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  1. 20200809_140402.jpg I was holding a cell phone and accidentally shot my hand at close range. The flash went off. Here is the result. Why do my fingers look afflicted with arthritis and leprosy?
  2. Wear gloves!

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  3. …and stop picking your nose
  4. I'm afraid it's called "getting old":(
  5. Well...I'm old, all right, but my fingers don't look that way. Now I"m afraid to shoot any body parts with that cell phone. (Let's see what Ludmilla does with that setup.)
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    Had a guest bathroom mirror in my last house, made one of my oldest friends look so good (he thought) that he begged to buy it off the wall. The measure for me is the difference between what my eyes see in the shaving mirror, and what the camera shows me. I don't care to use cell phones so can't comment on that.
  7. The camera don’t lie.
  8. I will shoot my hand on purpose to see if the horror returns.

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