Nikon F4S serial number, just curious

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  1. I know opinions will never change, but I still consider the New F-1 a FAR better camera than the F3, and I love the F4.

    Granted I have a lot of time with the New F-1 and not as much with the F3. The tiny little LCD is enough for me to dislike its other good points, though(like the smoothest film advance on any camera made).

    Funny enough, for me, I've noticed that I seem to like the "even numbered" Nikon pro bodies. The F2, F4, and F6 all rank highly in my book, and the F2 is my favorite of the bunch followed by the F6. I have a bunch of Fs as they're fun to collect, but I don't particularly enjoy using them(and if I do it will generally be an early plain prism one). The F3 I've given my thoughts on. I don't dislike the F5, but in 2021 for me it's kind of a "why?" camera as all the good stuff about it(the meter and AF) the F100 does the same or the F6 does better, and it's so big and bulky compared to the other two.
  2. So, actually the perhaps equally polarizing Df has a somewhat broader range of compatibility.

    It doesn't have "real" MLU, so invasive lenses are out(and I'm not sure how well they'd work on a DSLR even if they could theoretically be mounted). What it does, do, though, is extend compatibility forward to lenses that have limited functionality on the F4, and takes full advantage of features that don't work at all on the F4. It can use VR on any lens that has it, plus can focus(automatically and manually) with AF-P lenses, where the F4 can't even focus those manually. The F4 can only use E lenses at full aperture, and the Df is fully compatible.

    Also, the Df does offer something that the F4 doesn't offer with non-AI lenses. Metering with non-AI is stop-down only and AFAIK only center weighted or spot. The Df gives you open aperture matrix metering with non-AI lenses. It's a bit unwieldy, as it's not coupled and you have to set the aperture both on the aperture ring and in the camera, but it can be done and isn't bad once you've practiced with it a bit.
  3. Maybe someday, if its price gets down into the multiple-pizza range, I'll get a Df.

    But right now my favorite Nikon cameras are still the Nikkormat EL, Nikon F, and Nikon F2.

    Most of my Nikkor lenses are non-AI and I'm not big on surgery on 'collectibles'.

    Here are some of my Nikkor non-AI lenses and my EL
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  4. I don't say the F3 is better than the F1 but Canon couldn't get enough pros to use the F1. They stick to the F3. But when the F4 many pros switched the EOS-1.

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