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  1. Does anyone know what body and motor drive were used by Duran Duran for the
    sound effects for the 1981 single?

    There is a Girls on Film video, quite raunchy, originally banned by the beeb,
    and there is a Nikon body (amongst others) that might an FM?, with a round
    eyepiece. However, the video doesn't start with the motordrive, and must be a
    different performance entirely to the single.

    I read on wikipedia that it was the band manager, Paul Berrow's Nikon camera
    that could be heard at the start. Fantastic. Anyone know what it was?
  2. Its the distinctive MD-12 or MD-11, with the spring loaded snap-back after advance.
    Great song and video, no doubt it was banned, I saw it again on VH1 Classic and noticed
    that some of the tops were quite transparent, amazing what todays' TV screens can show.
  3. There is an uncensored version of the video where you don't need a modern HD TV in order to see a bit more....the girls are mud wrestling topless :)

    Anyway, back to motor drives in music. The only other instance that I have heard is in Jean Michel Jarre's track "Souvenir of China". Anyone have a clue what MD is used in this one?
  4. I seem to recall what sounded like an FM/MD-12 running in J Guiles Band's "Freeze Frame".
  5. I think the J Geils song motor is the Canon F1n Motor, but I'm not sure.
  6. In retrospect, maybe Freeze Frame had an F3/MD-4 combo going.
  7. I guess it's official, we all are NIKON NUTS. When it comes down to the ability to identify a motor drive by sound on a music video. I will bet some of you can identify the sound of the lens focusing.
  8. What motor dirve? I was looking at the girls!
  9. Where are these videos , again ? :)

    Motor drive identification by sounds on a rock video...you guys are DEEP in the the Uber Nikon fandom. !
  10. See, I was thinking MD-4 but in my recollection, that song came out before the F3/MD-4.
    IDK, I'm not a huge JGiels Band Fan. I do remember that the sound was different than Girls
    on Film. And yup Huge Nikon Geek. Huge.
  11. Ok Bit of research done, maybe it is a F3/MD-4. I'll have to listen. Or it could be an F3/
    MD-2 combo...hmmm. Itunes here I come.
  12. I did alittle research and found "Freeze Frame" came out in 1981 and the F3 was released in 1980, so it's possible the F3/MD-4 combo was used in the song (assuming the MD-4 came out the same time).
    By the way, where could someone see the uncensored version of "Girls on Film"?!
  13. The uncensored video used to be played at late night on VH1 / MTV in the UK a few years back. Haven't tuned in for a while, so don't know about now.

    Dependant upon your view on P2P file sharing, you can download it using something like Limewire of Bearflix. Have just checked Bearflix & it is available as a 63MB download.
  14. The only other instance that I have heard is in Jean Michel Jarre's track "Souvenir of China". Anyone have a clue what MD is used in this one?
    I hate to spoil the party, but if I recall correctly it was said in those days that Jean Michel Jarre was the first to be able to electronically imitate the sound of a motordriven camera with a synthesizer... Don't think it was sampled from a real camera.
  15. No worries. I have listened to a lot of his music & him doing it through a synthesiser wouldn't surprise me in the least.

    However, at the time of the concerts in China (Autumn 1981 I think), he was married to Charlotte Rampling, who was into photography & was a bit of a dab hand with a camera.

    I have just dug out a book on Jarre that I have with quite a few photo's that she has taken in it. In the book, there is a photo of her & Jarre together with her holding an F3....Admittedly it doesn't look to have an MD-4 attached in the picture, but you never know. Perhaps the MD-4 was in the gadget bag & it was attached & used for the Souvenir of China track?

    One day, I might get around to playing the track & comparing it to my F3 & MD-4. Have got an MN-2 nicad pack for it (It sounds quite different when run off of this), so can & try it with this & regular alkalines to see how similar it sounds.
  16. computer/synth generated, no motordrive involved,
    good tune though,
  17. I did a bit more detective work! I listened to the Duran Duran intro, then went straight to the local camera shop. They had an FE and MD12. The FE sounded relatively quiet in between shots. The batteries may have been old though. The next day I noticed an F3 with motor drive. That sounded just like the song intro. Checking on the Nikon's site, it says the F3 was introduced in 1980. So an F3 looks favorite at the moment.
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