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  1. Yes and, as you point out, it's not only masturbation, it's masturbation in public.

    This is coming from someone who is far from a prude, as my own portfolio telegraphs as well as my appreciation for folks like Mapplethorpe, Hujar, and others. It's the surreptitiousness coupled with the insipid rationalizations that are so noteworthy and elicit scorn. Surreptitiousness per se doesn't have to be offensive, especially when coupled with some kind of ability or at least attempt at self awareness of the voyeurism or embrace of it. There could be interesting territory to explore here, but it would require honesty and authenticity.

    In the meantime, on a lighter and related note ...

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  2. DSC_0912.JPG

    (almost) midnight in Pasadena, Nikon FM, Ektachrome and Vivitar 283 flash
  4. About the girls against the wall. This is a very gossipy, chatty age group. But are they talking to each other? Look at what they are doing. Don't you see the commentary on our times?
  6. LOL. If this were about "commentary on our times" instead of girls' a**es, there might be just one photo in your body of work of school age boys doing their thing on the street as well.
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  7. As for Barry's second shot--the bicycle girl--I will match it with a similar shot taken during the 1980 NYC transit strike. "Voyeuristic? How about the second shot--a record of the same strike strike 1.jpg desperate.jpg . People were struggling to learn bicycling quickly.
  8. You overstate. Only one girl wears shorts. No one in the shot is old enough to look sexy. And no one is showing a butt!
  9. Why so binary?
  10. Because Nature is.
  11. Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.
    —Malcolm Forbes

  12. “Because Nature is.
    What an odd and uninformed opinion!
  13. Male and Female. Deal with it.
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  14. I would say most here “deal with it” in a more honest, mature, and self-aware way than you, manifested in both photos and writing.

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