Monday in Nature, October 16

Discussion in 'Nature' started by sallymack, Oct 16, 2017.

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  1. This photo was taken on October 11 at White Slough in Vallejo, CA. The color in the photo results from the northern California fires which had been raging for several days at that point.
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  3. American White Pelican, Dallas, Texas. Nature Monday 10-16-2017.jpg
  4. A hermit crab at the far end of the life cycle. cracked shell.jpg
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    I took this shot of a painted turtle with my D800E and an AF-S 105 VR.

    Painted turtle 2 1000 wm 4288.jpg
  6. We should all be preparing for winter like this guy. _A0A6356.jpg
  7. Mountain Bluebird (Yellowstone NP)
  8. Baby buck. Do you know what is the stuff on his back? Hope it's not a disease.

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  9. Weeping Willow.

    Boston Common 08 2016 5.jpg
  10. Bald River Falls; Tellico Plains, TN

  11. The asters were attracting all sorts of insects the other day. Taken with a reversed 50mm and 20mm extension tube.

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    Hi Mary, without any expertise on the matter, I wonder if it's just a ruffled coat due to the animal's molting cycle? There's also some rough fur on his side. He's probably just lost his spotted fawn coat.
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