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  1. This is the additional weekly image thread for the Nature Forum. While images posted to this thread should still be nature in theme, it may contain a small amount of human-made objects and therefore less restricted than the Monday in Nature threads. Please see this discussion for more details: Alternative weekly thread in Nature forum

    Each participant please post no more than just one image per weekly thread.

    Hill City, South Dakota, USA:
  2. St. Kilda Penguin, Melbourne, Australia
    Sony A7rii, 24-240mm @ 240mm, f6.3, 1/25, ISO 16000 St Kilda Penguin.jpg
  3. Bluebird family (parent and 2 youngsters) DSC_4762.jpg
  4. This is the biggest Sea Lion on the highest rock and after months of two or three walks a week on the Monterey Coast Guard Pier, I'm pretty sure he recognizes me.
    Monterey 20e_Coast Guard Pier_Sea Lions_4.jpg
  5. There it was...a quick flip in the air and then...gone. The Uruguayans call there birds Zorzales, like a Canadian robin but not quite.
    Robin eating fruit.jpg
  6. ShunCheung

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    Interesting. It looks like that is right by Melbourne. I was in Melbourne two years ago and went to Philip Island for penguin watching.It is a great experience, but they don't allow photography there.
  7. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Suburban bald eagle

  8. Sandy Vongries

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  9. Roger G

    Roger G Roger G

  10. This little fellow considered hitching a ride, but wisely decided against it.

    windshield cricket.jpg
  11. Jiminy Cricket!
  12. 2-115-2d.jpg
    "Thinking hard" along the Monterey Coast in the mid 90's
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  13. All I can currently do is dig into the archives, I haven't taken the camera out for some 5 months now - nor have I processed any images during that time frame.
  14. WY-Yellowstone-Bison-003-cr.jpg
    Bison bison
    , the quadruped so nice they named it twice
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  15. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Dieter, at least you are back. Hope you'll be taking new pictures soon.
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