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    Howdy Folks.
    I just want to echo Bob's comments from last week's POTW; Dave's photo of his Dad is really something special. Beautiful image and happy (belated) 100th to your Dad.
    Myself I'm going back to my Australia images; November is the month I only occasional come up to catch a breath of air.
    The first image is of a Greater Bower Bird Bower, a place where male Bower Birds mate by attracting female birds. This species gathers all sorts of things to attract the females and then arranges them, in this case green glass, shells, white stones and tinfoil (each bird is different). The issue though with this images was the light was terrible, very harsh. All I could do was to lighten the shade and reduce the highlights of the background. Not great, but tried my best.
    Greater Bower Bird Bower. Near Bomen, Queensland
    This second image, not great either as it was shot through shallow water is of a mollusk, the Striated Cone. This snail, as harmless as it looks is the second most lethal in the world; it harbors a harpoon that it uses to kill fish and it does it almost instantly with lethal neural toxins. That's why I didn't move it to a better place.
    Striated Cone, Conus Striatus, Hook Island, Whitsundays, Queensland
    and a simple sunset.
    Sunset, Crawfish Bay, Hook Island, Whitsundays, Queensland.
  2. The last from Rocky Mt National Park. Most of the images were taken miles from a road, but these were taken while driving thru the park hence the series name: Thru The Windshield.
    #1 Thru The Windshield
  3. we´re all impressed by your still/going/strong/at/100-dad, Dave !
    here's my share of last week
    cloudy sky over autumn-Almere
    a personal fav, unfortunately a taste not shared by many
    reflections outside our local Broadway
  4. #2 Thru The Windshield
  5. #3 Thru The Windshield
  6. Lot's of good stuff last week and Dave, your father looks great.
    Last Monday I took pictures of a lovely young woman, who volunteered again even after a session in very difficult light, last month. Here are some of them:
    I know her eyes are closed, but the expression on her face was one I needed to capture
  7. Another
  8. I usually don't like flare, but I tried it anyway. Not too bad, I think.
  9. Bridges B&W make my contribution for this week.
  10. I haven't posted in months; but I'm going through pix taken at the edges of a business trip to Berlin; all with the K-5 and most with the 16-45.
  11. "Tiergarten":
  12. "Potsdam Dom"
  13. All the salutations on Dad's milestone are much appreciated. I should mention that he's one of three "ageless wonder" siblings--his kid sister is 95 (and still living by herself on a mountain in Vermont) and his big sister is 104.

    They (and their children :~/) are all guinea pigs being tracked by the Long Life Family Study at Columbia University. My take is that their longevity can be attributed in more or less equal proportions to lifestyle, excellent medical care throughout their lives, genetics and dumb luck.

    Only one other for me: conditions were pretty awful (cloudy windy and I was shooting into what light there was) but hawks have been so scarce this year and I really respected this guy's tenacity in the wind so I just had to take a shot. I didn't come up with a wall-hanger but it sure was a good exercise in pp ;~)
  14. Out of my bedroom window.... I really didn't get out this week.
  15. Here's a shot of the late John Bouchard, a very nice used camera dealer I dealt with through the years, at the PHSNE camera show on April 14, 2012. Pentax LX, Pentax-M 50/1.4 lens, T-MAX 400 developed in DD-X.
  16. Winter arrived here last week with a bang. I rode my mountain bike all last weekend and skied all this weekend. I'm (almost) always happy to see some snow!
    This was during a little break between snow showers as the storm got going last week. I shot it from the roof of my office as it was starting to get dark.
    K-3 & DA 15
    This one I handed the camera to my wife for. This is me and Luna who is getting her first taste of deep snow. She loves it! Now I just need to figure out how to convince her she doesn't need to herd me while I ski.
    K-3 & DA 40
    It was -18 F this morning. I let it warm up to -4 before grabbing this shot from the porch.
    K-3 & DA 70
  17. Faves this week
    Doug - Sounds like a good idea not to move Conus Striatus; love the sunset
    Dorus - As usual, artistic and interesting shots. As for #2, Check out Joel Meyerowitz's pictures in his book Cape Light.
    Bob - #3 Spectacular vista - the light on the mountains
    Yuri - Good lines in all - B&W was definitely the way to go.
    Rick - Welcome back. #1 looks sci-fi; Potsdame Dome is fav.
    John - Nicely done portrait.
    Matt - #3 does it for me.
    Til next week.

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