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  1. I`m in the process of changing, and I`m thinking to give up the good D76 and Rodinal I have used for years, looking for something different.
    Several times I used in the past Acutol (Paterson), and I love this look on medium speed films. I`d like something similar.
    I`m ready to start using FP4 on Perceptol (Ilford). Looks like salt on this metol type developer has a solvent effect, but once diluted (1+3, 1+4) the solvent effect is minimized. Sounds good, but...
    The issue is that I`d like to process film on a Jobo, and looks like continuous agitation is uncompatable with adjacency effects. Anchell&Troop mention it but they are not extremely specific about this topic.
    The question is: Have you tested any film+developer combination that provide that very high acutance+(moderately) fine grain with rotary processors? What do you think? Thanks.
  2. Some time ago I was interested in edge effects and tested a lot of films by stand developing them in Rodinal 1:200 and examining the negatives under a microscope.The max edge effects (which as explained in Anchell & Troop add to the acutance) were found with Tri-X, HP5+, Plus-X and the Adox 100, 50 and 25.
    Some edge effect was noted with Agfa APX 100 and a little from FP4+ and Delta 100 but virtually none at all from old T-Max 100.But T-Max 100 has a high acutance to start with and does not really need any addition.
    So I think if you use the newer T-Max films, assuming they behave the same as old T-Max 100, there will not be seen much difference between rotary and eg once a minute agitation,with the other films some extra acutance compared to agitation at intervals may be lost with rotary processing.
    I have to say I never actually tried this with rotary processing,it may be that the difference between the fims is not as much as it is with stand development.
  3. Yes in general a pretty complete story.
    Rodinal is a typical non rotary compatible developer.
    Just to mention more compatible developers: Pyro-cat HD, AM74/RHS. FP4+ and AM74 1+15 is a good combo. FP4+ and Rodinal is BTW not a very good combo.
    Tmax 100/400 and Xtol/Tmax dev. or HC-110. Use HC-110 in the bit higher dilutions to prevent a too short developing time. Compared to Xtol a bit more grain but easy in use and long lifetime of the concentrate. My choice in M.F. Kodak films.
  4. Since I spent my $25 on my beseler motor base, there has been no holding back.
    I find XTol works for most everything and I usually try to use 1:2+; sharp and low grain. I usually shoot Foma 100, Neopan 400 (usually ei 3200), Tmy and LuckySHD.
    Early morn, Montreal, MF Neopan 400 @ 3200 (one of my last rolls), Xtol 1:2 (18 mins), Kiev 88cm, 645.
    I was told WD2D+ works bad under rotary, but it's my go-to for pulling. I use the above films at 1/2 box speed with massive dynamic range.
    Trip to NYC, 35mm LuckySHD @ 50, WD2D+, Kiev4a.
    The biggest thing (for me) about rotary is the consistency it brings.
  5. Older TMAX100 and HC110 was a very good combination that a well established colleague of mine was fine tuning. As I recall the temp was definately in the 70s, but the dilution I don't remember. I want to guess at 78F for the temp, which I know might sound a bit on the high side, but I'm pretty sure that was it. Don't shoot the messenger..... :cool:)
  6. And for an Ultra Fine Grain alternative for Perceptol you can use CG-512/RLS in rotary 1+4 on 24C on most 35mm films with very good results.
    Rollei Retro 100 TONAL (Orthopan) in CG-512 at 24C. M7 + Summicron 2,0/50mm.
  7. I discarded tabular grain films time ago when I tried them, I prefered the process of classic ones. Maybe I should test them once again.
    Another choice is Xtol, I`ll consider it too. It`s cheap, widely available here, an intelligent option.
    Robert, I never heard about some of the developers you mention, I have already read about them in another posting from you. The main issue is that are not available around here. I also thought in pyrogallol developers, I tried them in the past for 8x10" sheets and found it the best developer ever. The issue is toxicity...
    Well, I`ll shot a few rolls tasting your suggestions. I think I`ll try them first developed in a manual tank and later, the finalists in the Jobo to check if it`s worth it.
    Thank you very much for your comments. You`ll see the results in the MF POW.

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