The demise of a D3 with 24-70 2.8 lens

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by paul_mcmullin, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. 'Nikon versus something else' in this case a patch of concrete!
    camera and lens came to a sad end when it became detatched from a 60ft photomast on a recent assignment.
    The front element of the lens was found 50ft away and the only part re- usable was the magnifying eyepiece.
    Cameras do not survive this sort of impact Im afraid. - If anyone wants me to send them images of the resultant damage and inside workings of a D3 please let me know. Please note likely to upset those with a fragile disposition!
    P Mc
  2. saddest thing i've ever seen...
  3. A sickening sight. If only you'd had a UV filter on it, everything might have been OK.
  4. Finally, a "versus" thread worth reading.
  5. Sad picture, but I have to admit I expected it to be even more ruined after a 18ft drop. Did you manage to save any pictures from the card, or was that destroyed as well.
  6. I guess that's 18m or 60ft onto Concrete.....Ooouch! I had an old RC controlled Konica FS-1 detatched from a kite at about 100m. String found a burr on the mount.....SOMEWHERE......and dropped free. Straight into a ploughed field. I watched it fall. Now that was FAST! It formed a kinda crater. The camera was deep inside a 6mm ally round-bar chassis framework. That was utterly trashed. But I guess the frame absorbed alot and the field was light, dry soft earth. Camera and lens were fine. RC servo stripped it's gears. I think I was so shocked I never took any pix. Bit like the car smash you walk away from! Later, it seemed a good idea to record it...

    I'd guess the card(s?) are fine...although I notice the flap sprung open! How about the £100 battery? Secondhand focussing screen anyone??
  7. wow!! it hurts to see this!

    Kent(too funny lmao)

    maybe you could turn that 24-70 into one of those limited edition coffee mugs,lol.
  8. Lex (perpendicularity consultant) Jenkins , Oct 27, 2010; 05:07 a.m.
    Finally, a "versus" thread worth reading.

    so i guess all the "beginner" vs. questions are too insignificant for you, wow, im surprised, such a helpful
  9. Well, that's one way to get the insurance company (I hope) to pay for a D3x or D3s. "That'll buff out"? I feel your pain. Suddenly I see the point of the titanium M9...
  10. @Steven -- lighten up. Sheesh.
    @Kent -- :)
    I don't know, at little duct tape and you're good to go!
  11. D'you care to post the serial number of that..., just in case it turns up on ebay as a 'factory reconditioned' D3 ? LOL
    PS, just how exactly did it become detached ? Things don't get detached by themselves unless someone really screws up badly.
  12. @kent very funny!
    But did you notice that part of the wreckage in the picture is a lens hood? well that obviously means that the lens hood doesn't protect the lens effectively enough. The problem here is that the lens cap was not fitted........
  13. I'd say send it back to Nikon, clearly they gave you a faulty sample....
  14. People make fun of Ritz Camera (where I used to work part-time), but if you had our ESP insurance, we would have given you a new camera and lens, no deductible!
  15. I never knew a D3 had wooden components inside??
    Odd to have the neck strap still attached, handy label so you can tell what it once was :-(
    Nice to know just how much true sympathy you can find here!
  16. When did this happen? Because the other day I woke up from a nap with the sudden feeling that something terrible had happened. As if thousands of small Japanese parts had suddenly cried out in pain.

    I do believe that Kent gets this week's Shrewd Observation award, though. No contest.
  17. Yes i want to see the damage! even though its sad, its like interesting, i guess kinda like watching those movies Faces of Death or watching those 70's disaster movies.
  18. I just lost my appetite...

  19. Paul Memullin,
    Thank you for posting one of the most interesting, thought-provoking, heart-wrenching photos I have seen in a long time. It actually brought tears to my eyes. How you gathered the strength to compose this photo in your moment of grief is beyond me. You are truly a professional.
    If you can, please post or describe the aerial image you were trying to capture before this unfortunate accident.
  20. Ouch... this brings back some unpleasant memories and feelings for me from a little while back when I took a bit of a swim with my D300 and a 24-70mm 2.8 lens attached. Fortunately for me, my D300 has dried out fine and it still works, however the lens never stood a chance. Looking at your photo it seems that my lens has some company now somewhere in ....Nikon heaven. May they all rest in peace or pieces whichever the case might be. On a more serious note, I am sorry for your loss.
  21. Next time, attach a parachute.
  22. DOD was 11.30am Monday the 25th October GMT
    It was from about 60ft up and the pan/tilt electric head fractured at its joint with the tripod bush mount. Couldnt have been foreseen but in hindsight a couple of cable ties as a secondary securing measure would have saved it!
    The wooden component is for when you have to shoot in Landscape mode - its a simple but effective reminder to the electronics within the camera to look for wood (scene recognition)
    I did think about putting a lens cap on but decided I couldnt be bothered to shin up the pole when I was ready to take the picture. Pity I didnt really :-(
    The 4GB card seems to be fine but I think I wont trust it until I have done some tests - not sure a microdrive card would have survived but the solid state cards seem pretty robust. The battery has split.
    On a more serious note - its why as professionals we have to have public liability insurance etc etc as it could have easily gone the other way through some very expensive cars or even a person. I watched it come down and believe me things do slow down and my first thought was to try and catch it - thankfully that thought passed quickly - Im sure someone can do the sums for the rate of descent of a 4/5 lb camera but best to stand well clear in the circumstances.
    Insurance has been passed so a new D3s body and lens will be arriving soon. Again the importance of having adequate insurance cover (New for Old)
    On a final note - Thank you to all for the cards and letters of condolence for the passing of an old friend. Donations in lieu of Flowers to the D3 memorial care home. A fine life of 69873 shutter activations (since having a new shutter in June 2008)
  23. another view -
  24. If a D3 ever appears on eBay in less than "mint" condition, this is what you might expect ;-)
  25. Oh meant to say - we shot the job eventually using my backup D2x and a cobbled together head attached to the mast with gaffer, cable ties etc.
  26. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Time to upgrade to a D3S.
  27. bms


    Condolences! That really blows! The lens looks suprisingly intact.... Who needs fron elements anyway? Put in on ebay as 14/15 condition....
  28. "This parrot is no more" RIP dear D3 I'd burry it in my back yard with a little tombstone that says Here lies D3 and it's 24-70 both died the heroic death while on assignment. Sad story. This will make me care for my cameras even more.
  29. Hi Paul, I'm interested in the zoom bit... Do (Ooops.....DID!) you have a servo or something to 'power' zoom while up the pole?
  30. Hi Mike, the software is Nikon Camera control Pro and whereas you can control everything from the computer shutter/aperture/mode/etc etc with DSLR's you cannot control the zoom as it is a manual function. With integrated snapshot type cameras you can zoom. Its always useful to have 'Liveview' on the camera which the D3 had as we could see what the camera was pointing at but the D2x doesnt have this feature and therefore we had to shoot an image open it and then adjust as required. Though at that point we couldnt pan and tilt remotely either so we could only twist the base of the mast to pan and then shoot. I think you can download a trail version of the software from the Nikon website.
  31. that pic made me teary eye.. :(
  32. Hi, I've got the 'paid-for' version and often use my D300 with a Sigma 10-20mm mounted on a Benbo at full height, ie about 2ft higher than me. I was forever having to get on my ally camera case to reach the lens. Managed to get a servo to drive the lens via worm drive from zoom-lock end to end. Needs a simple clutch to prevent lens over-rotation. It doesn't work via RC, just a pair of very thin cables and a little servo-tester board gaffer-tapped to the laptop. Maybe I ought to market it?
  33. I think a closed-casket ceremony is in order.
    Good thing it didn't land on a Nikon F- there'd be almost nothing left of it while the F would have a small dent in the prism! 8>D
  34. Nikon Down, Nikon Down!
    Well it does make for a good photo subject now.
  35. Thanks! Now the stuck pixel I just found on my D90 doesn't seem all that bad!
  36. You need to control your rage a little better next time.... bad tempers get expensive!
  37. A Nikon F would have kept working, but the digital captures out of it would have looked terrible before *and* after!
  38. D3 last thoughts while falling: Thank god I never became a Leica :p
    Im sorry for your loss, but im sure you will get over it soon, just wait until nikon shows us the new hidden beauties.
    Best regards!
  39. A sad sight if ever I saw one... but surely some duct tape and a lot of elbow grease will make it all as good as new... I'm shure it was on a MacGyver episode once...
  40. At least you can re-use the strap. Would look good on an F series...
  41. Only 60 feet?! It's about what I'd expect from that flimsy Nikon construction! ;)
    Too bad mate, it makes me sick to see it.
  42. Kent, I can't stop laughing!
  43. Now this is definitely one advantage of film. If the camera had been an F4, after the impact you would have found it sitting at the bottom of the crater it had carved into the asphalt with, oh, possibly a scratch or two--but otherwise perfectly serene and ready for further action.
  44. i tossed my cookies. . .ugh!
  45. Someone stole my first 2 week old D3 and 24-70 2.8. I FEEL YOUR PAIN.:(
  46. I think it just got a bum bounce. Otherwise the lens shade would have saved it. I wonder what my insurance agent would say if I were to call this one in.
  47. It's a painful picture :-( However, the strap, VF eyepiece and the battery probably will still be usable!
  48. Ouch! That made me cringe!
  49. I've seen a few similarly broken Canon 1D's and EOS 3's. It makes me wonder - how come that particular spot in the front around the lens mount is that much weaker than the rest? I know magnesium alloy is not steel or titanium, but I thought the chassis can take more beating. More specifically, I'd expect the chassis to crack or bend and plastics to shatter before the lens mount tears off like that.
    And yep, I know the lens acts as a lever in a fall like that, but I'd expect the front of the camera to be especially reinforced/thick to sustain the stress to the area (heavy lenses, lens mounting...). I guess it doesn't matter much, does it.
  50. Well the D3 and Lens are now laid to rest - pending an ebay listing in the spares or repair section
    (joke). I have just opened the D3s box and now inputting all the different settings I had on the 3.
    Insurance broker has been absolutely spot on and sorted it very quickly.
    Suggestions to what I should do with the remains appreciated.
  51. Someone stole my first 2 week old D3 and 24-70 2.8. I FEEL YOUR PAIN.:(
    Actually Rick, that is worse. Knowing that some dirtbag is enjoying the fruits of your labours is worse than having it destroyed. When mine was stolen, if I had some remote destruction mechanism I would had destroyed it just so that the scumbag thieves wouldn't have it. Preferably a large explosive device that would take the thieves out also !
  52. Great crash test indeed !!!
  53. First thought , Oucch, sniff sadness, condoleances.. :-(
    Second thought : Did you call Nikon to ask what it costs to repair it ? :) .
  54. There must be other ways when you want a new model...
  55. Hans, I know there must be! I tend to upgrade cameras on a rolling 3 yr basis and had decided not to upgrade the D3 to the S as when it was announced I was only 2yrs into the D3 and really the improvements were not worth the cost so had decided to wait for the 'D4' expecting some sort of announcement for photokina 2010 this obviously didnt happen. However I was more then happy with my D3 until eventually the D4 is announced. Ill be in a quandry when the D4 is announced however as the D3S will now be absolutely fine for a good few years yet.
    No I didnt ask Nikon for a repair estimate - I think it is what is called an 'insurance writeoff'.
  56. Wow. You had a camera 60 feet in the air without any type of safety cable? With all due respect, you're lucky it's just a camera that's dead.
  57. moral dont press the button that says " drop down " menu.... enjoy the newie... mike
  58. As Ken Rockwel says "....the camera dosn't matter..."
    Send him the bits. There you go Ken prove your point.
  59. Thank you Paul :)
    It seems more to be a case like ' don't try this at home"
    My partner sends you her condolences.. she was very shocked when I showed her the camera (as much as nikonist shooting with canon can be...) she is still crying....
  60. Honestly...thats the saddest thing you folks have ever seen? How about starving children in impoverished parts of the world, or animal cruelty? God, it's just a tool, no diff then a f***ing hammer. Hardest thing to swallow is the cost to replace it, otherwise...who gives a *X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#*!
  61. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Roman, I am sure that is by no means the saddest thing most of us have seen. I think some of us are merely trying to show sympathy and say something to make the OP feel a little better.
  62. Also, I think there's more than a little bit of sarcasm intended...
  63. or making some fun out of the relief its not their gear lying there.....
  64. Now, don't let Roman be a Thorn in your side!
    Paul, either put it in a display case so you have something to show visitors (and don't forget to make up a good story about hanging out of helicopter over Mt. Everest or something, or send it to Cuba, where some guy in a tin-roofed workshop will get it working with a welder and some parts off a '57 Pontiac Star Chief.
  65. You could also ebay the lens pointing out that it has a floating front element...
  66. Did you have to post this ?
  67. I worked for 24 years at Boeing, and whenever an airplane went down, the usual tag line was "but the black box survived", someone would always ask, "Why don't they build the whole plane out of that stuff?"
    A few years ago, while attempting to get a plastic Canon Powershot A95 out of a jacket pocket, I dropped it 4 feet onto unforgiving concrete. The result was a nearly imperceptible nick on the corner and the camera remained fully operational. Of course the Nikon was moving at 40 mph at impact compared to 15 mph for the Canon, off the top of my head (don't try this at home).
  68. Of course the Nikon was moving at 40 mph at impact compared to 15 mph for the Canon, off the top of my head​
    I made it around 40mph for the Nikon and about 11mph for the Canon?
  69. It's a reminder you can't take time with your camera for granted.
  70. An excuse to get the D3s or D3x now.
  71. If a D3 ever appears on eBay in less than "mint" condition, this is what you might expect ;-)​
    No, definitely mint by eBay standards. ;-) Starting bid is $3K.
  72. Did you get the shot though, Paul? Good job no one was standing underneath!
    Roger H.
  73. 16 feet per second per second...after that speed is attained, nothing else matters.
    Objects, tools and the like can be replaced. People not.
    As to disposal, suspect your local electronics recycling point
    will gladly take the remains; then again you could taken the components
    and have them framed in a glass case. At least they would not have to have
    regular injections of some form of embalming fluid.
  74. How about a D700 and 400 f/2.8 meeting a 200 MPH drag racer:
    (hint, it does not end well)
  75. Rob, great link—thanks.
  76. So that's what they mean by "exploded view"..... :cool:
  77. I think you find "sympathy" in the dictionary between "sh*t" and "s*philis" - has your insurance now asked you to mark out all your assignments by flying a red flag and signed up as "Hard Hat" areas?
  78. CHECK THIS OUT, another thriller: , D700 and 400mm KIA :), Here is another Grand find, It looks like Nikon doesnt need to publish camera blueprints any more , now we know what the insides of a D700 look like :)
  79. It's almost as if I had just seen that link somewhere...
  80. It must be deja vu all over again.
  81. Ehh, Panteli, don't you read the previous posts before posting...LOL...? :) Nase kala file !
  82. If it had been one of the plastic mount Nikon lenses the camera might have survived.

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