Post Your Non-Studio Headshots

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  1. Love the diastema
  2. My son who is my target when I have to play with some new gear

    Here Fuji X-Pro1 and Contax/Yashica Planar 85/1.4

    [​IMG]Aldo by Giovanni Aprea, su Flickr
  3. Not so much a "head shot" per se. It's a nice photo of my GF Cynthia, however.
    Shot on Cinestill 50D film, Voigltander R3m & 50mm f3.5 Heliar lens

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  4. I cropped this to make it a head shot. It was taken quite a few years ago...

  5. kendunton

    kendunton Edinburgh

  6. cafe-bruges_9635-HAIR-FLAT-P2019-ww.jpg
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  7. same-eye.diffrent brands
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  8. ... and orientations
  9. I hardly ever take H&S shots. But there are a couple of other posts that are not strictly H&S shots either, so these are 1/2 body 'informal portraits' of two ladies I've been taking photos for (and of) since our first Covid-19 lockdown. One's a singer, the other's an actress/director. They came up with the idea of doing regular 'street performances' to cheer up people who were/are locked down in apartments and care homes.


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