Trying to love Gimp

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by John Seaman, Aug 23, 2020.

  1. I can't agree more. I owe the book of A.ADAMS "The print" and also the one from Tim Rudman (very good!) and indeed postprocessing is not easy but a lot of fun after having thrown hundreds of training prints in the trash. I also suffured a lot from that spotting on the prints. The digital spot healing brush is just a dream, couldn't believe my eyes the 1st time I saw it.
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  2. There's also UFRAW, which seems to be pretty much camera and model agnostic. Unlike Adobe's Camera Raw that needs updating every time someone at Sony/Nikon/Canon etc. sneezes.
  3. Yes, if you're getting paid for your time, then the cost of an Adobe subscription is probably worth it vs time spent learning another interface. But if photography is more of a hobby? Then it depends on how much disposable income you have, how much you want to throw at your photography habit, and how much of that you want to spend on software vs lenses and other equipment.

    In terms of stability, GIMP has been around almost a quarter of a century and I don't see it disappearing anytime soon. And just because Adobe is a big and stable company doesn't make their software immortal. Flash is a perfect example.
  4. A fallacy of youth is that time has no inherent value.
  5. How young do you think I am? :)

    Time has no inherent monetary value. In other words you can't directly compare the value of your time to subscription costs unless you're getting paid for your time.

    There is also value in learning something new, - especially if you enjoy that kind of thing. It might not be worth it to you, but it might be worth it to someone else.

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