When they had Go-Go girls for photo assistants...1972

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  1. As I dimly remember (which Wikipedia thankfully confirms), hotpants were the height of women's fashion in the early 1970's. A lot of stuff has been written about 'gender stereotyping' in advertising. What strikes me about the ad is not the 'hotpants' but the fact that the 'photo assistant' doesn't seem to be doing much apart from rearranging glass objects on a table. And providing 'eye candy' for the target group, presumably male. It's a pretty crummy ad for new films.
  2. And when they still used B&W pictures to advertise colour-film products. Tightwads!

    Maybe the young lady was the art director instructing the Hasselblad's button-pusher? Because he certainly looks as if he needs some help, judging by the ridiculous positioning of those lights.
  3. "When they had go-go girls for photo assistants" ... it was a product [pun intended] of the times.

    When posted in 2021 for humor or nostalgia, it's sophomoric.
  4. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    Not to mention the phallic symbolism of at least two of the items she is 'arranging', especially the one she is holding !
  5. 'Sophomoric' = 'Puerile' in English. Thought I'd translate that for those living outside of the little parochial island of North America.

    Having an immature sense of humour doesn't seem to limit itself to 2nd year students.
  6. Of its time when I was both pretentious or juvenile, Sophomoric and yes I had to look it up;)
  7. No point trying to whitewash the way things were. As to whether it is a realistic shot of a photographer at work, it may not have been far off the mark for a trendy photographer in NYC or similar, although he's a bit square (short hair and all that) and reduced to photographing such gripping items as decanters.
  8. Some people of considerable infamy seem to still be stuck in an era that is gone, but it was pretty smarmy while it lasted
    Nudge, nudge, wink, wink
  9. Not entirely unrelated aside:

    Do people remember Lee Meredith as Ulla in The Producers?


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