Sunrise. Smoky Mountains.

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  1. Thank you for your thoughts.

  2. I can only view this photo on a mobile phone but I've seen many similar photos in the past. So although it might be a great photo, the format is not original.

    What IMHO disguishes other similar photos from this one is color. B/W is useful for many scenes but IMHO not for this one
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  3. Pavel.I suggest that you take a look at some of the work of Marcus Uzilevsky (a painter and printmaker).
  4. Pavel, Uzilevsky's use of tonality is why I suggested you look at his work.

  5. I feel a sense of calm and serenity, but also feel a sense of restlessness and dynamism beneath the ripples of the mountain peaks. Its as if, they are ocean waves that are frozen by strange forces of nature.

    Love the fact that BW processing has brought out the different shades of grey fading over distance.
  6. Thank you Mike. I was trying to capture the morning fog, there were no much color on the ground in the dusk.

    Thank you Michael. Yes, tonality will enrich the photo, but my limitation in compare to Uzilevski were b&w and dusk before sunrise. My inspiration came from Nicholas Roerich.

    Thank you Supriyo.
  7. I love this type of mountain shot, in B&W or color. I love the layers.

    My only disappointment here is the lack of any detail in the front layer, which seems under exposed to me, with no gradients. It's a large part of the image, with little or no interest for me.
  8. Thank you dcstep.
  9. The black and white is fantastic! Love this.
  10. Thank you jc1305us.
  11. I like this photo. The varying tones and shades of grays & blacks have a very serene feel to them, even in their intensity. I kinda of agree with @dcstep ’s assessment on the foreground - although on the other hand I feel it’s a positive attribute that grounds or anchors the photo, as the eye is lead into the ether of the mid ground and far distance.

    Pity the sky wasn’t clear that morning, but the clouds don’t kill it for me. Perhaps a bit of a crop would help? Reduce the dark foreground and also a bit of the sky?

    In any case tho, the above two points are pretty much just me nit picking- it’s really a lovely photo.
  12. Interesting how we all differ in our preferences. I think that the clouds are an essential element of this excellent image.
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  13. I like the photo. The mountain range is nicely done. The sky is a little bright, perhaps some natural density in post processing could help or cropping just above the clouds. Nice work.
  14. Thank you Ricochetrider. I see the possible presentation of two points of view. Bold, concentrated the second of third parts of FOV and more extended (more decorative) multi-focal version. I agree there is too much of negative space in the bottom.

    Thank you Marc. This is the east view on mountains, the sun is at left border of photo.

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