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  1. Dismayed that Sigma have suspended development of the eagerly awaited full frame camera, but there is still hope... Meanwhile, some from a Sigma DP2.

    Kenworth copy.jpg

    The Martinborough copy.jpg

    Saved from the Storm copy.jpg

    Here Comes Lunch copy.jpg
  2. IMO, Sigma were never the right company to develop the Foveon sensor, and I have no idea why they bought the rights to it in the first place.

    Fuji would have seemed a much better match. Since they don't seem to be able to stop themselves from experimenting with weird sensor geometries.
  3. My point of view, which delays FX format foveon sensor is proccessor ability to absorb huge data. This causes unacceptable speed to its users.
    And maybe the way to decode X3F to normal JPG, I mean SPP software, is poor.
    Another thing, I always face with direct sunlight shooting issue. Same problem I met with Nikon D1* model.
  4. This doesn't seem to be a problem for Sony's 60 megapixel a7Riv. Plus there's no need for complex de-Bayering algorithms that need to look at surrounding photosite data before deciding on a single pixel colour value.

    A 24 megapixel full-frame Foveon sensor would seem to present no greater processor workload than that of the above Sony.

    Personally, my heart sank when I learned that Sigma had taken Foveon on board. Such promise, in the hands of a company with (at the time) a very poor reputation, and having almost zero experience with sensor production or cutting-edge electronic development.

    I surmise that the uptake of Foveon cameras would have been far greater without the S(t)igma attached!
  5. For those who find the Foveon only a dim memory or had not heard of it before

    Foveon X3 sensor - Wikipedia

    Great claims were made for it at the time. Sigma called it "true color"

    But one camera it was on was the Sigma SD-9 which was NOT mirrorless.
  6. I need to dig out my Stgma DP2M and use it more.
  7. An example of the extraordinary 3D rendition from the Foveon sensor. Sigma DP2

    3D Rose The Power of Fovenon  copy.jpg
  8. Really?
    Nothing to do with the lens or lighting then?
  9. rodeo_joe|1 said:
    Oh no, I wouldn't think so. I'm sure I could have achieved the same result by just holding the sensor up to the rose...
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  11. To keep this thread going, here are a few more from a Sigma DP-2. There must be some other members out there with images to post!

    Mustang copy.jpg

    Cape Fuscia Phygelius copy.jpg

    Torana copy.jpg
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  13. Just out of interest. How many pixels do those Foveon images really have?
    In pixels high by wide?
    Because I can't make any sense of Sigma's claimed megapixel numbers.

    And is the colour seen above straight OOC?

    I always thought the Foveon concept showed great promise, but every review picture looked dull. At least in the early days.

    I hope the rights get passed on to a company with the vision and means to develop it properly. I.e. any other company than Sigma!
  14. rodeo_joe|1 said:
    Sigma give a pixel measurement for best quality files from the DP-2 as 2640 x 1760. So far as colour goes, I find the "standard" colour a little too vivid for my taste, and I often shoot in a "neutral" colour setting or desaturate a little in PP. I bought into the Foveon system principally because I was attracted to the quality of the monochrome capture, which some commentators compare favourably with that of the fabulous Leica Monochrom, but I'm certainly not going to get into that discussion! Suffice to say, of the several digital systems I use, the Sigma DP-2 along with the dedicated software produces far and away the best monochrome landscape images, and this was my primary requirement from the camera. I'll post a couple of samples.

    Before the Rain copy.jpg

    Landscape #4 copy.jpg

    The Pump Shed copy.jpg
  15. Rodeo,

    OOC file dimension in PS from SDQ FYI
  16. I've looked at Sigma cameras more than a couple times over the past couple years. Ultimately, purchasing one just does not make sense to me. Some of these images are. indeed pretty darn nice tho!

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