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  1. An old classic...
  2. I'm innocent I tell ya !
  3. Welcome to the modern world...
  4. Hi Harry, is the 77 new? Like all of the FA's it renders excellent colour - particularly on the train photo. The train shot is my fav of the 3 but the cagey tag line on the second made me chuckle. Here are two from me. I was travelling with work this week and didn't have much time...
  5. The next shot is a re-shoot from earlier this evening...
  6. Well it's not really new I bought it used on ebay, but it is pretty close to Mint condition. This is one lens you don't want to set the camera to "P" and fire away. Better to put it in AV aperture priority to take advantage of the sweet Bokeh.
  7. That re-shoot looks great Duane.
    I got a DA 70 this week so I have been trying that under different situations. Seems like a keeper so far. I can carry the K-3 and 15/40/70 combo in a nice small bag.
    K-3 & DA 70 (one of the first few shots)
    K-3 & DA 40
    K-3 & DA 70
  8. Matt looks like that DA 70mm has excellent Anti-Flare properties. You cannot do what you did on your first shot with the 16-45mm although a pretty good lens.
  9. stemked

    stemked Moderator

    Wow Matt. You know you've just imaged the iconic white-horse photo that every little girl is dreaming about! Nicely pulled off.
    I don't know Harry; your cockatiel looks like a Stool Pigeon to me. ;) I'd miss those iconic CN trains if they go away; progress.
    Late to the dance, I know.
    The first two are from Houston this weekend. Both taken with a K5ii and 100mm f2.8 macro.
    Gulf Coast Toad, Houston, TX
    Upland Chorus Frog, Houston, TX.
    and just to come back to Oz from this year:
    Walking Stick, Hook Island, Queensland, Australia (K3, 100mm f2.8 macro)
  10. yes ! Hello ! I love this show, and wish more people were sharing. For this imo. is all about
    this end-of-summer picture was taken a month ago, didn't reach the pp-fase till last weekend
    cannot resist these mushrooms
    modern architecture, and then some
  11. my last
  12. Nearing the end of my Rocky Mountain National Park images. A series about hiking. Since my wife can sometimes be a half mile ahead of me due to trying to grab some shots along the way, she is frequently in my shots. It gives a sense of scale and makes it a bit more personal.
    #1 Aspen lined Glacier Gorge Trail.
  13. #2 Lake of Glass. A stiff wind roughed up the surface.
  14. #3 Lawn Lake Trail
  15. #4 Loch Vale. Early morning, no wind, glassed out lake, nice lighting, fog/clouds on a mountain peak, and a hiker who was taking a break and would not leave the peaceful scene so I snapped the shot anyway.
  16. Lots of nice shots, guys! The two that really jumped for me were Matt's horse and Dorus' first. Nice to see that walking stick too, Doug: I understand we have them here but they're not often seen.
    Photography kind of took a back seat this week while I attended to arrangements for the celebration of my father's 100th birthday. His 95- and 104-year old sisters were in attendance. Here's the Ageless Wonder himself (with the 77 Ltd, of course ;~)
  17. k50, 18-55mm
  18. Hey Dave Happy 100th to your amazing Dad! Great shot. Seems like yesterday I think when you posted his 95th birthday. We all could only hope to look as great as he does at 100. Hope you got his family genes.
  19. Thanks for the comments!
    Harry, the DA 70 doesn't handle flare as well as the DA 15 (but what does?) although it's not bad. I did get some green flare on this that I desaturated in the grass below the horse, so it's not totally immune.
    Duane, love that In Motion shot. Looks really good!
    Douglas, the toad shot (#1) is very nice.
    Dorus, the first and last are super. The first reminds me of a classic painting.
    Dave, wow - happy birthday to your dad! Nice photo of him.
  20. Lot's of good stuff last week and Dave, your father looks great.
    Last Monday I took pictures of a lovely young woman, who volunteered again even after a session in very difficult light, last month. Here are some of them:
    I know her eyes are closed, but the expression on her face was one I needed to capture

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