Noticux 50mm 1.2

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  1. Re doing thread put in wrong place

    can anyone please tell me, what kind of price these lens are selling for, it’s 1968.

    I also have the hood and quality lens and I know they are very expense .

    this was my stepdads..

    thank you
  2. You can check eBay for yourself to see what sellers are asking ($25,000 or more), but none are selling at that price. It has also been announced that Leica will produce a limited run at ~$10,000 per copy sometime in 2021.

    The actual value of your example will depend on condition - and having the original box will also help.

    IMHO, your best bet would be to consign it at a reputable Leica dealer; they can get the maximum amount for your lens - but it'll cost you around 20%.
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  3. This sounds very risky for some people, but I'd put it up on eBay, starting at 99 cents. It's Leica, you will have no shortage of bidders. You will get what it's worth, or slightly more. Of course, a good dealer is also a valid option.
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  4. Are you knowledgeable enough to know what kind of real-world condition it's in optically (fog, cleaning marks, etc)? It's an extremely valuable lens but if it's not in the best kind of shape, don't go looking at some of the higher prices people have paid for them. More than any brand, condition truly matters.
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  5. SCL


    It might be worthless if in poor condition. Take lots of clear pictures, offer refund if not satisfied, free shipping worldwide, and start the auction with a low bid price. eBay will give you worldwide exposure and you will get whatever it is worth in today’s market. Be prepared to answer lots of detailed and technical questions. If you are uncomfortable with all this sell it to a dealer but expect a significant discount.
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  6. Thank you all for replies.

    I will put photo up tomorrow as not at home...

    The glass..blades are mint but the outside is a bit worn

    I would be selling the m4 with the lens. Plus the hood and filter..

    I suppose with ebay i can put in the peice not met yet.. im in UK so if i knew a dealer would also try that but at mo.. no idea.
  7. Only end the auction on a Saturday or Sunday.
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  8. DO NOT sell the camera and lens as a 'kit'. You'll do better by selling them separately.
  9. 100%. Don't bundle Leica stuff together. There are plenty of buyers for each item. A little bit of extra effort, i.e. creating two listings, will yield better results.

    Interesting. I will keep that in mind.
  10. SCL


    There’s several dealers in the UK just do a Google search! You could go to the, which has wide following among UK Leica users and they would gladly assist you.
  11. Find a good camera store in the UK that sells equipment on consignment. Stores in the US will generally take 20% of the sale price.

    Ebay for something like this: there is a good chance that you will be ripped off. Ebay sides with the buyers, and a number of them now how to get your item and a refund to. It is a used lens- so they can claim it was not as described, ship a rock to you- and provide tracking to Ebay that they returned the item.
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  12. ok.. thank you for advice, will do this
  13. I'd be tempted to go through a specialist dealer as others say for this one. ebay sales for such a specialist item as this might present all sorts of minefields and headache.
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  14. very hard finding a specialist, having said that, I have been offered 10,000 pound sterling, from camera people ...did see on eBay first edition not mint 37,000 pounds.. wishful thinking on my part.. it is being sold from a specialist shop but not in U.K.
  15. Meister Kamera, Hamburg?
  16. Ffordes, London?
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  17. Mpb thinks thats initials

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