What have you learned from the "No Words" forum?

Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by Sanford, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. I may occasionally repost the same image when the same topic repeats. I try not to but if I tried too hard it wouldn't be fun anymore.
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  2. By way of contrast, sometimes it's interesting to play with how many different topics might be apropos of the same image.:)
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  3. I can no longer upload images to NO WORDS (or other forums) using Safari. Don't know if it is related but this started after I upgraded MAC to High Sierra. I have logged out of PN and rebooted but still no joy.
  4. This is different than my experience, Running High Sierra on Mac Pro 2013 and an older Air model, and both do uploads of pictures fine. Safari is also an upgrade and it seems to work as good as or better than Firefox, which I normally use.
  5. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    I hate when I see a theme I know I have a picture for, but cant find the photo or its on my other computer or hard drive. I know I have it, I can see it.. but its nowhere to be found.

    NW is fun.
  6. I also have some difficulty finding things I know would match a topic, and tend to skip some when it's too tedious to find them, but I do occasionally remember where I left something. Considering the large number of pictures I've made in the last fifteen or so years (having started to computerize slides somewhere around 2002), it's sometimes surprising that I remember where to look for any of them.

    I like the idea of re-examining old pictures with a new idea in mind. Sometimes a suggestion puts an old image into a completely different concept, and sometimes it's just an idea that was waiting for a thread. And sometimes a thread idea makes me go out and do a new picture. It's fun in different ways each time.

    As for repeats, I probably do that occasionally, and I know I've done a few that were posted originally on the Nikon weekly forum, but for the most part I try not to repeat. What I usually do is process an image from the Raw, or from an old slide or other archive, with the correct size and whatnot, put it on the desktop awaiting posting, and as soon as it's gone on, I move it to another folder, so occupancy in that folder means it's already been used.
  7. If I'm trying to locate a particular photo, searching my p/n photos, where everything is in galleries, is easier than searching my computer.
  8. My memory for certain things, particularly actors' names (constantly going to google to see who was in that movie) has degraded over time. I'm lucky when I remember what movie I saw last weekend, never mind how it ended! But strangely, the other day there was a "button" category in No Words, and I immediately saw in my mind's eye the button on the jacket of someone whose photo I'd taken in a coffee shop over 5 years ago. This kind of thing has happened a lot when a theme comes up, so my visual memory seems to be pretty well intact when it comes to photos. It's been a lot of fun having these little details in older photos come to mind when a theme comes up. Often elements that might otherwise be secondary or a "distraction" become the significant factor in choosing a photo to use for a particular thread. Of course, finding them in my files is another matter, not always so easy. But going through folders and folders to find a certain picture often allows me to run across other photos I've forgotten about.

    Now, will someone please start a thread called "car keys" so I can remember where I put mine last night when I came in! :rolleyes:
  9. Mr. Sanford,

    "The duplicate was on purpose to post the same photo in color and then B&W to show how the hawk virtually disappears in B&W."

    You are far to subtle for the likes of Photonet.

    A. T. Burke
  10. The images and threads posted in the No Words forum deal mostly with what a picture is of and not what a picture is or may be about. Photography as a record of things in the world rather than a means of revealing things about the world. These aren't mutually exclusive but the relationship between subject and subject matter seems to be neglected in such visual exercises.
  11. Well there is plenty of time for that to change. Actually (maybe) this statement is a self contradiction.
    What I l;earned there are good themes with bad photography, good photography with bad themes and some good photography with good themes. But there is always fun in there somewhere. If there is a little fun or lots of fun how do you tell?
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  12. Well, I find that people will interpret the categories or themes pretty loosely, - partly for fun, partly to make people think, and partly because they have a really good picture that may not quite fit the literal interpretation of the proposed subject. ;)

    In my mind, you're just as likely to find pictures that reveal things about the world in NW as you would anywhere.

    I've learned that what I think are my best photos often aren't as interesting to people as some of the pictures I'm not that proud of. Since it's such a fun forum for me to view, I've also learned a lot about how I can improve just by looking at other peoples' work.
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  13. Interpreting things loosely is like...waking up without a body. And how do you wake up without eyes?
  14. The question really is what have you learned from photography? A good picture is worth a thousand words is what I've learned. And without words, there are no pictures worth taking.
  15. NO WORDS would be if the one starting a thread would just start with posting a picture instead of necessarily starting with a concept. A slice of time and eye. Nothing more, nothing less. That's NO WORDS. So where will it take you that image? If it's any good you will remember certain poems, lines from a song, what he or she said to you that day,...something emotionally strong enough for you to visualize it in a picture, a single image without preconceived words or concepts attached to it. Something raw. Something that feels like speech when being honest.
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  16. Imagine the topic being "grass" and the lead picture is a woman peering through some tall grasses. This is followed by a photo of wild rice being harvested, and then a photo of college students studying on an immaculately kept lawn in front of a stately old building. The fourth photo is of people smoking pot at a concert. In that fourth picture in particular, the photo isn't really about the pot or "grass", it's about the people. Maybe it's really about the people in all the pictures but yet the topic is "grass". That's what I meant by interpreting loosely.

    I suppose the pot smokers might wake up feeling like they don't have a body if they're high enough but otherwise I'm not sure I understand what you mean. And eyes aren't required to wake up. :)

    Yes, that would truly be "no words" and might be interesting but wouldn't work as well as the current "no words" forum works. Sometimes a few words are worth more than a thousand loosely related pictures. The written topics allow you to quickly discern what might be of interest to you or which ones you might already have the perfect picture for. But that doesn't mean somebody couldn't start a thread in NW simply called: "anything".
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  17. An experiment in similar lines was undertaken by Leslie sometime back, here in the Causal Conversations forum. It continued for a while and generated a lot of interest. However I would prefer to have the no words forum the way it is right now, with a good balance of imagery and few words just to control the level of ambiguity. This keeps the threads focused and draws interest while giving viewers ample freedom to interpret and contemplate.
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  18. "What have you learned from the "No Words" forum?"
    To see more better....er.
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