Lefty Soviet Rangefinders?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by bradrothbart, Sep 6, 2020.

  1. I believe that there are plenty of good (enough) C41 labs in the US, I don't know about other countries.

    There is at least one E6 lab near me, but those are harder to find.

    Plenty of places to make RA4 prints from digital images, if you scan the negatives (or slides).
    Maybe not quite the same as directly printing the negatives, but sometimes it is fine for me.

    If you want black and white film, and don't plan to do it yourself, XP2 and a C41 lab is a fine choice.

    Mail order is fine, but the postage adds up, unless you batch many rolls together.
  2. Otherwise, as above, I like the Instax 300. I had one out last weekend.
    Kind of big, no matter which end is up, but not so heavy. The film doesn't
    fall out after it comes out, but stays until you pull it.
  3. There are some non-FSU rangefinder cameras that have the lever-wind beneath the camera. Retinas and the quirky early Canonet model for example. Using those upside down might make for easier LH use.

    I see little point (urgh!) in using a film point'n'shoot. Control over the picture is minimal and usually the image quality can be put to shame by almost any digital camera made in the last 15 years - including some phone cameras.
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    A note, being that I too have CP, and a part time wheelchair user. Mine is legs, left side worst for tone. Shutter speeds and control over them matter, since our bodies are moving and never stop very often, or we're very stiff. It's easier for me to use a manual camera than it is to outwit automatics. Ruggedness is also critical. Helps keep cameras out of repair shops.

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