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  1. In last weekends "what camera(s) are you using this weekend?" I said I was going to take out my Yashica 44, 127 TLR. I did take it out but the results were not good. It has a slide over the red window, which you only open when winding on to the next frame and then close when you are taking the shot. I only wound on in shadow not in full brightness. Every single frame had a broad dark band running down the photo. I've attempted to cure this problem by putting in a foam washer that sits between the pressure plate and the red window. I haven't got the results back yet, but I think it will improve on the problem. Here is a link that shows what has been done.

    Yashica 44
  2. Greg, I'm impressed with how you've fixed the red window, but I can't see how this was the cause of the problem with your pictures. Light leaks from the red window should surely appear as circles, arcs or streaks in its vicinity on the negative.

    It doesn't look like a light leak, but I can't offhand think of any way this could have happened in the camera.
  3. Looks rather like what you'd get if there wasn't enough developer to cover the film in the tank, or if the reel migrated up the centre column.
  4. John: There is always a gap between the pressure plate and the red window. My theory is that light coming in from the red window is scattered around, causing that dark band along the edge. It only has to be in one spot, moving the film past a spot will look leave a trail like that. That's the theory, unfortunately I will be be away for 3 weeks and can't test it till then.

    Dustin: I've had that problem, It normally leaves bubble like patterns on the the side of the film.

    We will see when I get back. I'll post the results here.
  5. I think the pattern is wrong for what you describe. If extra light were getting to the film as you wind, you'd expect a dark stripe on the negative, and so a bright one on the positive image. You have a dark stripe on the positive image. In addition, the stripe is quite uniform, whereas I think the extra exposure would be more pronounced at the start and finish of each winding action.
  6. Yes, I agree with what you say That's left me with another problem to think about.
  7. If you can post an example, we can try to work the problem out. Does not look like a light leak.
  8. There is a link in the first post to a Flickr album. There is a scan there of a negative from the 44.
  9. I have a 44 and wonder how one could decide where the 'start' and the first frame is if the window is blocked:)? Keeping the darkness from the side (mine has its window in the middle) does sound a bit odd as said above.

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