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  1. FOS
    (flowers on stem)
  2. Sally should have gotten a long lens sooner I think.

    Here's mine for today, a bit of fractal nature from the Costa Rica rain forest.

    fractal fiddlehead.jpg
  3. Getting ready before the storm.

  4. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Bald eagle in flight

  5. Wascally Wabbit.
  6. American White Pelican landing at White Rock Lake, Dallas. Nature Monday 1-22-2018.jpg
  7. Gup

    Gup Gup

    Hi everyone. I've had a busy winter, so far. Hope you are all well.

    I'm always excited to see which of my 4 legged friends has survived the annual blood-lust. Now all they have to worry about is making it through the winter, untrained dogs chasing them onto the ice, and hungry wolves. It's comforting to know they feel safe here and spring fawns are just around the corner.

    This one was taken with a D800E and an AF-S 105mm.

    Deer face snow 2 900 wm 8806.jpg
  8. Earth Ripples
    (Think the image can look sharper if not for the atmospheric effects.)

    Olympus EM1 II camera with Panasonic-Leica 100-400mm lens @180mm (effective 361mm): 1/16000s; f/5.6; ISO 2000; Aperture Priority; Pattern Metering
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  9. A different take on Sally Mack's photo Black Necked stilt on edge.jpg
  10. Stilts are cool!
  11. Wayne,
    The background colors in your image are simply beautiful. Love it. Oh, yes, good bird too.

    Folks, let's try to have the MiN guidelines with the opening. It helps keep the hand of human down. Even though those guidelines are posted in their own stickied thread, it's good to repeat it here. Without the guidelines this will become another no words weekly thread, and that's not the point of it. Since Shun did us all a favor and posted those guidelines, when in doubt, check them out.

    It's a great image, but it makes the case for the guidelines being posted in the thread each week. The nest support/platform is clearly a human made feature and something that we avoid in MiN. It's all about nature.

    Thanks for continuing to come to the party. Monday is always pretty good here.
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  13. Sanderling retreating from surf DSC_0036_rotcrop_irfansharpadj_resize_sharp.jpg
  14. Laura, I am so sorry about that. I did realize that but we boat on the Chesapeake Bat and ALL of the ospreys nest on day markers. It keeps the snakes away from their eggs. And they are on every day marker. we pass 4-5 nests coming into some of the creeks. On our creek we have at least four nesting pairs.They are awesome birds but i'll stop posting them. Thanks, Deborah
  15. Deborah,
    You're lucky to have so many opportunities to see ospreys. They are great birds to watch and photograph. Please, continue to post images of these birds without the man made platforms. You're a wonderful photographer and your contributions to MiN, and as a whole are always appreciated. Chesapeake Bay is an amazing environment and I envy you having it at your door step.

    The nesting platforms (day markers as you call them) are an excellent example of a nature / human interaction zone. This area of photography came under discussion when MiN was gelling. How would we deal with it? Nature has to deal with us so often and in many different ways. Some are beneficial and some are destructive. It's where the PSA Nature Photography rules come into play. Most human made things can't be in a nature photo. There are a handful of exceptions, but those rules were chosen to guide this thread.

    If the Nature Forum community wants to have a weekly thread with looser guidelines, that should be discussed with Shun, our Mod. This subject comes up occasionally. Maybe it's time to make something new happen. Let MiN continue to be itself and have something else that can actually explore that nature/human zone. I think it could be interesting. We can discuss, through photography and words, the manner of the interaction and the impact it has on nature, both good and bad. I can think of many photographers who take photos that fit into this category. What say you?
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