Nikon S2 w/ lenses question

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  1. Hello all,
    Firstly, let me express how much I respect the amazing work displayed here. It is truly inspiring.
    Secondly, please forgive me for requesting help, but I'm having difficulty finding what I need.

    I inherited a few cameras from my grandparents and uncle, and need help placing a market value on my uncles near mint Nikon S2 kit. I still have to verify the year, but I have yet to see an example of such a nice kit. I have visited, and the bay, called a local camera but haven't found a good reference yet.

    What resources are out there to help me determine a fair value for the kit?

    Without having the kit in front of me (can do later), here is what I believe is included:
    Leather carrying case approximately 12 x 9 x 6, tan in color
    Three lenses:
    - 50mm Nikorr (mounted on the body)
    - long lens in its own leather case
    - short lens in its own leather case
    Eye piece viewfinders (three, in their own leather cases)
    Filter set, in its own leather case
    Flash unit in black vinyl zipper case
    light meter (possibly Weston)
    Two cable actuators
    paperwork for camera, and filters

    I can take photos of each component and identify them later. Any assistance would be helpful. This was a very dear piece to my uncle and he took some great pictures back in the 50s, and 60s. Unfortunately, he is disabled now and would never be able to use it. I would love to learn how to use this rangefinder myself.
    Thank you.
  2. Here are a couple very bad phone shots that I have, but can later add details of the Nikkor lenses and filters.


  3. Does he want or need the money? Otherwise use the camera. Best to check Ebay completed listing but I would think the kit should fetch about $1000.
  4. You are talking about collector's value. One place to start is your insurance agent. Tell him/her you are trying to value them for insurance purposes (you do not have to actually buy the policy, but you may wish to). They should have some resources.

    Insurance values are usually replacement values - what it would cost you to purchase the item, not what you could get for the item if you sold it.
  5. Thanks. My uncle is unfortunately incapacitated with severe arthritis, and is institutionalized due to suffering from severe mental illness (think Beautiful Mind). I've kept this camera for about ten years, hoping to learn to use it. Unfortunately, I have not gotten to that point. I'm considering selling the kit to someone who would appreciate its vintage value, and would want to use it. Just reading about the development in order to compete with the Leica M3 is great reading.
  6. I remember seeing many great shots of lightning, and double exposures. My grandfather liked trees, so my uncle worked on getting the perfect double exposure of my grandfather's face overlaid onto one of his maple tree's canopy. Maybe I'll find some black and white film, read the camera's manual, and have some fun with it. Otherwise, I'm considering selling it.
  7. If you do decide to sell, you will be in a much stronger position having proved it is fully functional by shooting film with it and describing it as film tested.
  8. Agree! Using the S2 would be easy.
  9. Thanks all. I will pick up some film and give it a try. My daughter graduates this week, so it would be neat to show up with this camera. Even the typical parent would have no idea what the heck it is, and why I'm flipping a lever after each picture!
  10. That would be cool but if only you don't mind missing your daughter pictures. With camera that old you need to take test shots before knowing that it will work. You may also need a light meter.
  11. It's a truly classic and classy camera. Do shoot some before using it for a "mission-critical" function.
    It's in a very real sense a Japanese-made Contax II, but with a Leica cloth shutter. Many non-Contax people have seen this substitution as a plus.

    Mine came with a few pinholes in cloth shutter, easily repaired with fabric dye.

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