were no other info boxes in the EVF screen view.

    Maybe it's a new EVF option? It just shows the live image and AF point. No other crap. I'd like that!

    That's what the button bottom left of the EVF might be... EVF Info display options > select.
  8. You can turn off the other features displayed in the EVF than the image and the AF boxes via a custom function already in the Z6 II.

    There are different ways in which the camera manufacturer could create such a video, as they no doubt have access to the inner data produced by the camera and could simply store the evf feed as a video (with boxes). Of course, it would also be possible to add it in post but this would seem clumsy and potentially misleading.
  9. Toggleable by a single button would be nice!
  10. It is.
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  11. Ah, I must go and find out how now...! :)
  12. Sorry, I didn't mean to be so cryptic. I just didn't remember at that time the exact name of the feature. You use f2 or f3 to assign a button (e.g. REC) to a feature called "Live View Info Display Off". As you press the function button assigned to this function, it toggles the info on and off. The buttons which can be assigned this function include Fn1, Fn2, AF-ON, center of the sub-selector, REC and OK.
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