Without specific outing casual day in/out - what's in your bag?

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  1. I know folks at my camera club some of who are using M4/3 have a larger camera bag than myself and some just bring a point and shoot or just their phone and just use their real cameras at specific trips. Edit - some even leave a decent size bag of camera equipment in their car trunk.
    I wondered that you may have a lot of heavy and large equipment for that specific trip in mind such as kid's soccer game, the wildlife park visit, hiking, landscapes at Zion or bird photography but what do you bring and use casually. This may be a weekend brunch with family and friends and then some time at the waterfront or park or just walking around town.
    I usually just have with me a dSLR + 18-35 and a 50, and at most perhaps the plastic 80-200/4.5-5.6.
  2. DSLR with 24-120, and/or a 50mm. Or a SLR with 35mm and 90 or 105mm.
  3. Crop-sensor DSLR with 18-140 or 16-85 and a 35. Plus a Ricoh GR for the times when the DSLR stays in the bag or even in the car. The next step up would be a Sony A7 with a 28 and a 70-200 (if not the full bag which includes 15, 21, and 40). Another "casual" bag holds an FX DSLR with a 24 and/or 35 and either a 85 or a 150.
  4. Any more when I am out without any Photographic purpose, I carry my iPhone 5SE.
    It produces acceptable photos that I can improve in post production.
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    I've taken to just carrying a D800E with a 50mm attached wrapped in a neoprene case worn over my shoulder diagonally. This is how I began 45 years ago with a Minolta film body. Seems fitting. A battery and a card in my pocket.
  6. When I am out and about with intentions other than photography I usually include an 8 year old 10 mp interchangeable lens camera with a 35mm lens, instead of carrying my current common lens mount camera and a couple of my most used lenses. The older camera doesn't see very much use on those trips, but it is there for unpredicted needs or photo ops. However, it mostly just sees a recharged battery from time to time. From time to time I reflect on selling it, but have yet to do so.
  7. For myself, I have a small camera backpack that I tend to carry everywhere, and in it are the DSLR, with its normal lens, currently a D7100 with 16-85, a 55-300 lens (or usually, as mine is currently off for repair), a small assortment of accessories such as batteries and memory cards and lens cleaners, and one or two prime lenses. That last part varies a bit with how I feel, but usually includes my favorite 35/2.8 PC, and a 50 of some sort. There is usually a little space left into which I throw my water and everything else-proof Fuji XP-60, just in case.
    If I'm walking around town or whatever, I'll leave the bag in the car, take the DSLR with the 16-85, or put the 35/2.8 on it, and maybe stick the Fuji in a pocket.
  8. Domke F6 camera bag with a Nikon FM2n body, 50mm f1.8 or 28mm f2.8 lens but not both, B/W film and a yellow filter. . I keep it simple. I will add other accessories if I need them such as sb15 flash, cable for off camera flash, mini tripod, wind breaker, water and etc as you never know what you might want to take.
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    I don't carry a camera unless my aim in going somewhere is to photograph. I do usually have a phone with me, but I don't think I've taken more than 50 photographs on a phone since phones first had cameras, and so I don't have any intuitive grasp of how to make it work. I cannot recall any occasion where I've thought it a major mistake not to carry my camera when I'm just "out and about", seeing family and friends and so on. So I don't have a casual "walking around" camera bag/outfit. I just have the one.
  10. In the past, I haven't ordinarily carried a camera with me on a daily basis, although I've always had my iPhone with me. Unfortunately I hate taking photos with my iPhone and there were occasions when I'd regretted not having a proper camera with me. I've recently bought a Sony RX100 V for my daily casual use.
  11. I think I get what the OP means, and my minimalist gear is an Oly E-PL3 with the Panny 12-32mm zoom and the VF-3 viewfinder. This lot goes in a Lowepro Compact Courier 80 shoulder bag.
  12. these days, it's a Fuji XT10 or XT2, 18-55, 14 and maybe the 55-200 if I think I will need it, all in small ApeCase bag. Still lighter and smaller than my Nikon kit w/ just one lens.
  13. Small Think Tank Mirrorless Mover shoulder bag with a GX 7 and 30mm Lumix 1.7 attached. If I expect to shoot close I will take a 50mm macro with adapter /or alternately the Olympus 45mm 1.8. Both fit easily and there are pockets for an extra battery and a spare SD card. I could cram more in the front pocket but that already has a built in lens wipe. It never gets in the way, and sometimes just is a companion in waiting. A bit of armory for just in case events or a photo of a shop item I want to show at home. Think Tank is good for the small mirrorless items, the design makes sense and shows thought. I also vote for Lowepro sling bag. I got too many bags that are ex best- friends and too good to toss. Oh and I have room for a small two battery flash as well, the Olympus FL 36. Plenty of power for what I need...if I remember to put it in the bag. I need a flight check off list I think.
  14. Canon 24-70 and 70-300L, or 35mm and 100mm, sometimes 24, 50 and 100mm.
  15. It depends; my mood has room to swing between various systems. Currently 2kg of basic FF kit (21 / 35 /90mm, some filters, 1 body) in a 570g bag are my favorite but can get reduced further.
    Single lens choice would frequently be short portrait / long standard, to counterweight the iPhone pics others will contribute.
  16. I used to carry a Rollei 35 with me back in film days, but only when I was traveling. Now I almost always carry my iPhone. How else would I document the return of Nature into my community.

    Not only the rabbits, deer, and racoons, but now vultures too...
    For full kit, serious travel. I usually carry a full frame with an 24-105mm and an APS-C with a 100-400mm. Bowed, but unbroken.
  17. I keep most of my equipment in a single bag, a medium sized backpack. It's based on a Sony A7Rii, so the kit is relatively compact compared to a DSLR. Everything I need for a variety of purposes, 16 mm to 200 mm plus flash, is in the bag. Everything is in one place, and I don't have to regret leaving something behind I didn't anticipate needing. Not everything fits. For example, I may substitute a second body for a closeup lens.
    For strictly casual use, like visiting friends, strolling downtown or even through a park or forest preserve, I usually leave the bag behind (or in the car). I take a single lens, usually a manual 35 mm. If my main purpose is photography, I may take a 24-70/2.8 zoom. It's big and heavy, but provides exceptional quality, and a nice focal length range. The 35 mm, on the other hand, is very light and compact - more consistent with a Leica-sized camera and photography of opportunity.
  18. D7100: out in nature 18-70 Nikkor, around the house indoor and outdoor snapshots 18-105 VR. Close up Ais 55 micro nikkor (MF)and 28 Ais Nikkor (MF) with CRC (close focusing), sometimes portrait: 50mm Ais 1.4 (MF) or 50mm 1.8 AF D.
  19. A yellow filter is not in my bag any longer as I lost it again. I am just going to quit buying filters because if I wanted one it would be lost anyway.
  20. A most interesting question. I use my iPhone most often. Not because it's a really great camera, but, you guessed it... because it's always with me. It does have a functional advantage over a dedicated camera, in that it doesn't 'get in the way' while I'm using it, if you know what I mean.
    For work, when I get it, half of my 'stuff' includes things like incandescent light bulbs of various sizes and fittings, Blu-Tac, gaffer tape, and other things that are not cameras, lenses, tripods etc. I do not take a laptop with me. If this was requested from client, then sure, okay. But otherwise I see no point.
    In the case that I have to do another event (e.g. conference, wedding, you get the idea), I would just rent my equipment where necessary. I see little point in owning too much stuff unless you use it day-in, day-out. My own cameras are APS-C mirrorless, but cameras that I have targeted for rent are the Sony A7s & G zooms, the Leica S2, or even a RED Scarlet, even though that is a movie camera. I don't need to explain the unique properties of each of those cameras, but owning them to use them rarely makes little sense.
    P.S. Eventually I will be adding a few film cameras to my kit. There are lots of good, cheap systems, so I'll be spoilt for choice. :) I would also like to use Instax professionally, although there are no Instax backs for medium format cameras at present.
  21. If it's just a camera and one lens then either an EOS 1V or my 6D and the EF 16-35mm f/4 lens, or for minimum weight the 6D and EF 40mm f/2.8.
    One of my resolutions for 2017 is to shoot more film, and especially on medium format, so I'm thinking about a portable and affordable alternative to my trusty but hefty Bronica SQ-A & think perhaps a reasonable TLR could be a light(ish) and easy one-item-only kit.
    Happy New Year to one and all, long may your shutters be accurate.
  22. Depends on what I expect to encounter. d700, 35, 85 and 135 plus flash and trigger, polarizer and vari nd. Always a water bottle in holder velcroed to bag. Lately been in a Cartier-Bresson mood so d200 with no battery pack and a tiny 35 1.8(50 equivalent). Really light and unobtrusive and if it gets damaged by weather, it is disposable.
  23. Unless I know I'm going to need them, the DSLRs stay at home. I carry a Canon G1X MkII, GoPro Hero 5, and my iPhone 6+.
  24. 90% of the time I carry a Pentax K5 IIs with a 35mm prime. No bag.
  25. Most often no bag. Just camera with 1 lens and a battery or two in my pocket. sometimes a little swap meet purse. Camera on shoulder, maybe a 14mm, and a Summicron 50mm, extra batteries. Its just a Mexican little bag the size of a womens small purse.
  26. I usually only take one camera and one lens. What lens I take varies. A favorite is to put the 10.5mm full frame fisheye on either body and just go have a good time.

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