Use your phone camera much?

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  1. Forgot to mention. My limited eye sight means, I have to shoot from the hip. I definitely need a view finder.
  2. I use my iPhone for quick shots where a camera would be an encumbrance
    (great BBQ)

    and for quick video where the camera is otherwise engaged (Yellowstone, India).
  3. I don't have a smartphone. Not snobbery, since I've seen amazing pictures taken with them, but for me personally, I can't see the use of one. And I confess, it sometimes bothers me to see people staring at their phones when Real Life is going on around them.
  4. Les, interestingly, I've heard people say the same about photographers in general. Why take a picture when you could be participating in real life. My usual response is, taking pictures is real life. So is staring at a phone, a TV, a movie screen, a concert stage, going to the bathroom, sleeping, eating, and working at a soup kitchen. So many choices, so little time! :)
  5. I felt that way until I discovered Googlemaps. I don't call much, and usually have the privacy mode turned on for incoming;, but the ability to do queries, find out where things are, and be directed to that spot is incredibly useful.

    The rest is lagniappe.
  6. I dislike cell phones, but of course have one (wish I didn't). Only in a dire emergency will I use the camera, it's just not in my blood. They can take great shots, but not for me.
  7. I use mine a lot. That's part of my job.
  8. So much self-seriousness in photography turns on the belief that the gear one uses determines the quality of the image. That's evident here and on PN as a whole.
  9. Sandy Vongries

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    Actually it is the behavior of a great many cell phone users that renders the whole concept of phones for photography distasteful. Just my experience based opinion.
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  10. Think you made my point. Put a DSLR in a phone user's hands and they'd behave differently--no doubt the result of the gravitas a "proper" camera brings to image making?
  11. True, especially in today's age where the use of the image is so prevalent. Communication in both word and image has been made ubiquitous but not all communication is worth receiving. One can communicate intelligently or foolishly regardless of the medium or device being used. Whether or not the recipient can distinguish between both in our digital age of communication overload (signal/noise) is another matter.
  12. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Moderator Staff Member

    I very much doubt it. One is considerate and mannerly or not, phone or camera.
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  13. Choosing to use a cell phone is in itself an equipment choice. I do not believe there is anyone who considers themselves a "photographer" who takes zero interest in equipment. One can argue about the equipment/actual-photography-performed ratio.
  14. A couple of years ago in an early spring trip to Yellowstone, the majority of picture takers were using cell phones or tablets for all their images.
    Here was my favorite -- I ran into her all over the park with her selfie stick. ​

    (you'll see this one over and over again, I'm afraid)
  15. I use my phone camera everyday. And haven't used my Canon dSLR or Fuji mirrorless cams in a couple of years. It's liberating getting away from the notion of "going out with my camera to make photos."

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  16. It probably takes more fiddling than my hands and eyes want to bother with. When I have only a phone I will use the Samsung flip phone. It is a hundred dollar unlocked phone and I carry it only for a once in a while call or to be on call from home. I suppose, having spent a long time with the manuals of my more sophistcated muliple mode multiple focus pattern. multiple speed and multiple doo dad cameras I do sort of think...gee I wish that I had one of my Olympus or Panasonics with me. Because I am sure I could have knocked off a couple more shots in the time I got to punching the right buttons...that said, ask me in a year. Who knows what Sony the micro inventors of Walkman might have coming. But I am probably locked in to minimal use of the cel phone. A matter of how I think of the 2 megapixel no EVF flip phone on my belt. OTOH my wife has no hesitation in using her IPAD PRO for any old thing.. Ok by me. Fantasy Models shot with a Samsung flip phone. Turn the saying around...The best camera is the one you have with you. SO..why not take one of those super ones WITH you. Rhetorical Q. 161203_001.jpg
  17. Yes i use my cell camera quite often. Its great.
  18. I have (sadly) not used my camera for a few weeks. But in that time I have probably used my cell phone camera 8 or 10 times.Usually to send the result to my wife or friends showing them where I am via messaging or email and downloading the pictures to my computer when I get home. Not something I could do with a camera. Although having just switched to an iPhone from an Android I find the learning curve steeper than I expected.
  19. As a mobile software engineer I restricted myself to ONLY phone camera in order to force myself to advance the mobile photography quality. I even picked a modest device to make it more difficult (iPhone 5c). It's hard because there are so many things to miss (ease of use, manual focus, dynamic range, low light performance, zoom, aperture setting...). I am in a war with all these flaws. Gear vs IQ. I hope one day I win enough battles to make the camera we all have with us a real tool.

  20. "As a mobile software engineer." Mantra.

    As a photographer ,I look at the image, I really do not care what photographic device was used.

    Smart phone, full auto latest and greatest....and on and on.....
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