#$@% PC Cords!.

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  1. When are camera manufactures going to put a locking mechanism for PC cords on their bodies.It would seem to be an easy task to do so.They always sooner or later seem to come adrift at the worse moment. Anybody out there have a solution besides gaffer taping it down?.
  2. I have a Nikon SC-29 and it has a lock knob just like my SB-800 flash. Never had a problem, they both work fine for me and stay in place.
  3. Nikon has this.
  4. Another vote for Nikon, I love the threaded cord. BTW Walt, the SC-29 is an off-camera shoe cord not a PC cord!
  5. Im kinda glad they dont. A couple of times I have had the lead caught or picked up a body that I didnt think had a pc cord attached and both times it pulled out of the camera. I hate to think what damaged I would have done if the lead hadnt come out. Never had one fall out when I didnt want it to though.
  6. I use duck tape and have been using it for years to tape the Sync cord to the camera. I can tell you some horror stories when I forgot to do that. These days with digital cameras I have to be careful not to cover the LCD playback. The tape also leaves ugly residue on the camera.
  7. The tape also leaves ugly residue on the camera.​
    If you use gaffers tape instead of duck tape, you won't have that problem. At your local theatrical/cine supply store.
  8. You can use Nikon screw lock PC tips in Canon cameras too--on the port on the body and on the flash too.
  9. Philip, Check the link below for an assortment of screw-lock sync cords:
  10. After the other day, I kind of agree with Jim above. What happened was I was doing some testing, and wanting to get to the computer and look at the images, I went towards the table to set the camera down, and stepped on the sync cord jerking the camera out of my hands. Luckily the only damage seemed to be bent battery tabs inside the body, after I fixed that it works OK. I would have been real happy if the cord had just jerked out of the AS15 hot shoe adapter. I had been thinking of getting a Nikon style sync cord since the adapter has the locking terminal, but now I think I will save the money. The PC plug fits too tight as it is (sickly grin).
    If someone has a problem with the plug loosening, I suggest getting one of those tools that straightens out the plugs.
    Oops, just noticed I shouldn't have replied as it was a powerpack flash... (wink)
  11. Second FlashZebra - I have two of their SCREW LOCKING PC sync cords to mono-mini (Pocket Wizard) for my Nikon's - they work great, have various lengths and are not crazy overpriced for what you get. You'll have to carefully scroll through their site to find what you want; it's not the best organized, but good stuff. Screw locks beat gaff tape every time.

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