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  1. Epson 4490 or V600 ????????
  2. Just to clarify your question: the choice must be one of these too?
  3. I opted for the Epson V850 Pro. A bit more expensive, but well worth it. I also opted for the Better Scanning tray for medium format (6x6, 6x7, 6x9, 6x4.5).

    Can't speak to the 4490 or V600.
  4. What I'm looking at can afford
  5. The V600 is a later model, instant on. I used one for ten years scanning MF. Currently, it's around $225 new. But Epson sometimes has refurbished ones on sale at around $140 with a one year warranty. I just checked. Unfortunately, they don't have any now. But you could call them to see if any are coming up soon. Good luck.
    Epson Clearance Center | Epson US
  6. Hello everyone. I have used the Epson V600 for almost 11 years now. Have (2), one in Wa. state and here in Hawaii. The Better Scanning insert for 120 and Anti Newton Ring glass inserts for the stock plastic Epson 35mm 2k20-076-012 c ces13 bc-horz.jpg 2k20-076-012 c ces13 bc-horz.jpg negative carrier. I find no fault with the MF scans, even with my Agfa Isolette cameras, which are not the "ultimate" with the Apotar lenses. Here are two test frames of EDU 200 film (35 & 120 formats) with the Isolette 3 on 120 and a Fed-2 / Jupiter for the 35mm. Both films developed in Pyrocat HDC. Aloha, Bill
  7. System is being "Wierd"... here is the 35mm photo. 2k20-075-006 c 4x5 r-horz.jpg
  8. Decided on new V600.
  9. Good choice I'd say , having used one almost non stop for over half a decade . Before spending any further money , might I suggest
    a thin plate of glass over the negatives and then scan . Sometimes with slide film you may get Newtonian rings and sometimes not .
    It works surprisingly well for me . Peter
  10. V600 arrived today. Really impressed. Film holders are carp. Far sharper direct on scanner bed soo fast too. So much for my old film processors H Res scans of I2 MP from 6X6

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  11. Beware of Newton's Rings when scanning directly on glass.

    Newton's rings.
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  12. It's a bit costly, but the Better Scanning 6x6 insert is tack sharp with an ANR glass cover. Same also for ANR glass inserts on the "crappy" Epson plastic 35mm carrier. Also consider scaning negs emulsion down. The native Epson software allows EZ flip or flop of positive image. Bill
  13. No problem so far
  14. I'm new to scanning. Why is the V850 Pro so much more money that the V600?
  15. V850 is for large format sheet film.V600 up to 120
  16. Just WRT Newton's rings:
    Some years ago I came across the filmholder from some sort of professional printer/copier/enlarger. It was fitted with multicoated glass, which, thinking about it, was obviously there to prevent interference rings. Since it's the change of refractive index between glass, film and any trapped air that causes Newton's rings.

    So a simple solution, other than the usual horrible dimpled AN glass, would be to use the glass from a multi-coated UV filter as a pressure plate on the film base. But having said that, I use an old and heavy metal glassless negative carrier for film copying, and rarely get other than perfect focus from corner to corner.
    Edit: Including the small hair I've just noticed and that I forgot to spot out! :oops:
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  17. The V850 also has higher dMax for penetrating denser areas of the film. There are two sets of holders for each format. Plus each holder has a built-in glass side that holds the negatives flat. Film holders' heights can be adjusted for maximum sharpness. It has Silverfast software in addition to the Epsonscan if you want to use it, but it;s not the Silverfast with the most bells and whistles. There's a wet mount holder.
  18. V600 also comes with Silverfast
  19. I'm not sure that's a bonus.

    Some people seem to love it, but the LE version I tried to use was pretty awful IMO.
  20. Hugely improved over Epsonscan.

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