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  1. I was asked to leave the local Barnes & Noble because I was taking pictures with my Konica C35AF (the first commercial 35mm AF camera, BTW).
    Before the courts nullified it, it was for a while illegal to take any picture of any police officer in Illinois.

    I was also ejected from the local mall for taking pictures... I'm a terrible scofflaw I guess.

    Normally (aside from the Stereo Realist), I don't get as much reaction to film cameras as I do from my Canon EF 100-400mm -"what's that, boy, a rocket launcher?"
  2. I've gotten in the habit of carrying a couple of prints of good photos I've made with the camera if I'm using a really old folder. A lot of folks are curious how good a picture they make. Showing them a couple of good prints satisfies their curiosity and adds to the WOW factor for folks who've never actually seen the old bellows rigs being used. Of course, you have to be prepared for the occasional protracted conversation that can arise, too. But, I'm retired. So, I'm seldom in a hurry. :)
  3. I'm thinking in some cases, it might be security concerns. But, IMO, that's stupid because if I were with a terrorist organization, I wouldn't be using a big Pro-looking high end camera, I'd be using a phone or other "incognito" type camera. Honestly, it's ridiculous, because it really is NOT illegal to take photographs with ANY type of camera in a public place, unless it's a military base.
  4. Tony Parsons

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    Didn't someone once say 'Home of the brave, Land of the Free !' - or did I just dream it ?
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    Still going strong, of course, it requires living in one of the free states. Try London - the small pocket knife I carry every day would be cause for arrest. Never have had problems with police and a camera in the US, nor for that matter in London, though that was long ago.

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