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  1. I am looking at these. The white tents. Does the material have creases in them that show up in the photograph? Looking for a small one to photograph small things like a wine glass and things I intend to sell at an auction. Biscuits etc ...

  2. Technically "no", practically maybe "yes", since they have integrated poles /whatever which of course would be able to be noticed in a clear reflection.
  3. If sufficiently big, then you will not see the "poles" reflected.
    I do like the cylindrical models which can be suspended from the ceiling like the falcon eyes, Linkstar ( more conic model, cheap.) and Godox models because they do not involve poles, and have no corners ..
    But maybe you like a small cubical model better ..
  4. The best way to photograph shiny objects, like wine glasses is not in a tent. I suggest you buy and read the book "Light -- Science & Magic" by Hunter, Fils, & Fuqua. It will teach you how light works and how to light shiny objects without unwanted reflections and shadows.

    Shiny objects require some specular reflections (shiny spots) to show the texture and shape of the object. Look at auto ads. They use huge specular reflections to show off the shape and curves.


    Shot on a black plex background with back light from the sides and a small spot on the bottle label. Google "dark field photography"
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  5. I can't claim to have mastered the light tent. But I agree entirely with Charles above. Back in my days of shooting sunglasses I first started out with something light tent like and ended removing a side to shoot tiniest hard spot light from there to add the shiny spots.
    "Light -- Science & Magic" is an awesome book! Getting a dog eared copy of the earlier editions can't be wrong.
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  6. Light backgrounds don't play well with glass. Maybe a black tent (build one from large garbage bags?) with cuts for side-lighting will do well though. Basically your thinking of using "high key" when what you need is "low key".

    Personally I use a lot of foamcore in various colors because its self-supporting with just a tab of tape here & there.

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