Unoffical Vista X64 driver of LS-8000ED/9000ED for Nikon Scan 4.03

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  1. I knew someone has been looking for this for a long time, but shame Nikon never gonna to do this for our Nikon scanner users, even it may cost very little effort to do it.
    Yesterday, I upgrade my PC to Quid core Q8200 with 8G RAM and 1.2TB raid0 disks, want to enjoy the huge performance boosting for film scanning/processing. But after I installed Vista Ultimate X64 with SP1, I was too disappointed to find my 8000ED will never be supported by Nikon in X64 build windows.
    After some searching, I found 5000ED can be driven by Vuescan driver in Vista 64, but 8000ED can't be supported in the same way. I thought about to install a dual boot Windows XP just for film scanning purpose, but I felt it should be the last way I want to go.
    After some research on the Nikon Scan driver and VueScan driver, finally I find a perfect way to DIY my own driver, actually it is a combination of VueScan/NS driver files.
    The new driver has two files, first one is the modified scanners.inf from vuescan 8.5, the second one is NKScnUSD.dll from Nikon Scan 4.03 ( it can be found in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Nikon\Driver\Scan1394" after NS 4.03 was installed).
    To install,
    Before step 1), please make sure uninstalling any previous 8000ED/9000ED device from the device manager, and check"remove the drivers either" when uninstall device, then reboot to start a clean installation.
    1) Cut the following text and paste into a new text file, and save as scanners.inf
    ;========================= Begin of scanners.inf ===============================
    ; scanners.inf -- Windows Still Image Setup File
    ; USB scanners
    "Nikon LS-40" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_04b0&Pid_4000
    "Nikon LS-50" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_04b0&Pid_4001
    "Nikon LS-5000" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_04b0&Pid_4002
    "Nikon LS-10" = SCSIScanner,SCSI\ScannerNikon___COOLSCAN________
    "Nikon LS-20" = SCSIScanner,SCSI\ScannerNIKON___COOLSCAN_II_____
    "Nikon LS-1000" = SCSIScanner,SCSI\ScannerNIKON___LS-1000_________
    "Nikon LS-30" = SCSIScanner,SCSI\ScannerNIKON___COOLSCANIII_____
    "Nikon LS-2000" = SCSIScanner,SCSI\ScannerNIKON___LS-2000_________
    "SCSI Scanner" = SCSIScanner,GenScanner
    "SCSI Scanner" = SCSIScanner,SCSI\GenScanner
    ; Firewire scanners
    "Firewire Scanner" = SBP2Scanner,SBP2\GenScanner
    ;---------------- Duplicated from [Models]
    ; USB scanners
    "Nikon LS-10" = SCSIScanner,SCSI\ScannerNikon___COOLSCAN________
    "Nikon LS-20" = SCSIScanner,SCSI\ScannerNIKON___COOLSCAN_II_____
    "Nikon LS-1000" = SCSIScanner,SCSI\ScannerNIKON___LS-1000_________
    "Nikon LS-30" = SCSIScanner,SCSI\ScannerNIKON___COOLSCANIII_____
    "Nikon LS-2000" = SCSIScanner,SCSI\ScannerNIKON___LS-2000_________
    ; Other SCSI Scanners (type 6)
    "SCSI Scanner" = SCSIScanner,GenScanner
    "SCSI Scanner" = SCSIScanner,SCSI\GenScanner
    ; Firewire scanners
    "Firewire Scanner" = SBP2Scanner,SBP2\GenScanner
    "Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 8000 ED" = SBP2Scanner_NIKON,SBP2\NIKON___&LS-8000_ED______&CMDSETID104D8
    "Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 9000 ED" = SBP2Scanner_NIKON,SBP2\NIKON___&LS-9000_ED______&CMDSETID104D8
    ;---------------- USBScanner -------------------------
    ;---------------- SCSIScanner ------------------------
    ;---------------- SBP2Scanner ------------------------

    HKCR,CLSID\{07C71AC0-FA90-11d3-B409-00C04F87578E},,,"Nikon STI USD"
    Mfg="DIY Software"
    DiskName="Nikon Scan 4 CD-ROM"
    ;========================= End of scanners.inf ===============================
    2) Install Nikon Scan 4.03 first, then copy NKScnUSD.dll from "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Nikon\Driver\Scan1394" to the same folde as scanners.inf in step 1)
    3) Open Device Manager, select the device "NIKON LS-8000ED SBP2 ...." from the list, right click and select update driver.
    4) Click "Browse computer to locate the drivers", then point to the file folder where you save scanners.inf, then press ok.
    5) When Windows ask for your permisson to install the driver, please choose always install.
    6) Windows should tell you the driver was installed ok finally, at least it works for me.
    When it is installed ok, if you checked the details of the device driver, you shoul have 3 files in Vista X64 SP1, it is ksthunk.sys, scsiscan.sys, NKSCNUSD.dll.
    This driver can support 5000ED/8000ED, tested in Vistal X64 SP1, 9000ED and other X64 build are not tested.
    Cheers, and good luck,
    Sorry, I will not hold any responsibility for any damages caused by following my way, please take your own risk to have a try.
  2. Excelllent work. Thanks for sharing your efforts.
  3. Impressive work and very generous of you.
  4. Excellent. If you can do it, how much effort could it be for Nikon?
  5. Steel Chn...
    Thank you. That's the spirit of Photonet!
    Tom Burke
  6. Thank you so much for this post! I had it successfully working on Vista 64bit sp1 with Coolscan 9000ED. Did not see any problems at all…
  7. Jonas, I am very glad to hear your successful story, have fun with X64.
  8. I can confirm this works with a 9000ED with a Dell Studio (Core 2 Quad) running 64-bit Vista Ultimate.
    Thank you!
  9. Excellent work! I also got it working w/ Vista 64 Business SP1 + 9000ED.
  10. It's great to hear more successful cases from the community, one thing to remind is there maybe some compatitbility issues with VueScan, as current VueScan releases has some non functional driver support to 8000ED/9000ED. The solution is installing my driver first, then when VueScan ask whether to install his driver in its first installation, just say no to bypass it.
  11. Thank you so much for this. I was able to get my LS-4000ED scanner working with Vista 64 and Nikonscan 4.0.3. Here's how:
    Find this line in the scanners.inf file:
    "Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 8000 ED" = SBP2Scanner_NIKON,SBP2\NIKON___&LS-8000_ED______&CMDSETID104D8
    Copy it and paste it back into the file right above its duplicate so there are two identical lines. Then change the two "8000 ED"'s to "4000 ED" in the pasted copy and the line should look like this:
    "Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 4000 ED" = SBP2Scanner_NIKON,SBP2\NIKON___&LS-4000_ED______&CMDSETID104D8
    Save the file and follow all other instructions as listed in the original post. No guarantees but it worked for me. Woohoo.
  12. I very much want to get this to work, but I am having a problem.
    I am running Vista 64, SP1. I have a Nikon 9000. The computer won't recognize the scanner in the device manager with only Nikon Scan installed.
    When I install VueScan, the computer sort of recognizes the scanner -- it shows up in device manager under imaging devices as "firewire scanner" (not by its proper name). Strangely, my Nikon V scanner does show up properly in device manager when I install ViewScan. However, as Steel Chn pointed out, installing viewscan before Nikon Scan seems to create other issues.
    Any ideas for getting the computer to recognize the scanner under Nikon Scan? All suggestions much appreciated.
  13. Thanks a lot, your solution works on my pc with vista 64 bit and the coolscan 9000
    I think I will have a talk with the boss of Nikon NPS here in Vienna when I meet him again, you really have to wonder why Nikon is not willing to make a 64 bit driver.
    Greetings !
  14. It works! Thank you!
  15. Thank you so much!
  16. Thanks Christopher for sharing your success with 4000ED, I didn't have that one, so I missed it.
    Andy, VueScan's built-in driver does support Nikon V-ED ( I heard from others) and 5000ED( I tested ), as both of them are USB connected, and they works fine in NikonScan/VueScan with this driver . But for 1394 connected scanners like 8000ED/9000ED, VueScan's driver will do sth wrong, it will lead to 8000ED/9000ED being recognized by Windows device manager with wrong name/configuration, so NS can't see it correctly.
    So the solution for you is:
    1) Power on 9000ED, open device manager, then remove the "fireware scanner" instance, power off 9000ED.
    2) Uninstall VueScan, then reboot.
    3) Follow my steps above to install my driver.
    4) Check if 9000ED was listed in device manager ( with the name "Nikon Super Coolscan 9000 ED") and whether NS 4.03 can see it. If it fails, please start with a clean Vista x64 installation(Should be uncessary).
    5) Turn on V-ED, if it can't be listed in device manager or NS 403 can't recognized it, please install VueScan with the choice that "I have a legacy scanner that I don't have driver ...", otherwise, you can ignore the driver question from VueScan.
    The point is installing my driver first to support 9000ED in NS, then install VueScan driver to support V-ED if necessary.
    Sorry for the late response, I didn't check this post frequently.
    Good luck,
  17. Hi Christian, we don't care why Nikon can't afford us a x64 driver, because we can DIY, but we do care about the product roadmap of Nikon scanners, is it dying?
  18. Frickin' amazing, thank you so much. This worked perfectly with my Coolscan 9000 and Vista x64 system.
  19. Steel,
    I gave it a try (Coolscan 9000 and Vista 64) but when I right click on the driver from device manager an run the update pointed to the directory with your file and the NKScnUSD.dll I get an error:
    "Windows was unable to install your Nikon LS-9000 ED IEEE1394 SBP2 Device"
    Any ideas on how to troubleshoot?
  20. First, please double check scanners.inf make sure it looks exact like what I posted as above, and copy & paste & save in Windows Notepad in ANSI text mode.
    Second, please run a clean install as I indicated before, instead of updating driver files, maybe it will make your life easier.
    Good luck
  21. Thank you Steel. I am trying it now.
  22. No luck. Same error when trying to update the driver:
  23. I followed your instructions and also Christopher Roche's for my Nikon 4000 ED. It now works fine on Vista 64. Thank you both.
    Mike Hilliard
  24. Steel, I have just installed the Windows 7 release candidate, 64 bit version, and I've been trying to get my LS-50 ED running. Previously I used XP 32-bit, so had no issues. I am assuming that I can treat Windows 7 64-bit as Vista 64-bit.
    Nikon Scan 4.0.3 installed without complaints. I followed your instructions and created a folder with NkScanUSD.dll and scanners.inf (made sure this was PC/ANSI).
    I can see "LS-50 ED" in Device Manager". However, when I attempt to update drivers, and navigate to the folder with the two files, Windows gives me "Windows was unable to install your LS-50 ED / Windows could not find driver software for this address".
    I realise I am pushing my luck here, but I'm wondering if you have (or, indeed, anyone else has) any experience in getting the LS-50 ED running under Windows 7. Or even any bright ideas?
    thanks in advance, Jerry
  25. Actually, installing VueScan and then installing Nikon Scan 4.0.3, without installing its drivers, worked fine for the LS-50 ED on Windows 7 64 bit. I see now that this is a recognised solution for the LS-50 ED under Vista 64-bit, but at least I can confirm that it works for Windows 7 64-bit.
  26. Mauro, apparently, it is the problem of driver files, Windows can't find them. Please double check the files.
    Jerry, congratulation, you found your way finally, thanks for sharing with us. VueScan driver should support most USB scanners, but its support to SCSI/1394 devices is poor, that's what I want to help with this post.
  27. Hi
    Firstly well done.
    Has anyone got this to work for a ls9000 on xp 64bit?
  28. It doesn't work with XP 64 bit simply because Nikonscan 4.03 can't be installed. I suppose it's a 32 bit installer that won't launch on XP 64 bit. anyone tried it with XP 64 bit?
  29. I could get the program to work by going to program compatability wizard. BUT I don't recomend it. I cot blue screen of death if the scanner was connected (and installed as above). Also have not found a way of uninstalling... due to the installation wizard issue as discribed.
  30. I have win 7 64bit with a 9000ED and as soon as the scanner is turned on, the PC freezes.
  31. If you want to try it on XP 64, please install NS 4.02 instead, 4.03 was developed for Vista compatibility, I believe there is no much functional differentiation between these two versions.
    I have heard one successful story about 9000ED on Windows 7 X64, but it is not guaranteed.
    Personally, I didn't see any problems in my system, but we knew each one's situation is different, there could be hardware conflicts, software conflicts, malicious ware impacts, etc. So, please take your own risk while following my suggestions.
  32. Dear Steel Chn,
    ED 9000 and Vista 64 runs on my machine.
    Greetings from Dubai
  33. I could never get the 9000 working on Vista 64 myself.
    Is this workaround using the nikon driver with same ICE, etc as it would would regular Nikonscan?
  34. Merci beaucoup pour cette solution. Cela fonctionne très bien avec un 9000ED sous Vista x64 SP1. Vous méritez une médaille, Steel Chn ! J'espère que le passage de Vista à Windows 7 posera moins de problèmes !
    Thanks a lot for this fix. It works well with a 9000ED on Vista x64 SP1. You deserve a medal, Steel chn ! I hope that the upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 will not make so much problems !
    Michel CADART
  35. Awesome. I was having some trouble with the process outlined as I'd already installed Vuescan long ago with accompanying driver and each time I uninstalled the "firewire scanner" through the device manager and rebooted it popped right back up.
    Got it working by choosing Action > Add legacy hardware from the device manager menu and walked through the wizard, choosing the coolscan 9000. After that I had both devices listed - "firewire scanner" and the coolscan but the latter had a [!] (device cannot start) error. I again uninstalled the "firewire scanner" then turned off and on the scanner which gave me two copies of the "9000" listed - one working and the other with the error remaining. Removed the errored duplicate and the nikon driver is working fine for my 9000 on vista 64 sp2.
    Thanks a bunch for this!
  36. You beauty Steel!
    Just wanted to say a big "thank you" for posting this. My 9000 works fine with Vista 64 SP2.
    (Note: Obvious really but you need to connect your scanner and power up before it will appear in the Device Manager... I didn't do this initially).
  37. hey i just registered to let you know that if you copy the line from
    "Nikon LS-50" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_04b0&Pid_4001
    down to
    "Nikon LS-50" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_04b0&Pid_4001
    it will make the coolscan V ED work in windows 7 RTM 64 bit. i assume that any of the scanners listed in the [Models] moved down to [Models.ntamd64] will enable them to work in either vista x64 or windows 7 x64 (the USB ones anyhow). this is a huge win for me as i was fearing i was going to have to setup xp mode and jump through hoops to get it working!
  38. I can confirm that Steel's method, exactly as the first post, works for Windows 7 RTM x64 (legit copy; I have a Technet sub). Next I am going to see if Vuescan works.
  39. Following up on my own post, I can confirm that Vuescan works as well, at least for simple scans. Now I have to copy over all my various *.ini files for all my film types, and the associated color target data, and see if all of that works correctly. It should, since all of that is internal to Vuescan.
    Thanks, Steel.
  40. Another follow-up to my own post ;-
    I have the LS-5000 and the LS-9000 both running on Windows 7 x64 RTM. I had to make a small edit to Steel's ini file, copying the LS-5000 into the [Models.ntamd64] section as follows:
    ; USB scanners
    "Nikon LS-10" = SCSIScanner,SCSI\ScannerNikon___COOLSCAN________
    "Nikon LS-20" = SCSIScanner,SCSI\ScannerNIKON___COOLSCAN_II_____
    "Nikon LS-1000" = SCSIScanner,SCSI\ScannerNIKON___LS-1000_________
    "Nikon LS-30" = SCSIScanner,SCSI\ScannerNIKON___COOLSCANIII_____
    "Nikon LS-2000" = SCSIScanner,SCSI\ScannerNIKON___LS-2000_________
    "Nikon LS-5000" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_04b0&Pid_4002
    ; Other SCSI Scanners (type 6)
    "SCSI Scanner" = SCSIScanner,GenScanner
    "SCSI Scanner" = SCSIScanner,SCSI\GenScanner
    ; Firewire scanners
    "Firewire Scanner" = SBP2Scanner,SBP2\GenScanner
    "Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 8000 ED" = SBP2Scanner_NIKON,SBP2\NIKON___&LS-8000_ED______&CMDSETID104D8
    "Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 9000 ED" = SBP2Scanner_NIKON,SBP2\NIKON___&LS-9000_ED______&CMDSETID104D8
    Otherwise, windows would not install the driver. With that change, the LS-5000 driver installed correctly. Both Vuescan and Nikonscan are working correctly, although I am still testing some of the more complicated batch scanning setups.
  41. Thanks for the information. I have downloaded the Nikon scanner but I'm not sure how to download or where to place the scanners.inf file inorder to make my Nikon 5000 work with Vista 64 bit.
  42. Ok, I managed to get everything downloaded according to the instructions, but when I go to device manager and click in the folder where the both are saved, the folders appears empty and so the computer tells me it doesn't recognize the driver.
    I don't know what else to do. Help
  43. Hi,
    I had the same problem. If you read my post just above, you will see that you need to edit Steel's scanner.inf file, changing it to include the 5000ED information in a second section [Models.ntamd64]
    After you do this, Vista should recognize the 5000ED. Now, I did not do this with Visat x64, but with Windows 7 x64, but I Vista would work as well.
  44. Hi Shaun
    I'm not quite sure how to do this. Where do I place what you posted above in the scanner.file?
  45. Hi,
    Just follow Steel's instructions as he gave in the first post up to and including Step 2. Then make a copy of his Scanners.inf file (just in case). Call it Scanners.old or some such name.
    Then copy and paste this line (including the quote at the beginning):
    "Nikon LS-5000" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_04b0&Pid_4002
    From the [Models] section to the [Models.ntamd64] section, just I have shown above. Just paste it after the LS-2000 line entry (as shown in my post), and then save this file as Scanners.inf.
    Then continue with Steel's instructions Step 3 and Step 4, and Windows will correctly identify the LS-5000ED driver when you do the update step.
    I hope this helps.
  46. Ok, I'll give it a try.
  47. Fantastic !
    This worked for me using a Nikon 4000ED, connected via a firewire cable thru a 1394 Express Card to a Dell Studio 1555 with Vista Home Premium 64 bit SP1 with an SP3 update.
    The .inf file as written by Steel Chn, including the line for the 4000ED, can also now be downloaded from
    Much credit to Steel Chn !
  48. Thank you SO much! Fantastic. Now why couldn't Nikon do this?
  49. This is absolutely brilliant - only just found it. It worked a treat on Vista 64 with 9000ED. Nice to have Nikon Scan back again. Thanks very much - I found Nikon less than helpful on the matter when I corresponded with them politely pointing out their responsibilities to their customers especially with such an expensive item.
  50. it works perfectly with 8000ed for windows 7 release candidate! thank you!
  51. Thank u, thank u, thank u. this is a thanks to all the people in this post who made this possible, especially Steel Chn. I now have Nikon scan working on Windows 7 x64.
    thanks again
    Billy Hayes
  52. Thank u, thank u, thank u. this is a thanks to all the people in this post who made this possible, especially Steel Chn. I now have Nikon scan working on Windows 7 x64.
    thanks again
    Billy Hayes
  53. I just found this thread. This is really excellent. I'm looking at a Coolscan 8000/9000 and want to run it with my Vista 64 i7 machine.
    Can anyone comment improvements to scanning speed? Have scan times gone down with the 64-bit OSes and quad cores? Thank you!
  54. Hi, thanks for your tip! It was no real help for me, but I faced similar problem and I'm glad someone got through.
    My challenge was using Nikon Scan 4.02 with Windows XP Professional x64. I did not find any hints, unlike for Vista x64, on the Internet. I was ready to bother myself with VMWare, but (luckily?) it failed with BSOD in guest OS (Windows XP 32-bit) USB driver.
    I hat no choice, so I followed the pattern proposed for Vista:
    1. install a demo version of an application which incorporates 64-bit drivers for my Nikon Coolscan V ED (like SilverFast or VueScan)
    2. install Nikon Scan 4 without drivers on top
    3. enjoy
    Unfortunately Nikon Scan 4 (non of 4.00, 4.02 or 4.03) won't install on Windows XP x64. "Nikon Scan 4 does not run on this operating system" it sais.
    The solution is install Nikon Scan 4 on 32-bit OS and then just copy the software.
    So adjusted pattern is:
    1. install a demo version of an application which incorporates 64-bit drivers for my Nikon Coolscan V ED (e.g. download SilverFast Ai IT8 from
    2. install Nikon Scan 4 on 32-bit OS und update to 4.02
    3. copy folders from 32-bit Windows onto your x64
      C:\Program Files\Nikon
      C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nikon
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Nikon
      (it's missing on 32-bit, copy it from C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nikon)
    4. don't forget to ENJOY!
    I do enjoy now because this incapability of Nikon Software was the pain in my a... for all these years. You can imagine how happy I am now :)
    Blame on Nikon software engineers who don't care of any solution while they do have 64-bit drivers (SilverFast claims to use standard drivers from Nikon) and the software itself runs on 64-bit just perfect.
  55. First of all a big thanks to Steel Chn!
    my vista x64 and nikon 9000 worked fine together almost half a year and yesterday i made the upgrade to Windows 7 x64 - so the driver have to be reinstalled with Win 7.
    Imoprtand remark for all of those who could not make the windows see yours scanners.inf and NKScnUSD.dll
    take and copy any inf. file which is in your windows inf directory to the place where you want to place your scanners.inf and NKScnUSD.dll files, then rename your taken and copied inf file to scanners.inf and open it and replace all contend with the data which provided Steel Chn (see first post) - so now you have right scanners.inf type file with setup information and now windows will see it and installs the initial driver. My Nikon 9000 works fine with win 7 x64. Again many thanks to Steel Chn!
  56. No luck for me. Trying to install on new, clean install of Windows-7 64 bit.
    Downloaded ns403en_vista.exe from Nikon site. Ran installation file.
    I used Steel's procedure just as described (with the added line under Firewire scanners specifying Super Coolscan 4000 ED.) When I request (in Device Manager) 'update driver' the process runs, installs NikonScan and places the program in my Start Menu. Device Manager now shows 'Firewire scanner' installed and Properties declares the device is working properly. When I look under driver details, only 2 files are listed: ksthunk.sys & sciscan.sys.
    However when I start NikonScan the program states that "Nikon Scan was unable to find any active device" Turning the scanner off and on again (as suggested in readme file) was no help.
    Anyone got any ideas?
  57. No luck for me. Trying to install on new, clean install of Windows-7 64 bit.
    Downloaded ns403en_vista.exe from Nikon site. Ran installation file.
    I used Steel's procedure just as described (with the added line under Firewire scanners specifying Super Coolscan 4000 ED.) When I request (in Device Manager) 'update driver' the process runs, installs NikonScan and places the program in my Start Menu. Device Manager now shows 'Firewire scanner' installed and Properties declares the device is working properly. When I look under driver details, only 2 files are listed: ksthunk.sys & sciscan.sys.
    However when I start NikonScan the program states that "Nikon Scan was unable to find any active device" Turning the scanner off and on again (as suggested in readme file) was no help.
    Anyone got any ideas?
  58. I wanted to add another success story to Steel Chn's work. I followed Steel Chn's instructions and the whole thing worked for me on the first try. Thank you very much for your efforts and generosity.
  59. Bravin,
    You don't say what model scanner you are using. Also what operating system.
    I really feel left out of the party. As noted I followed Chris Roche's instructions to include the 4000ED in the inf file. He was using Vista 64. Others have reported getting it to work on Windows 7, but no mention of what model.
    Also, as noted, I have no trouble installing the drivers. The problem arises when I boot NikonScan and the software just cannot find an active device. Is this problem possibly related to something other than the driver installation?
  60. Mike, I'm using a Coolscan 8000 with Windows 7 64-bit. Even though my desktop computer has had Vista 64-bit on it for a while, I didn't attempt Steel Chn's method because I was having color management and other associated problems with Vista. Thus I have been using a dual boot system and ran my Coolscan and other photography stuff on the Windows XP drive via the dual boot method.

    I have wanted to get away from XP for a while, and I really wanted Vista 64 to be the solution. But it wasn't. Then I recently upgraded the Vista 64 drive to a Windows 7 64 bit installation, and I think this may be the final solution. Once upgrading the drive (which amounted to a clean install, so keep this in mind if you are in this position), I immediately set out to attempt Steel Chn's solution. It was actually very simple and worked immediately.

    Regarding your problem with respect to having Nikon Scan not seeing your scanner. In Steve Chn's method, you don't even install drivers until AFTER you have installed Nikon Scan. He specifically mentions removing the drivers if they are already installed. So here is the sequence of events as I have understood them:

    1. Install Nikon Scan 4.03 on to your computer (note that a 64-bit version doesn't exist, so there is only one option here).

    2. Create the *.inf file that Steve Chn has supplied above. Literally copy his test into notepad and save it as "scanners.inf" to some convenient location on your computer. I used the desktop. Note that the part that you copy literally begins with the first semicolon and ends with the "end of scanners.inf" line, with all dashes.

    3. Copy the .dll file that Steven Chn mentioned, to the same exact folder location as your scanners.inf file. For me, this was also my desktop.

    4. Plug your scanner in and turn it on, so that Windows sees it and installs the drivers for it.

    5. Go into Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager and find your Coolscan. As Steve Chn mentions, right click on this and select "update driver."

    6. Windows will give you a choice as to how to update the driver. Point this to that folder that you saved the scanners.inf and .dll files. Windows will do the rest.

    If you have success, you will be done at this point. If you then launch Nikon Scan 4.0, it should see your scanner and you should be able to proceed as normal.

    Hope this helps.
    Regards, Bravin Neff
  61. Thanks Bravin.
    Hi Mike Blume,
    Your problem is the "Firewire scanner" installed in the Device Manager can't be recognized by NikonScan,it only recognizes device like "Nikon ....", so please make sure you add the following line into the .inf file, then start the driver update again. Or please refer to for Miles's great story with 4000ED.
    "Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 4000 ED" = SBP2Scanner_NIKON,SBP2\NIKON___&LS-4000_ED______&CMDSETID104D8
    Good luck.
  62. Bravin, \
    Thank you. Were it only so simple. I followed the procedure exactly as you have outlined it with one exception (which I mentioned above) I did add the line referring to the 4000 ED as described by Christopher Roche in an early post in this thread and which is also contained in the article at That line reads:
    "Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 4000 ED" = SBP2Scanner_NIKON,SBP2\NIKON___&LS-4000_ED______&CMDSETID104D8
    Just as Steel Chn suggests above. In spite of this modification the Device Manager still shows the installed device as "Firewire scanner"
    Thinking that this could be the reason that the device is not recognized by NikonScan, I played around with the inf. file. In the second instance where "Firewire Scanner" appears in this file, there is a line that reads:
    "Firewire Scanner" = SBP2Scanner,SBP2\GenScanner
    I modified this line to read:
    "Nikon LS-4000 ED" = SBP2Scanner,SBP2\GenScanner
    Now, when the driver update is tried again, the Device Manager correctly identifies the device as "Nikon LS-4000 ED". I was elated, until I again tried to boot NikonScan and again it stubbornly refused to "find an active device".
    Steel, thanks for your continuing interest; any more ideas?
  63. Mike,
    I understand your problem. I don't have any solutions for you other than ones you have probably already contemplated... reinstall your windows, try the solution on a different computer, etc.
    I will say this: the advantages that come with 64-bit computing make this worth it, if you scan frequently and/or have plans to. And obviously there are tons of other benefits outside scanning. My Nikon Scan software is smoother on the 64-bit OS and it never seems to crash now (it used to crash if I looked at it funny, under XP), plus it handles huge tiff files effortlessly now. I'm not trying to sell you on the 64-bit OS, but if these kinds of things are important to you, I would stick to it until you have success. Good luck!
    Bravin Neff
  64. Thanks for this fix. I just purchased a new desk top and will give it a try. Good hunting. Andy
  65. Hi Mike,
    Solution 1)
    rename "Nikon LS-4000 ED" to "Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 4000 ED" in your .inf file, and try to update driver again
    Solution 2)
    just remove the following lines,
    "Nikon LS-4000 ED" = SBP2Scanner,SBP2\GenScanner
    "Firewire Scanner" = SBP2Scanner,SBP2\GenScanner,
    and use the following line instead,
    "Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 4000 ED" = SBP2Scanner_NIKON,SBP2\NIKON___&LS-4000_ED______&CMDSETID104D8
  66. Hi Steel
    Thanks for your response. I have followed your suggestions.
    The re-installation of the software runs without problem (as before). Now the Device Manager identifies the scanner as "Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 4000 ED" However once more, on starting NikonScan, the scanner software is unable to find an active device.
    It is very curious that so many people have gotten this fix to work with various models of Nikon scanners, including the 4000 ED, on Vista 64. There are even reports that this same fix works with Windows-7 x64, but these reports do not mention what model was involved. Can't imagine what the problem is in my case. Even more curious, when this fails the problem most frequently mentioned is that the driver update failed with the message that "Windows was unable to install .... device". I have never had this problem. Drivers always install but the damn NikonScan software can't find the scanner.
    Have spoken to Nikon customer support. They report that they are working on the problem and may have a solution (for Win7 users) around mid 2010. They must work very slow if it takes them so long to construct a proper inf. file.
    Thanks again for your continued interest and support.
  67. Hi Mike,
    It looks like the problems is with NikonScan, please try to reinstall it again.
    And I suggest you to try VueScan or SilverFast to make sure if they would work with your current device drivers.
  68. Steel, Christopher,
    I was able to get my new i7 PC wih 64 bit Vista to support my Coolscan 4000. Thanks for your help.
  69. Hi Steel-
    Again, many thanks for your continued interest in my problem.
    Following your advice, I completely removed NikonScan from my computer and reinstalled the 4.03 version. Using the scanners.inf file, modified as you had suggested, I again updated the drivers, without problem. The results were the same; "no active device found".
    In desparation I again removed NikonScan and installed the version 4.0 and the 4.02 update. Using the native Scan1394 folder in an attempt to install drivers, the installation failed completely. Switching to the modified scanners.inf file, the driver installation succeeded; but again the same result; no active device found.
    See Ed Woods post above. Apparently there is no problem with Coolscan 4000 on a Vista 64 bit O/S. But I have not seen any report that someone has had success with Win-7/64.
    I have no idea about how to go about trying VueScan or SilverFast. Can you suggest a proceedure?
    Again, many thanks.
  70. Mike Blume:
    There is documentation on the forum that my fellow forum member there has his Nikon Coolscan 4000 working on x64 Windows Seven with the program that Steel Chn has developed. He has given credit to this forum and to others that have apparently followed Steel Chn's advice.
    I hope this helps you in some way; I also got my Coolscan 5000 working on Windows 7 Ultimate with the Vuescan program, and recently discovered Steel Chn's workaround and realized I could also use the Nikon 4.03 software by simply installing it without loading the drivers for the Nikon 4.03.
    I am truly sorry for interrupting this dialog, and hope it's understood I only wanted to help out; I am so happy for this opportunity to thank Steel Chn for his great workaround as I had no way to use my film scanner. I hope you get your 4000 going!
    Best regards,
  71. Ruth,
    No need to apologize for contributing to this dialog. I really appreciate your help in trying to solve my problelm.
    While I have seen several references (in this forum and elsewhere) that Steel Chn's workaround has succeeded with several models of Nikon scanners running on Vista/64 and also many who have also succeeded with the Windows 7/64 O/S, the link you provided is the first instance where someone explicitly claimed success with Nikon Coolscan 4000ED on Win-7/64.
    This proves even more frustrating, since I have followed exactly the proceedure outlined in that link (which is essentially the same proceedure originally described by Steel Chn and modified to include the 4000ED as suggested in the tip from As I have written in my posts above, the driver installation proceeds without a hitch and the Device Manager correctly identifies my Nikon 4000ED. However when NikonScan software is started I invariably get a message stating that "no active device could be found".
    Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  72. Hi Mike, just go to to download a free trail of VueScan, which is also a great film scan software. When installing it, just ignore its driver offering for old scannners. Start VueScan to see if it can find your device, or allow you do some preview, even scan, this is to make sure you have the correct driver installation.
    If VueScan dones't find the device, allow you preview/scan, it means the driver installation was wrong. In this case, I have no more suggestions for you.
    If everything was fine with VueScan/4000ED, the problem should be with NikonScan. Either reinstall your OS or try with another desktop, or stay with VueScan.
  73. Hi Steel,
    Even before I saw your last post I had tried the following:
    Downloaded and installed trial version of VueScan. Ignored the driver offering and left the drivers (Steel Chn version) installed. After starting VueScan it would not produce a preview nor a scan. Next I uninstalled the drivers and updated drivers using the inf file provided in VueScan. After that I was able to get both a preview and a scan. At that point I again tried running NikonScan and got the same "no active device" notice.
    So based on what you say, it must mean that the driver installation is "wrong", even though the drivers install without problem. Damned if I am going to reinstall my O/S, so I guess I will just stay with VueScan.
    Again, many thanks for your help.
  74. I just successfully installed the driver for my LS-50 (aka Coolscan V ED) in the released version of Windows 7, 64-bit.
    It was even slightly easier than the steps outlined. I simply installed Nikon Scan 4.03, then copied "scanners.inf" into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Nikon\Driver\ScanUSB". I removed NksUSB.INF just in case, but that might not have been necessary.
    At first it gave me the same error that someone else experienced (it couldn't find a driver), but then I read that someone else just copied the necessary LS-50 line from the [Models] section into the [Models.ntamd64] section. That did it!
    Many, many thanks!
  75. It indeed works fine for Nikon 5000 and 9000 scanners, both on Vista/64 and Win7/64 :)
    Now I wonder if there is similar workaround available also for Mac OS X (Snow) Leopard operating system? Nikon scan is my only reason for not moving up from Tiger,...
    Thank you and best regards,
  76. I, too, want to thank you for your work. After 1 failed attempt due to some confusion reading the almost too much help extra information and comments, I got my new Coolscan 5000ED to load and run with Nikon Scan 4.0.3 under Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate without a single hiccup thus far.
    My initial confusion and failure was caused by seeing so much discussion about using VueScan drivers when none are needed at all - except for your modified scanners.inf file which you say came from the VueScan install. I also did not yet see unilt later the additional addiitonal changes to the scanner.inf regarding the LS-5000 for 64-bit.
    Since I used Acronis Try Mode, I was able to reset my CPU back to before the 1st attempt. For those who also might be confused by all the many comments, here is what I did for my Coolscan 5000 with Nikon 4.0.3 under Windows 7 64-bit.
    1. Turned off scanner.
    2. Did complete normal install of Nikon Scan 4.0.03
    3. Reboot computer.
    4. Created folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Nikon\Driver\ScanFudge". The folder location is not important but my location nicely sits next to the two standard driver folders already there.
    5. Copied and saved Steel's fantastic "scanners.inf" file to that folder.
    6. Edited Steel's INF file to copy the "LS-5000" line in [Models] section to the [Models.ntamd64] section for 64-bit operation.
    7. Copied the Nikon driver file (NKScnUSD.dll) from the adjacent ScanUSB folder. There is also an identical copy of the same driver file in the Scan1394. I verified that with a boinary compare so it doesn't matter which one you copy.
    8. Turned on scanner.
    9. Windows 7 complained about not finding a driver. Canceled that error dialog.
    10. Opened Device Manager
    11. Right clicked the LS-5000 devices now shown as uninstalled under devices.
    12. Requested to browse for driver.
    13. Pointed to my new folder.
    14. Voila! Windows happily installed the new driver.
    15. Started Nikon Scan and away I wernt. Now very happy!
    Thanks, Steel. I am a happy camper.
    I then moidified the scanners.inf file, as several explained, to coadd the LS-, everything,
    1. Ignore the last line of my last response. It was edit garbage.
    2. Steel? I noticed several other beneficial addendums to your famous scanners.inf customization that add 64bit support of some scanners that were not already in the 64bit section (and 1394?). I think it would be very beneficial to the world if you or someone else who is more familiar with the details than I am if they could update scanners.inf to include all those changes noted in this forum thus far so it works with all Nikon scanners. I am a newbie here and only have the 5000ED under Windows 7x64 via USB. Since Nikon is not producing any new models, it would be a logical and final step to take.
    3. Thanks again to you and everyone else here. After happily and madly testing my 5000ED under Windows 7 for 2 days of near-continuous use, it has not hiccupped once (knock on wood) and the scans are beyond epectations!
    4. Ps. I am finding that the 5000-ED is quiet LOUD (like an MRI machine) when doing an initial (or redraw) preview scan. But, both pleasantly and unexpectedly, it is VERY quiet and FAST doing a final 16x multi-sample 4k dpi scan! Just a few minutes! I wondered if others found that.
  77. I just wanted to add my appreciation for this contribution by Steel Chn. Thanks to him and the others participating in this dialogue, my Nikon Coolscan IV ED/Nikon Scan 4 is working with my Windows 7 64 bit OS. I can't understand Nikon's seeming lack of support in this area, but am grateful to users/forums like this that allow me to continue using "legacy" hardware!
  78. I also would like to add my big thank you. Worked perfect on my win 7 64 bits. It's really weird that Nikon is not able to support their users that bough their expensive equipment. Thanks again
    Cristian B
  79. @ Xavier Roch:
    this way (step 1 to 4 incl. the modified steel-driver) works too for Windows 7 professional x64 AND the feeder unit SF-210 ! There is still some problem at the startup (nikonscan doesn't always recognize the LS 5000 with the SF-210). I simply took out the SF-210, inserted it again. After this it worked.
    It remains some problem with scanner plus unit after switching the scanner off. But after a restart of nicoscan / and or the scanner it works again.
    Not 100 perfect but better than having a complete Windows XP on a virtual machine just because of one single scanner.
  80. Hi,
    here is my small contribution, first of all thanks for this job, it allows me to make my CoolScan (LS 50) work with Win7 64b. Just one point, I had to follow William LaPree advice:
    hey i just registered to let you know that if you copy the line from
    "Nikon LS-50" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_04b0&Pid_4001
    down to
    "Nikon LS-50" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_04b0&Pid_4001

    it will make the coolscan V ED work in windows 7 RTM 64 bit. i assume that any of the scanners listed in the [Models] moved down to [Models.ntamd64] will enable them to work in either vista x64 or windows 7 x64 (the USB ones anyhow). this is a huge win for me as i was fearing i was going to have to setup xp mode and jump through hoops to get it working!
    Without that modification Windows won't find the file for upgrading the soft, when done then it works fine.
  81. Hello Steel
    wonderful work. No problem between my 9000 and Seven Professional 64 bit.
    Thank you.
  82. Following your instructions I managed to get Vista x64 and my coolscan 9000 working with no problems.
    Thank you so much, I can now run my scanner on my high power x64 PC. Nikon surely should have done this customer support with minimal effort to themselves.....
  83. Hi,
    Due to Steel Chn driver, my Coolscan 9000ED worked fine on Windows7 x64 till today.
    I mean that the last time I used it, 2 months ago, it was fine, and today, without any change to Nikon Scan nor to my driver, I cannot get a scan anymore. When I run Nikon Scan, at first, I get a message : "Please remove the flim holder and click OK to try again". After a few try, reset, on/off on the scan, ... I manage to get my film thumbnails in Nikon Scan, but when I scan it, I get views with only thin black and white stripes and no picture. I searched with Google, I didn't find anything to help me. I downloaded Vuescan and manage to get a scan with it, so it isn't a hardware issue. I uninstalled Nikon Scan and the driver, reboot and installed it again, it didn't fix the problem.
    Any idea ?
    Thanks a lot if somebody can help me.
  84. Any news on this working for Windows 7?
  85. Hi,
    Many people contributing to this thread have these scanners working under Windows 7. But if you mean is Nikon working on a solution, the answer is no, as follows:
    "Can I use my Nikon Scanner with Windows 7, Leopard, Snow Leopard, or a 64-bit operating system?
    The use of Nikon Scan software with Windows 7 (any version), or Mac OS 10.5.x or later, or any 64- bit operating system (including 64-bit, 32-bit or Compatibility mode) is not supported.
    We suggest trying a third party software option such as Vuescan from or Silverfast software."
  86. My thanks to Steel Chn as well. I had some problems with Vista 64, the scanner occasionally would hang. I used a similar scanner.inf file to enable the Minotla 5400 as well
    I recently installed Windows 7 (64) and both scanners installed using Steel's file.
    However, I'm curious if anyone has used either scanner in XP mode on 7 using the Nikon and Minolta supplied drivers, seems that it could avoid some of the issues reported above.
  87. Got a new 9000 ED and installed the newest version of Nikon Scan on my Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit. It seemed to work fine out of the box, but I went ahead and installed the above driver and that works fine too. So far I've only run a half dozen scans, but it works quite well!
    Thanks Steve for the driver and Alex, I followed your checklist too.
    I did download the latest version of SilverFast and was impressed that I could pick my film type and it did change the appearance of the scan. But I actually thought the NikonScan did a better job in preserving shadow details. And I'm really not impressed with the Silverfast price tag!
  88. Thanks to all, especially Steel Chn. I got my Coolscan V operating on Win7 Professional 64 bit. There are some key posts to getting it working.
    First Steel's post of Jan. 2, 2009, followed by his second on Apr. 28, 2009 or Dim K's on Nov. 8, 2009. Lastly and the one for my scanner is Willian LaPree's on Nov. 8, 2009.
    Thanks again to everyone.
  89. Steel,
    Let me add my sincere thanks to you for posting this information.
    Worked like a charm on a Vista 64 bit with a Super Coolscan 9000 ED.
    Now I can blow away my Alternate Vista-32 bit boot and simplify my workflow significantly.
    Its a great scanner but I really dislike Nikon's handling of this.
    Anyway, you have done me a great service and it is much appreciated.
  90. Hi Steel,
    I'm trying to get my LS-30 to work on a 32-bit Windows 7 system. I use an Adaptec 2906 card and have tried their XP, Vista and 7 drivers along with different versions of ASPI. Vuescan cannot find my scanner even after loading the drivers as per Hamrick's instructions. However, the scanner does work great in Ubuntu 10.04 with Vuescan, but I'd rather not have to dual boot to use Photoshop. I was wondering if changing the line "%Mfg%=Models,ntamd64" to "%Mfg%=Models,ntamd86" would make your file usable on my system.
  91. Hi Ricardo,
    I am running VueScan 8.6.34 on W7 32bit (Old drivers option answered with YES) and using my old LS-1000 and LS-2000 as well as the newer LS-5000 without a problem so far. After that was running fine, I tried to install NikonScan, but the 4.03 version I used come up with an error message during the INSTALL-process. Maybe I have to follow Steel Chn's advice given for the x64 version to uninstall VueScan, then install Nikon Scan, then reinstalll VueScan. But that is not an urgent issue to me.
    Steel, thanks a ton for your fine work to get the LS-4000 and other scanners to work with x64 Vista, makes me feel optimistic to use W 7 x64 (which I throw out to be able to use scanners).
  92. Thanks for the reply, Gerald. I did load the old drivers. I wonder if I need a different SCSI card for Windows 7 or if I should try uninstalling Vuescan (again). I'll keep at it.
  93. Hi Ricardo,
    sorry, being a first time replier I had to register first and after all that jazz I forgot to write half of my intended reply. I have tried the Adaptec SCSI-cards 2940/2940W, 2940U/2940UW (32bit-driver aic78xx_aic78u2_win7_2k8r2_x86_v605457.exe) and 29160N (32bit driver u160_w7_ws08r2_x86_drv_b7_5_645_100.exe) all with their W7 drivers from the Adaptec page (downloaded the driver a few days back). Their used to be an Adaptec 2904 and an 2940S6, but for those I could not find a W7 driver. So maybe you should go for a 2940U or 2940W or a newer SCSI card for which you find a driver on the adaptec website.
    With VueScan you also do not need the ASPI drivers like you do for NikonScan, quite important, since Adaptec does not supply ASPI drivers for Vista or Windows 7 anymore.
    Hope that helps a bit.
  94. Hi Gerald,
    I tried both the Adaptec W7 and Vista drivers before but without any luck. However, I hadn't realized that not only did I need to unzip the files, but that I manually had to go to Device Manager and point the SCSI controller in the right direction. When I did that the drivers were installed and I got a pop-up message saying that my LS-30 was installed and ready to go. I just made my first scan in Windows with Vuescan. Now I need to work on getting Nikon Scan 3.1.2 up and running on Windows 7.
  95. Hi Ricardo,
    I did some looking about for ASPI drivers. Some people wrote that the Adaptec ASPI driver V4-7-2-a2 should work on Vista and W7. Someone mentioned a ForceASPI for his CD-ROM device and some sound-software, but I have not looked into it. Should you get the LS-30 to work with NikonScan then please tell us on this thread as well, would be interesting to others and to LS-2000 (maybe even LS-1000) users.
  96. Just like to add my grateful thanks to Steel Chn and Shaun Merrigan. My 5000-ED (LS-5000) now works fine under Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Much appreciated, guys.
  97. What about Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit and Nikon Scan 4.0.x? Will it work the same way? Will the standard Vista install of Nikon Scan 4.0.3 work?
  98. Hi Brad,
    the NikonScan 4.0.3 will install on Windows 7 Ultimate and work OK, at least it does with me. Do not forget to first uninstall any other Nikon-Scan versions you might have installed on a testbasis, otherwise you get an install-time-error (on the Nikon website and on some Nikon-CDs you find the uninstall-pgms for the related NikonScan version).
    Good luck,
  99. Thanks, ...................
  100. Worked great for me with 9000ED and Windows 7. No problems. Thanks so much.
  101. this fix works, thank you so much. if your version of nikon scan is prior to the 4.03 (mine was 4.02) download the former (made for windows vista) from the net and apply the fix. win 7 does not always let it work the first try, and it may require someone with some significant computer skills (my brother in this case), but it will work. kind of ironic that the nikon 5000ed scanner is likely the only piece of photographic equipment i own that has actually appreciated in value.
  102. Hi,
    where do i find Device Manager?
    step # 3
    Thanks, Jorge
  103. Start menu > Control Panel > Device Manager
  104. Thanks Mike!
  105. what is this??

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    Please back up using your browser, correct it, and resubmit your entry.
  106. Hi,
    I have exactly problem with MAC OS 10.6. Nikon wrote to say they do not support Nikon Coolscan V ED (LS-50) on Mac 10.6. Suggested to use Vuscan. Does anyone know which file on Mac I need to change as you did in Window 7 to make it work?
    Thanks in advance!
  107. Hello ,
    thanks a lot for your excellent work! And thanks for sharing it. I am now working with 2 Computers, WIN 7, 64Bit professional, 2 Nikon Coolscan 4000 and one Coolscan 9000. Absolute no Problems! Works better and much more reliable then it works under Win XP 32. I am able to start the CS 9000 while WIN 7 is running and will have full access to the scanner without rebooting or visiting Device-Manager. Beg your pardon for my poor English!
    Greetings from Germany, Bernd
    1. Thank you very much! My 9000ED works on win7 now!
  108. My dear fellows, if you encountered some conflicts between my DIYed coolscan driver and Silverfast 8 X64, please refer to this post for solution.
    I am not sure about Silverfast 8 32bit version.
  109. "Updated: Unoffical Vista X64 driver of LS-8000ED/9000ED for Nikon Scan 4.03

    Steel Chn , Oct 30, 2011; 05:08 a.m.
    Hello, I would like to add more information to my original post about the DIYed 64bit driver, but I didn't find any way to edit my original post in, so I have to start this new one. Here is the update: From my recent experience with Silverfast 8 Windows 7 64bit, I found there is conflict between my DIYed driver and SF8, the phenomenon is SF8 will crash shortly after you hit launch/start button in its launcher. If you really want to play with SF8, my recommendation for you now is to uninstall DIYed driver, then use the driver which comes with SF8, it looks like that driver was from Nikon also, maybe Nikon would like to make some changes unless being paid. So the instructions are: 1) Go to device manager -> Imaging devices -> Nikon Super Coolscan 8K/9K ED, right click the mouse, the select uninstall this device and check remove driver files in the confirmation dialog. When it's done, power off 9K/8K ED, then reboot Windows 7. 2) Download SF8 and install. When installation is done, turn on 8K/9K ED, Windows should find the driver for you automatically, you can check the driver provider is Nikon instead of "DIYed software". 3) I found Nikon Scan 4.03 and Vuescan 9 work perfect with the new driver from SF8. BTW: You do not need any changes if you don't want to use SF8. Cheers, Steel

    Curt Wiler [​IMG], Oct 30, 2011; 02:08 p.m.
    Thanks for updating us on this, I was getting pretty upset with Silverfast. However, I also use the Nikon software by itself at times, and I need to see if this will cause a problem there.
    Mike Blume , Oct 30, 2011; 05:51 p.m.
    Steel Chn:
    You certainly deserve a medal in recognition for the help you have provided to so many users of Nikon scanners. Thanks again, and three cheers!
    Steel Chn , Oct 31, 2011; 02:54 a.m.
    Thanks, it's my pleasure."
    Thanks a million for the update !
  110. The driver works as well in Windows 7 64 bits with a Nikon Coolscan 9000
  111. I have a new computer running Windows 7 64 bit. Can someone walk me through on installing this driver in this post for my Nikon 4000 scanner? I've tried doing what is stated here and when I update driver in device manager computer states can't find driver. Not that computer savy, if you know what I mean. Thanks
  112. Sorry, I should have read the last post by Steel Chn. I will attempt to work at it again.
  113. i downloaded Vuescan then installed Nikon software from the CD and it's working fine.
  114. Gerald, you need the two files the driver from nikon and the one from steel chn > name the file scanners.inf - i got the same message until i did that - works a treat with my Coolscan 9000 - Thanks Steel Chn!
  115. Thank you very much Steel Chn for providing this valuable inf file!
    My Coolscan 4000 is now recognized by Silverfast 6.4 under Win 7 64 bit and I expect it will work.
  116. Win 7 64 Nikon LS 8000 It Works :)))
    Thank you very much Steel Chn for providing this valuable inf file!
  117. Hi!
    My Coolscan 5000 is working now with this driver under Win7 with Nikon Scan 4, but my slidefeeder SF210 stops always after the first dia, although the parameter of dias to scan in the magazine is 99. Does sombody have any idea what could be the reason?
  118. Hi,
    I have been struggeling with connecting my CoolScan 8000ED (with FireWire 1394 interfece card) to PC Windows 7 64bit for a few days now. I tried this hack but it does not work with NikonScan I instaled. I instaled last VueScan version too to see if it works with my Nikon CoolScan 8000ED scanner but when VueScan software is opened I get information: "No scanner was found connected to PC".
    Scanner is not seen in Device Menager, neither when Nikon Scan is instaled nor VueScan, althought my interface FireWire card is seen there. It seems I have original interface card that Nikon supplied with the scanner: Ratoc PCI-FireWire2 IEEE 1394, see here:

    So, my PC do not see the scanner when connected via an original FireWire cable and an original FireWire interface card. Is it possible that my Ratoc PCI-FireWire2 IEEE 1394 interface card does not work with Windows 7 64bit even though the Ratoc controller itself is seen (as NEC) in Device Menager (in the IEEE 1394 host controllers) and even though I have made Update Driver Software of it?
    Do I need first instaled modern 64bit interface card which works with Windows 7 64bit before I will start this procedure? Do you all with WireFire Coolscan changed your current card on the one with 64bit?
    On Ratoc Systems site in software section for WireFire IEEE 1394 cards it is said my original Ratoc interface card (PCIFW2) works only with Win XP/Me/2000/98SE/98. No Win 7 mentioned: RATOC Systems International,Inc : Software Download
    So, it this a main reason I can not see the scanner in Device Manager, and instaled Nikon Scan or VueScan do not see the scanner there?
  119. I have a coolscan III/LS30 and am having little luck with my Dell LT(windows 7) seeing it. Some of your blogs indicate that an older machine might be better. So I dug out my GX1(windows 2000) Does anyone know which course would be the simplest or most economical course of action. Then, what to do with that course. Thanks for any help.
  120. I have done everything as described in order to get my Nikon 8000 working with my machine. I have even gotten to the point where the scanner is recognized in my system aswell Nikonscan and Vuescan pick it up. Everytime I nudge the film holder forward so the scanner takes it, then press the preview button in the software (Either program) it hangs my PC. Completely.... I've even left it for an hour or two, it doesnt progress past 1-2%. (Or unfreeze)
    I have the 3 files showing up in the driver, it shows up in device manager, and Nikon and Vuescan believe they have a scanner attached so I am very close. I think it might be the firewire card that I bought and the Nikon not liking it, Im going to try and use a different firewire port on the card (Using different cable), then I'll try a different firewire card. (Mine is usign PCI-E, but I'll try a PCI card, I believe most of Nikons recommended cards were PCI.)
    As a side note... I am on Windows 8, and I have not seen anyone else in the thread on that OS. I don't believe it should be an issue for this to work. (Or at least I hope.)
    If anyone has any ideas for me to try that would be awesome! I really want to scan some of my 120 properly! Thanks!
  121. I have made a self signed X64 drivers for Nikon 1394 scanners for Windows 8 x64, tested with Vuescan 9+, NS 4.03, Silverfast 8.01r17, please use at your own risk.
  122. See if I can attach it here?
  123. Since I can't attach it here, please drop me a message if you need it, steelchn(at) , no spam please.
  124. Last night I actually got it working using your original driver. I used the advanced menu in Windows 8 to allow the installation of non signed drivers previously.
    My crashing was caused by my firewire card, it was PCI-E and apparently the scanner does not like that. I switched it out for almost the exact same card, but PCI and it works fine.
    Thanks for the help Steel Chn!
  125. That's interesting, I have tried but failed with my old driver in Win8 first, even when I turned off the driver signature enforcement for sure.

    Anyway, congratulation.
  126. I join the huge number of persons thanking Steel Chn for his contribution. I have successfully installed Steel's Driver according to the extensive instructions provided elsewhere ( on a self-assembled computer running Windows 8.1 64 bit. I used a somewhat more recent version of his driver published there as well. This updated driver includes an entry for the Super Coolscan 5000 ED (device Driver appears as LS-5000). Everything ran as expected (and fast).
    Armand Cachelin, Bern
  127. Adding my thanks to Steel Chn for this excellent information. I used this driver to setup my LS8000 and Nikonscan v 4.0.03 on a newer PC running 64 bit Windows 10. The process worked as described here except that I had to temporarily disable enforcement of Win 10's policy that only signed drivers can be installed.
    The LS8000 is reputed to be finicky regarding Firewire compatibility. I used a Sonnet Tango USB 3.0 / Firewire 800 combo card and a firewire 800 to 400 adapter and it worked fine. I don't know what version firmware is in my LS8000 (and also don't know how to check it) but it was serviced about 5 years ago and I assume was updated then.
    Again, thanks to Steel Chn for creating this driver.

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