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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by alex_es, Feb 9, 2017.

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  1. Thanks but, Glen, this is a glaring bug. I do know how to get around it. I have a system background and this is something that should absolutely be fixed to look halfway professional. Also, this is a photo site, please also fix the problem with text split on both sides of an image. Very basic request.

    Also, I don't understand why you keep saying you don't understand the customer concerns. This is concerning.
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    A bug is something that we need to recreate on our end so we can diagnose and fix. If we can not recreate it, then we can not diagnose. I was simply telling you that if you hit return you can being typing under "write your reply", we do have a request into Xenforo to fix. The text split because your cursor was in between the text when you decided to upload a file so you uploaded the file where your cursor was last present. (I've done it myself). Your issues are my issues, but the issues you've presented I have explained the best I can.
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  3. <br><br>
    Glenn, is this new designed site using new technology suppose to allow anyone with modern internet access devices (computer/mobile phones) to load this site without any problems? If so, the anecdote I'm about to relate may be an isolated incident but so far I've had two occasions where someone I'ld provided a link to a PN forum thread dating back to 2009 stated he wasn't able to access from a hotel wi-fi network and just yesterday I tried to view this site on an Apple iPad demo model in Walmart using the Safari browser on their wi-fi network and got the certificate warning dialog box. I couldn't access my own portfolio. With this in mind how many folks do you see participating on this site since I keep seeing in the Forum main page between 25 to 60 log ons and one robot (whoever that is).
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    Hi Tim, please send me the link you were sharing - we will attempt to replicate . If I am unable to reproduce the error, I can only speculate as to why our forum was not available in a hotel and/or Walmart. But if I were to speculate why a hotel and/or Walmart may block (for lack of better description) "photo sharing sites" it is because of the potential NSFW content on them - and we're (as in photo sharing sites) all in the same boat on this one. Even though we have all in place measures that are compliant with that type of viewing (NSFW curtain, must be logged in, etc) - there can be blocks put in place by their network. That is specific to each location, not much we can do about that if that is what it is.
  5. Glenn,

    Please allow us the option of showing our email or not (in our "Profile"). Like many people, I don't want Photonet to broadcast it to the world unless I agree. It's probably already too late and my junk folder will be filled with yet more spam. Thanks.
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    I just looked at your profile, no email present - you might see it when you are in your own account information section, but that is not what others see.
  7. It is a bug. Even when people can get around it, it is still a bug. If you feel you must tell the user to "please write your reply here..." though it is so obvious, then please bring the cursor down to the area to start writing. Glenn, I am trying to help. These are easy fixes to make the site professional. Where I came from, these programming sloppiness would not be tolerated.

    Re split text, no I did not insert the image between the text. Please fix it. Thanks.
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  8. <br><br>
    Thanks for the informative response, Glenn. The blocked 2009 PN hyperlink thread posted on an offsite forum was mainly due to the "http" needing an "s" (I'm assuming), but I couldn't firm that at the time. It's now easy to locate just by adding the 's' but not knowing these kinds of SNAFU's unless someone mentions it suggests there are others not able to access for other reasons unknown.
    I've heard of hotel wi-fi internet blocking photo sites for reasons you indicate even years back on PN 1.0 forums. And the Walmart incident wasn't on an iPad but a rather large iPhone. I don't own any of these devices so they're hard to remember which is which. A Google search in Safari on the iPhone using my user's name and the word 'photo' only showed me some of my self portrait images. When I clicked on the image that's when I got the certificate warning. Wonder how many others online were stopped from looking at my photos by entering my name and just gave up like I did?
    But these anecdotes were used as examples to address a concern of the extent of testing similar "stiff arming" of new visitors to PN 2.0 on old and new systems and devices using this new technology. Even if this is NSFW as you say, how are we suppose to know how many other folks are not going to this site to see our photos while we all are clueless in distinguishing if they were blocked due to NSFW restrictions or new technology integration had something to do with it considering current members experiences here.
    Have you randomly tested by attempting to load PN 2.0 at a public library or any where else that's not at your company to see if this new site is accessible for a broad audience? What demographic is this site aiming at that needs to have there settings in their browser set just right in order to see these photos in a Google search? People who look at porn? How is this so if this is suppose to be a family friendly site?
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    any URL that you would have typed in http, would have automatically redirected to https - so that should not have been the issue. https is the new standard and expected these days, that was an update we most definitely had to do. our goal was to make this accessible to a broader audience that have an interest in photography and being part of a growing community with shared interests. not sure what you're questions are about porn, we don't accept porn on the site and if anything questionable is uploaded we delete it, if for some reason an upload gets by our screening and it is brought to our attention we again delete it. This is not an open invitation to debate what is porn and what isn't porn - our moderators simply go by the rule "i know it when i see it" - the same rule of thumb Supreme Court Justice used when ruling on First Amendment Rights in this case - it is often referenced on this subject. Nude is a legit category in photography so being a photography site we (as well as all other sites in this space) do their best to serve that audience as well.
  10. Also, please fix paragraph problems. To make the format stayput, users (who know how to do it) have to put in html codes to separate the paragraphs. - As in this example -- separating "Thanks" from this paragraph. This should not be required.<br><br>
  11. Testing paragraph reply.

    Paragraph 2.

    No additional code required.
  12. Didn't work.

    Now let me try this on the next paragraph.
  13. OK, didn't work as soon as you refresh the page.
  14. Now trying P1, P2, P3 with break paragraph codes: <br><br>
    P1 <br><br>
    P2 <br><br>
    P3 <br><br>
    Works with added codes.
  15. <br><br>
    Wow! You completely misinterpreted the porn reference, Glenn.
    What I meant is if this site triggers other's browsers or network servers or parental control settings to block access to this site due to the presents of nude photos, then what demographic is left to visit this site since it's not going to be kids in school who want to learn about photography. The porn reference was a general description of a demographic that would have these settings turned off so they could gain access to PN. Is that the only demographic left? Or are there others? Everybody is interested in photos, so that's not an accurate metric to establish meaningful numbers.
    If I'm being blocked just by stumbling upon PN from a hyperlink, or in a Google image search on certain types of photos on any random remote device that is not my computer, then how do you know the number of others being blocked for various reasons unknown under similar random situations and they just move on. Have you tested for this? I ask this considering the number of members who gain access here having trouble with this site even on updated OS's and newer hardware?
  16. I'll put it simply, Glenn. Has your team tested access to this site at a public library, school or University or any other outside random internet access device?
  17. <br><br>
    Just tested the auto https doing a Google search on a 2009 PN thread and clicking the Google link which does automatically take me to that 2009 thread with the new PN 2.0 formatting. Hyperlinking that old thread off another site forum thread I can't test for, but if it's blocked, it's because of the "NSFW" setting and not the http-s issue.
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    No we have not as each location will have different settings but beyond that i am not sure what we would do with that information even if we had it. (For example IF 35% of public libraries block us, OK, now what, start a campaign change of policy at public libraries? I brought it up because we (as in photo sharing sites) all face that same challenge in that regard, and that may have been why the link didnt work for you and/or your friend. But that was just speculation on my part.
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    We do not get reports on where we are blocked from our analytics, it mostly comes in from regular user that tried to access us at a library or school, they share with us their experience. Apologies for missing your reference above, thought it was comment headed in different direction.
  20. I do not like this new PN site at all it is slow and it's a mess! It is not possible anymore to scroll down to all the folders. Also I cannot invite my customers and models anymore to this confusing site. I think it is really rediculous the management messed up the Great PN site!
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