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    Hi Folks.

    I wanted to open with some of my comments to Barcelona. It was going to be a very short trip (3 days) and since the concept was travel like you are about to travel with a bunch of students the idea was generally to go light. That said a trip to Barcelona would likely be a once in a lifetime. I was kicking between the K3 or my Q7 'system' and ultimately figured I just trust the K3 more. Then it came to lenses. I knew I wanted to get as wide as possible so I felt I would need the 12-24 or the 15mm f4 even though the 15 is so light. The chance I might see a bird or two that I would want to photograph meant I needed to bring my 55-300, and the fact I might have very low light situations meant I threw in the 50mm f1.8. It proved a good set of lenses to bring, but was a bit bulky. As I wanted to bring only one carry on I decided to sacrifice clothes. Good choice!
    As big as it is there is a lot of detail in the Sagrada Familia that I just couldn't have gotten without a longer lens, especially on the outside of the building. It's very whimsical art and as impressive as the building is inside, the outside is a lot of fun.
    Statues on the Sagrada Familia, k3, 55-300
    The K3's ability to shoot good images at such low light was very impressive. I didn't need to 50 f1.8 very often to honest as the f4 on the 12-24 was plenty fast enough
    Crypt Church in Gothic Quarter. K3 and 12-24
    and then there's just the crazy stuff you can get with a wide lens..
    K3 12-24
    and yes I did get a few bird images (not a lot). Amazing how a couple of lenses like that and a great camera can really add some fun into travel images.
  2. Four pics at one point , Atlanta night photo .
  3. Again the weather was brutal up here in MN, to point where it got hard even holding the camera gloves or no gloves. So I stayed mostly close to home. Here are some shots I took while running a few errands.
    Picture #1
  4. Oops here we go Picture #1 - Snowy Courtyard at Dusk
  5. Doug If I was to take an all around lens for traveling, I would take the 16-45mm f4 because of the range. That and of course the 55-300. It's not a bad lens considering the price and it's light and easy to carry.
    Picture #2 - Lonely Highway at Dusk
  6. My Computer is running dreadfully slow today ?
    Picture #3 - Hotel on a Hill
    FYI - The green in the foreground is actually snow, dirty snow, so I painted it green in PS.
    Yuri, I use to work in that tall building in your picture #1 when I was working in Atlanta in 2010. If I remember correctly there was a park accross the street next to a nearby Metro station.
  7. -small public garden , and park about five minutes walk distance .
  8. "-small public garden , and park about five minutes walk distance ."
    Sorry I meant picture #2
  9. Doug, Having gone to Barcelona many years ago and not being able to to inside the Sagrada Familia due to construction, I'm really enjoying your photos. I had to wait to see my shots of Barcelona until I got back because those were the days of film. Keep posting more - very enjoyable. I think I know what my travel kit will be K-* Right now K-5, the 55-300 and the Tamron 28-75 f/2.8. If it were lighter, I would consider my Tamron 10-24 But I can't see carrying all of that all day. The kit 18-55 might do.
    Here are three of the few pictures I've taken this month:
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    Simply put the Sagrada Familia is the most beautiful building I have ever entered to photograph. Not only is it stunning architecture, but the light is so incredible. I was there in the afternoon when the building interior is bathed in bed light; in the morning it would be bathed in blue. It's just stunning.
  11. I would love to go back. With any luck...
  12. We've ducked most of the big storms here in Baltimore but it's still too cold for me so I've got the F*600/4 set up in the living room and have been shooting birds through the window.
    These female cardinals are just gorgeous in soft light!
  13. I've been on vacation on Kauai. I took a lot of photos and haven't been through most of them yet.
    I've been to a couple of the other Hawaiian islands before and I really enjoyed Kauai. The Na Pali coast is spectacular.
    This first one was a difficult to pull off pano from a moving boat on a somewhat rough day. I had to clone out some gaps in the water but I was happy the mountains and sky were intact.
    K-3 & DA* 16-50 - 18 vertical exposures, cropped (214 MP). Best viewed big.
    Wailua Falls which was featured in the opening credits of Fantasy Island.
    K-3 & DA* 16-50
    Spouting Horn blowhole
    K-3 & DA* 16-50
  14. I have some pacific islands on my bucket-list, and I just remembered why....
    barely shooting any at all, lately, this is squeezed out last week :
    at home, with my youngest
    magic wand
  15. Great pano, Matt!
  16. Really enjoyable pictures this week...
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    You're tellin' me? Boy I wish I could tag along with a couple of you and learn your secrets!
  18. Who's keeping secrets?!?! :)
  19. Hey all -

    I haven't been taking many pictures what with the cold, cold winter and getting sucked into a stupid MMORPG. But I got out! And have a few pictures to share. Doug, I couldn't agree more about the Sagrada Familia - most beautiful building I have ever been in. One coud fill many, many POTW threads just with shots from it.
    Matt, that is a great panorama. I bet it looks awesome big. Have you printed it, or will you?

    First from me, some chickens enjoying winter in WI.
  20. Next, a relaxing cat. I got a lens I have long chased, a Zeiss 28/2. Manual focus is tricky, but nice and sharp at all apertures, and very nice rendering.
  21. Finally, we got a new addition to the family. He doesn't mind the snow.
  22. Thanks Nick, I have not yet printed it and I'm trying to figure out how best to do it. Typically my panos print on a 1x3 canvas (10x30 or 20x60) but those dimensions would only cover half of it. So I might do it across two of them but haven't worked it all out yet (or been through all my trip photos even, it's been a busy week back!).
    That's a beautiful puppy!

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