Phone camera vs small mirrorless vs point and shoot for your back pocket 'other' camera.

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  1. I’ve been very happy with my trusty old 7 too, using PureShot or 645 Pro for most phone pics. What camera app(s) are you using on yours, Barry?
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  2. Actually none. Just straight.
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  3. Same trip, but South at Mammoth Lakes. This is Barney lake looking up into Duck Pass. Again, no post of any kind.
    IMG_2425.jpeg Th
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  4. Beautiful!!! :)
  5. So sorry to hear about you being victimized.

    I bought my girlfriend a Lumix DC-ZS70 last year so she would have better reach and lowlight performance than her Blackberry (so obviously not an iPhone). My thinking when I chose it was I wanted the reach, Raw files, decent video, and some connectivity. Without the connectivity she would probably never use it, and I only use it to video her and her dogs when they are doing Agility or Sheepherding. My biggest issue is that after spending a couple of days learning how to use it before giving it to her for her birthday I have since forgotten how to use it. Sure I can point and shoot, and it doesn't take me long to configure it to share the photos or videos on Facebook, but I'm having a hard time getting clutter off the back LCD screen or being able to quickly make a change to some esoteric setting when she wants that done. She barely uses the Lumix and much prefers her Blackberry unless I'm around to get it up and going for her, and when we went out to watch whales it was less useful than her phone (narrowing the FOV and getting it to focus was far to difficult, and it didn't hold a candle to my D800).
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