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Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by ericphelps, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. Since enjoying learning the menus and results on my new Fuji X100T, I've been wondering why Fuji doesn't have a dedicated section here with many other popular brands represented? Is it thought that the 'mirrorless' section here more or less covers them all?

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  2. Fuji has made some menu changes in their later models after the XT100, that make Fujis unusable in my opinion. I know Ken Rockwell isn't liked here on P/N, but he explains in perfectly in his last few Fuji review.
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    This, or similar has been asked before. The creation of a "Fuji Forum" was discussed several years ago and decided not. There are more products than mirrorless digital cameras, which made by "Fuji" and there is a logic to not making too many subsections in any Web Forum.

    Yes, for discussion of your X100T, then "Mirrorless Digital Cameras" would be suitable - in this case a mention of "X100T" or "Fuji X100T" in the title, would benefit.

    It also worth mentioning, if you want to display your images, then contributing to the regular "Fixed Focal Length Friday" Conversation, in the No Words Forum is ideal for Images from that family of Fuji Cameras.

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    So, I have to ask as in all the time I have been here I can catalog the few minor gripes and swipes at Ken.

    Aside from the fact that he is opinionated and sometimes blows smoke up everyones arses, what's the issue.

    And why is there no Yashica, Mamiya, or Kodak camera boards? Let's make this place more confusing! :p
  5. Thanks Sanford, I had little to go on when I found this T model, except Rockwell's 2014 review and some others less well known, which were all positive with a few quibbles as expected.

    I'm fortunate of course in that I have no un-relearning to do, this being my first, so pretty much anything seems normal to me.
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  6. Yes, he's at least a great help to the amateurs. He led me to my Nikon FE, which I thought was wonderful, and now this Fuji.

    I can't think of any reviewer on any topic who isn't a heavy smoker, it's their territory.
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  7. A good example of hypophora. :)
  8. In fact some of the non-Nikon/Canon threads do not seem to be doing all that well.

    I'm not sure that "marque" forums are all that useful for "just photography", although it's another story when you get into gear and software.
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    Mod note - I'll move this back into "Casual Photo Conversations" because the conversation is now mainly about the Fuji Camera.
  10. There are lumpers and splitters. Personally I would do away with mirrorless category and add Fuji. Mirrorless as a category will become more and more silly as in 5-10 years everyone will have mirrorless, so the point of the category will have totally lost. I think there’s no point to it already. You might just as well have a category of “current cameras”.
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  11. Wasn't there a Brownie forum recently? - But yeah, we have more boards than manageable for way too few contributions :(
    Is the X-100T the current latest one?
  12. There should be two forum categories ...

    Photos and Gear.

  13. DPR Forums will usually get you a quick answer and LOTS of opinions.
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  14. That was replaced by the X-100F.
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  15. The OP just needs to visit the many FUJI X forums rather than expect much from PN--and they wonder why site traffic declines?

    Fujifilm cameras have a large following. I love my X-100T and X-T1s and have found answers to questions--dumb and otherwise--far afield from PN where there's no evident community.

    Have a look at how Fujifilm designed the new X-Pro 3:

    Camera Punk (2019) / The Story of the X-Pro3
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  16. Gave the video a try c_watson. I thought what a great way to kill an hour on this dismal Saturday. Pure torture...had to turn it off.
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  17. Oops, the latest Fuji X100 is now the X100V which has a tilt screen among other features.
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    Not that long ago, there was an enthusiastic and chatty Kodak group out there. Lomo folks were resurrecting Brownies & folders; 35mm fans everything from the 35 RF, to Pony, Star, Signet, & Retina. Some pretty good optics to be found in those! There were those who were modifying the MF Medalist series--lots of good stuff. So yeah, great territory for shooters and tinkerers...
  19. I'll just say, my main camera at the moment is the X-Pro2. But interestingly, Fuji comments are lacking on the Mirrorless forum where they currently are located. I don't believe there would be enough interest to need its own forum. Especially it seems most mirrorless and camera discussions are started by Kharem and Russian and they don't seem that interested in Fuji.
  20. I suspect that people don't know where to ask Fuji questions so they go somewhere else that has a Fuji forum. It stands out a mile that there are Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Leica, Sony/Minolta, and even Minox(!), yet no Fuji. It would also be logical to add Panasonic. There is very little traffic on most sites these days. Curation of this site is non existent so one can probably not expect any rational improvement.
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