1. Sounds like I may need to look for a tele converter now.
  2. If you get one, get a 7-element one. The Vivitar 7-element macro-focusing TCs are good. As are the dedicated Tamrons (but they can only be used on Tamron lenses). The Nikon and Canon 2x TCs are also very good. I also own a Komura 7-element TC that does a good job. Those are the only ones I have any experience with.
  3. The bokeh on those mirrors is truly ghastly: but this is well established. Any one tried the Leica 500mm (Minolta refurb/remodel)?
  4. Here is one of my better shots.
    Nikon 500mm f/8 mirror, D7200, ISO=1000, 1/640 sec
    I was shooting across 5 tennis courts to court #6, which is why I needed the reach of the 500. High school tennis courts are not setup for spectators, and only the players were allowed onto the court surface (inside the wind screen), so I had to shoot from the football bleachers.
    The problem was the manual focus, specifically manual focus tracking of a fast moving subject, with a lens with a very shallow DoF. If she moved 3 feet to her left or right (closer or farther from me) she was out of focus. I think my focus hit rate was about 20%. But that focus ring was oh so smooooooth and light. A great reminder of how good the focusing was on some of the old manual lenses.
    I had to shoot with the 500 on a gimbal, to give me the freedom of movement to track the player, and be steady at the same time.

    I would have loved the Nikon 200-500 AF-S zoom, but that lens is about 8x the cost of the 500 mirror. And I don't shoot this stuff enough, to make the $$$$ investment worth it. Because it is only needed for the ONE player in that far court.
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  5. Gentlepersons:

    Anyone remember the Minolta 500mm F:8 Cat in autofocus? The focus sensor on the 9xi made for fast and accurate autofocus.

    A. T. Burke
  6. Now that I have been infected by JDMvW's mirror virus, it is getting itchy again . . . :D
    • Which Sigma lens is supposed to be the better mirror, the gray or black one?
    • How is the Spiratone mirror? And who made it for them?
    • Who else made decent mirror lenses?
  7. Reminds me of the Midway USA commercial with Larry Potterfield
    "How may mirror lenses does one man need?"

    The answer, N+1
  8. Question for those who own a Tamron 500mm f/8 55BB. This is the one without the tripod mount.
    How front heavy is the camera + lens when the camera is mounted on the tripod?

    I use my 500 on a tripod for stability, but would prefer if the setup isn't so front heavy that it becomes difficult to use on a tripod.

    I was thinking of the older 55B which has a tripod mount, but read that Tamron improved the optics for the 55BB.


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