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  1. L n S V4.jpg

    Stepdaughter & Wife.

    Nagaoka Seisakusho, Rodenstock Sironar N 210mm f/5.6, Fuji Provia 100F, NCPS, Epson V800.
  2. Thank you Jean-Claude, I don't understand what you mean by first try, PN is doing strange things, did I send some attachment? .. not important though .. this shot is taken in my sitting room with natural light
  3. No John. Let me tell you this true story.
    On a trip to San Francisco back in 2013, I went on a helicopter trip and the pilot flew under the Golden gate bridge where there is little room to pass under.

    Once back up in the air again he said about himself with a big smile "Not bad for a guy that got his licence last night" ! He had effectively a few thousand hours of flying of course.

    So my not bad to you means "very good John, I know this is not the 1st pictures of yours and certainly not in that style" :)

    By the way I noticed very recently that some of your pictures have a few thousands views and only a handful of "admires". I made a similar experience: the minute you post a women, people rush and view the picture. In a couple of minutes you 30,40, 50 views where as usually just a few members wath my pictures.

    Sex attracts like "*X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#* the flys" we say in french (sorry for my rude expression).
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  4. one rude word was taken away I notice. I guess people will understand without it...
  5. First it said the picture was too big (985kb). The I copy-pasted it and now we get 3 pictures. Sorry for that !

    If somebody could help to avoid this in the future, thank you in advance.
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  6. uncovered-garden-statue-FINAL-ww.jpg
    g a r d e n s i g h t

  7. mani2.jpg

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  8. ken-and-mark-large-2-P2012-4-ww.jpg

    f o r g i v e
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  9. DSC_783v.jpg View attachment 1408594

    A-J, so charming .. in later years, twice nominated, once winner of Best Actress Golden Globe
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  10. PS040-elwin-window-color_7842-crop-ww.jpg

    Elwin - adorable - no known awards ... yet
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