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    Hope y'all are having a great weekend.
    I should have brought the camera out to show the craziness at our local Indianapolis stores this weekend (lines snaking through stores) but I'm not a people photographer and gawking at the masses is all I did (I surely didn't BUY anything).

    I'm going over to New Zealand for a few images here, South Island.
    This first image is close to the fields were Gondor won a great battle.
    Southern Alps, South Island New Zealand.
    Moeraki Boulders, South Island, New Zealand
    and sadly the contents of ONE albatross' stomach
    Trash in Albatross Stomach. Museum Wandering Albatross. South Island New Zealand
  2. new zealand is (unfortunately) low on my bucket-list, still I believe it's very beautiful country, as the above demonstrates.
    when looking up
    I have an autumn-tree in the back-garden
    8mm fun
  3. In search of good vista , not always something to contribute , for the record .
  4. my second
  5. other try
  6. last pic
  7. No this is not Europe, but Biwabik Minnesota...
  8. Is Hansel and Gretel home ?
  9. More Biwabik magic...
  10. Sorry I went over the limit, but I had to throw this one in. I call it Planned Forrest-hood.
  11. A few more from my Berlin trip last month, taken with my K-5 and either the DA 16-45 or 40/2.8 LTD.
    On the Canal:
  12. Second, Not Dressed for the Cold:
  13. Finally, the Potsdam Dom, from the outside:
  14. Secong image
  15. I visited my parents in Michigan over the holiday.
    K-3 & DA 15 (all three)
  16. Matt you are all over the planet !
  17. I'd been planning to make a run up to the Conowingo dam & shoot eagles but they changed the weather forecast on me again so that it would be cloudy by the time I got up there. I can't tell you how many times that's happened this Fall--I clear everything off my calendar based on the extended forecast only to be wiped out when the day comes. ARGH! I just had to get out anyway so I went down to a place closer by in the Patapsco flats that I discovered this summer. This is the best from that excursion.
  18. stemked

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    Hi All.
    Dorus-as always a master of shape and form. I especially like the first image.
    Yury-looks like a great day to head out into the woods and get a little hibernating nature!
    Herry-Gretal's I think is the answer. Wunderbar!
    Rick-seems you picked up a German theme too. Schöne Bilder!
    Yvon-Always cool to see new work. Nice rail picts, I really like the fogging too it works nicely with your work.
    Matt- Great textures. I think the one with the boy is an especially nice image. Colorful and insightful.
    Dave-Hope the weather picks up for you. There is a place here in Western Indiana that will have hundreds of Eagles (mostly Bald, but an occasional Golden too). Too busy to go though and you have to really be there before dawn with a one and a half hour drive first.
    Finals this week so in come the papers and exams and down goes the camera.
    Best wishes.
  19. Thanks Douglas! I love mountains so how can I not love that first shot of yours?
    I'd really love to go to NZ someday. I go to Australia now and then to visit family so I hope to really pull it off one day!
    Dorus, that tree is a neat shot. I like the kind of explosion shape of it.
    Yury that does look challenging to find a vista. I don't usually have that kind of trouble in Colorado.
    Yvon, that Bullocks one made me chuckle.

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