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  1. In January I shot several rolls of E6 slide film in FL and then mailed them to Kodak (Dwayne's) for processing. The mailers were long expired but I had read somewhere on photo.net last year that Kodak would honor all of the outdated PK mailers until December 31st of 2009. Based on that I accumuated PK mailers of various vintages. Some of them were PK-24 mailers but 24 exp. slide film is not easy to find and might not even be made any more. I called Dwayne's and was told that a PK24 + $1.90 could substitute for a PK-36 and that a PK-36 could also be used for processing 120 E6 film. Last week I sent a roll of 36 exp. E6 film in an expired PK-36 mailer to Dwayne's. The film came back today unprocessed with a note from Kodak that the mailer was expired. When did Kodak change this policy and how were we notified of this change? I understand that if you have a really old PK mailer with no expiration date that Kodak must still honor it but that too may have changed. I read that several photo.netters whoc are still Kodachrome shooters have been sending that film to Dwayne's but through Walmart and at a lower price. Is there a price advantage to sending E-6 film through Walmart to Dwayne's?
  2. I believe that these mailers could not be used after qualex closed March 27. You can send E-6 and K-14 out through WalMart for $5.49 for a 36exp. roll. It may have went up a dollar but I am not 100% shure. Drop it off at WalMart and is should be back a week later.
  3. I too just had this happen to me but with a Kodak Print mailer. I have used Kodak mailers for decades. I received one back on April 2 and all was a usual. No notice of service changing. On April 9 I got the next roll I sent off returned undeveloped. The note said ,
    SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE Kodak no longer provides processing services...
    Well I would never have purchased more Kodak mailers if I knew Kodak was going to stop honoring them WITHOUT NOTICE.

    I have called Kodak and they confirmed that my mailers are no longer good. I have written Kodak as a long term loyal customer asking them if they will let Dwaynes honor them. No reply.
    All I can say is Kodak took my money and if they will not offer the service I want a refund.
    If I hear nothing back from them then I an off to another company like Fuji. This not a wise idea Kodak had to stop honoring mailers without notice. I spend between $500 and $1,000 a year on Kodak products. And have done so for decades. I am not going to continue to be a loyal customer to any company that treats me so poorly.

    If Kodak wants to end mailers service it will be fine with me but they MUST GIVE NOTICE. Perhaps till the end of the 2009 so I have a chance to use up my mailer supply. I will buy Kodak film to do that so they will still make money.
    That will be a real shame because I just tried out their new EKTAR and was going to buy a lot but now I will wait for a reply form Kodak first.
  4. This past week I emailed Dwaynes in regard to this. Bottom line: they will honor undated Kodak mailers until Kodak pulls the plug whenever that is. Youre out of luck on the dated 1's. Try calling customer service :1 800 242 2424 & complain. They should have some sort of reimbursement plan.
    FWIW, Fuji will be handling the disc. Kodak pickup service @ Target. Return times according to the posting in my local store will be longer. Price for C41 processing seemed reasonable but I wasnt too satisfied w/the results from sending thru a local Rite Aid. All goes to the same lab. I called Fuji in Albany NY ( also home of the most disfunctional state govt. in the US) & was told they would also handle slide film routing it to Dwaynes. No idea of the cost as yet.
  5. "This past week I emailed Dwaynes in regard to this. Bottom line: they will honor undated Kodak mailers until Kodak pulls the plug whenever that is."
    That makes me nervous about the pile of Fuji mailers I have with "Valid through: 12/31/09 " on them. I emailed Dwayne's about it awhile back and got very prompt replies to my questions, but in the end the person dealing with me suggested I contact Fuji directly about the expiration date. Her final answer was "Basically, we will do whatever Fuji tells us to do".
    While I didn't really get the answer I was hoping for (that Fuji mailers don't really expire), I do appreciate her candidness at the end of the exchange.
  6. According to one of the websites, I think it was the B&H site, the Fuji mailers are good through the end of 2009. At 5 for $24.95 the price is still right but the mailers could be worthless the day after you buy them. I sent an e-mail to Dwayne's to ask about both the expiration date and whether Dwayne's would allow us to use the mailer for 120 slide film too. There is a difference of several dollars between the cost of a Fuji mailer at $4.95 and what any established lab will charge for processing a roll. The envelope I got from Kodak Film Processing shows a Dallas, TX address but the postmark shows that it was mailed from Parsons, KS. The local camera store owner here in NJ told me that he thought Kodak stopped honoring the mailers as soon as the last Qualex lab closed. What I don't understand is how Qualex was even involved. The film I sent with PK mailers in January had nothing to do with Qualex. Dwayne's processed it.
    The trend does not look good for anyone who wants to shoot slide film. As the number of labs running E6 gets smaller and smaller there will eventually be film which can no longer be processed commercially. When that happens you will be able to but E6 kits, probably not from Kodak, and when the kits are gone, shooting slides will also be gone. I also like shooting color print film but shooting and projecting slide film is the one thing that is most difficult to approximate with digital equipment. Now I really have to wonder whether Kodachrome processing will make it into 2010. With the film at $8 or more per roll and $13 or $14 for the Pro film and another $14 + shipping for processing and mounting there just won't be a big demand for it.
  7. From a conversation I had a few days ago with a Kodak rep, the slide film mailers are still valid until an unkown date.
    Supposedly, the C-41 mailers are expired, but I sent a roll off so I could get a "Service Discontinued" note and raise hell with Kodak, due to the cessation of a contractually agreed upon service without official forewarning of the cessation of service.
  8. At this point, unless Kodak will disappear over the weekend, I don't see why Kodak can't stick with the original plan of allowing the PK mailers to be used until the end of this year. If they pay Dwayne's for each roll processed I don't see why Dwayne's should object.
  9. I have heard that some states it is not legal to just let a prepaid service expire. This covers things like prepaid gift cards. Usually the company can start to charge a service fee of X dollars (or percent per month) until the value of the item is reduced to zero. But that takes time and there is notice. I live in Ohio and do not know if that is the law here but somwhere in one of the 50 states there maybe a law to help us. Does anyone know of any?
    PS I an not just upset about 4 or 5 mailers expired. I use them all the time and have a lot. I love Kodak products but will not continue to support a company that shows no respect for their long term good customers.
  10. If Kodak wants to end mailers service it will be fine with me but they MUST GIVE NOTICE.

    Do your mailers have an expiration date on them?
  11. Some of my mailers have a date some don't. I contacted Kodak BEFORE I purchased those with a date on them and was told that Kodak would still honor them. I also have (or maybe had) a photocopy of a letter from Kodak that arrived with some mailers I purchased online that said the same.
  12. I called the Kodak number which was on the note I got on Saturday. I was connected to a gentleman in Manilla who was reluctant to give me his name. He told me that when Qualex closed, all Kodak processing mailers ceased to have any value. I asked him about the mailers which have no expiration dates. He said he never heard of any such mailers. I then told him that Dwayne's was processng Kodak slide film and not Qualex. He told me he never heard of Dwayne's. He then offered to give me a single use camera or an unspecified roll of film to replace the mailer which I had recently sent in and which did not result in the processing of my film. I declined the offer. He then said that I could "escalate" my complaint to a supervisor and gave me a case number. When I asked whether the supervisor would be calling from Manilla he told me that person would be calling from Kodak in Rochester.
    I then called Dwayne's. Dwayne's told me that the expired mailers would no longer be accepted either at the Kodak P.O. box address in Parsons, KS or at the Dwayne's direct adddress. What about the unexpired mailers? Dwayne's said that they would still be honored, for now, and should be sent directly to Dwayne's and not to the old Kodak P.O. Box address in Parsons, KS. Dwayne's then gave me another number at Kodak to call. The woman I spoke to at that number did not even know whether unexpired mailers should be sent to Dwayne's directly. What about some kind of credit for the unexpired and/or expired mailers? She didn't know anything about that either. As it stands, I am still waiting for someone at Kodak in Rochester to call me.
    Over the weekend I sent an e-mail to Freestyle in Los Angeles. Freestyle is still selling the Fuji slide mailers and these mailers show an expiration date of 12-31-2009. The gentleman at Freestyle thought that Fuji had its own lab and did not know that Dwayne's is processing film sent in these mailers. Could the 12-31-2009 expiration date for the Fuji mailers also be cut short? Freestyle didn't know anything about this and neither did Dwayne's. What Dwayne's did say is that unlike the old Kodak PK-36 mailers, which could also be used for 120 slide processing, the Fuji mailers are only good for 36 exposure 35mm rolls of E6 slide film. As long as Dwayne's is still operating there is no obvious reason that Kodak can't simply pay Dwayne's to honor the expired and unexpired mailers. I'm sure the sticking point is that Kodak spent the money it got for the mailers a long time ago and Dwayne's can't be expected to process the film for free. Kodak must have thought that by changing its policy on the expired mailers, no one would notice. At this point I hope Kodak will offer coupons for other products, like film, in exchange for outstanding mailers. If Kodak is unable to do this we will have to wonder how much longer the company will be around in any form. I will keep you posted.
  13. I spoke to two more people at Kodak and one at Qualex. The last answer I have from Kodak is that even mailers with no expiration dates are no longer good. The person at Qualex said she was told to have any callers contact Kodak's chairman because no one else at Kodak would answer questions or take responsibility for anything.
  14. I have decided to write a letter to Kodak regarding this. This is the address I used:

    Mary Jane Hellnar
    President, Film, Photofinishing & Entertainment Group
    Eastman Kodak Corporation
    343 State Street
    Rochester, NY 14608

    I urge anyone who owns Kodak mailers to write a letter to this address and maybe they will honor them for the rest of the year.
  15. In the UK Kodachrome has always been sold with the processing and mailing enveloopes included.
    A few months ago I used some Kodachrome dated 1986 and sent it off to Switzerland (one of their old labs and now the European centre from where it is all sent to Dwayne's).
    It came back fine and there were no queries about the validity of the mailer.
  16. Nicholas,
    The person you are referring to is Mary Jane Hellyar, not Hellnar.
  17. This is an outrage. These are contracted services that the Eastman Kodak company is legally obligated to provide (at least those mailers which have no expiration date or have not yet expired). I personally might settle for the list price in CASH for this obligation, certainly not for a couple of single use cameras.
    In this Internet age it would be easy to spread this information and find a lawyer to initiate a class action lawsuit for the thousands of people who have these mailers (PK's DP's ESP-1's). The publicity generated alone would not be favorable for EKC...
    Any lawyers out there?
    Someone in Rochester has not thought this out very well....
    Adam Lang
  18. All. It seems the LH doesnt know what the RH --( Kodak customer service)is doing in regard to this. I just called Dwaynes & the nice lady there told me that if the date on the mailer was expired, Kodak would NOT honor it. But if the date was 5/09 & up, they would. She also said there should be no probs w/UNdated mailers.
  19. What about all the people with DP mailers? WIll Dwaynes process c-41?
  20. I got my Certified letter off to Ms. Hellyar earlier today. I hope she is still working for the company when the letter arrives. It looks like Kodak tried to sneak this one by. It's unfortunate that Dwayne's has to be dragged into the whole thing. It's also unfortunate that Dwayne's is telling me one thing while Kodak is telling me something completely different. I sent the returned roll of slide film to A&I. The A&I website states that its mailers will be good for as long as A&I offers the service shown. When A&I closed its K-Lab so it no longer processed Kodachrome it still allowed the mailers to be used for E6 film. If you use a service like A&I or Denver Digital Imaging (The SlidePrinter) for E6 processing you can save some money by mailing in more than one roll at a time.
  21. Thanks soo much for that adress. She is big with film from what I understand. I will get to work on a letter all about Kodachome and other films!
  22. I will also add that I think they should bring them back!! They must have been easy to use!
  23. FYI it is Mary Jane Hellyar not Hellnar. You may also want to try to write to Paul Walrath who is the CEO of the film division. I don't have an adress for him.
  24. Greetings Everyone!!! I have been following this thread with much interest,as i have a good supply of "PK24" and "PK36" slide film mailers.I contacted Dwayne's Photo by phone yesterday,and was told that if the mailer had a expiration date on it then it was NOT valid,but if it did not have one then it would be accepted.So i have to ask-"What is the difference"??? I have purchased these mailers with the understanding that the "Cutoff" date is the end of 2009,which i presume is the date that Kodak and Dwayne's Photo agreed on when all Kodachrome Processing was moved there.However,a mailer is still a mailer.I bought these mailers with the understanding that i was purchasing a service.A service that may be denied to me simply because it has a date on it.Thats not fair,to me or anyone else out there that has these mailers.
    So i took it a step furthur.I tried contacting Kodak via their website,and gave them the story as i know it.I gave them detailed info about the mailers,Dwayne's Photo,Kodachrome etc.they wrote me back and asked for more detailed information.That was yesterday afternoon.I keep checking my "In Box" but so far i have yet to recieve a reply...I hope we find out about this rather soon as this is becoming a very frustrating,at least to me.I do have several mailers that do have a expiration date on them,so the (K)64 Dollar question is:Are they valid or not? Can they be redeemed somehow? I feel that we should be allowed to use them until the end of 2009 expiration date.Another item worth mentioning as there was no notice given about this policy change.And-oh yes, i will be firing off a letter to Kodak about this matter as well.Comments Anyone???
  25. How much did a PK-36 mailer cost right before they were discontinued?
  26. FYI
    Kodak Executive Biographies

    Mary Jane Hellyar


    Paul Walrath

  27. Greetings all...I just tried calling Kodak at (800)242-2424 Extension#10 and talked to a representitive by the name of "Sadiiq" and was told that ALL "PK24" and "PK36" mailers should be valid,expiration date or not...I hate to say it,but this person did NOT sound very knowlegable about this matter.So i feel we still need a clarification on this matter.So take it for what you will,but at least i tried...Comments anyone???
  28. I need to make some spelling corrections. Was this person in Manila (The Philippines)? Tomorrow I will check to see whether my Certified letter made it to Ms. Hellyar.
  29. When you call Kodak about any film, always dial 1-800-242-2424 and press 19. You will be connected to a live American sitting in New York working for Kodak that is awesome and is really willing to FULLY answer all of your questions.
  30. I did speak to someone at that number and at that extension and he didn't know anything.
  31. To answer Patrick Mont’s question. In the winter 2006/07 B&H catalogue these are the prices.
    Print mailers, DP24 are $7.99, DP36 are $9.99, Slide mailers PK24 $7.99, and PK36 $8.99.
    A these prices I have $1254.55 of worthless mailers. To make it worse I only own this many mailer because of Kodak. I called then late in 2008 and asked who still sold mailers as they were getting hard to find. I was told that they were no longer being printed BUT Kodak would always honor them by a Kodak person on the phone. She suggest I search online retailers and I did and stocked up. Now less than a year later they tell me my mailers are no good! And I can not even get a response to the emails I send to Kodak. With that many mailers you can see I shoot a lot of film and give Kodak a lot of money. If Kodak will not take care of me I will be sending Fuji A LOT on money in the future.
  32. After a call to Kodak and Dwayne's, I learned you can mail them right to Dwayne's and they will process the film if the mailer are expired. I don't know what adress it says for them to go to, but if you ship the with the film to Dwayne's they will process your film.
  33. At this point I would need to see it in writing from someone at Kodak who is alive and stilll working for the company. I would also need to know how I can get the mailer back that Kodak confiscated, so I can try to use it again.
  34. Patrick,
    Dwayne's will process any film for you if it's something they normally process. The question is whether they will then bill you or whether they will accept the expired or unexpired Kodak PK mailer as payment for the processing.
  35. They will accept the unexpired mailers for payment. That is what I learned from both them and Kodak.
  36. PS: Please don't let Fuji see lots of your money :)
  37. After 9 phone calls and all my emails unanswered I am done with Kodak.

    Here is the final say:
    All my print mailers with a date are worthless. I called Kodak in late 2008 and they told me that they would always honor their mailers. But always ended on April fools day this year!
    My slide mailers with a date are also worthless.
    Kodak did agreed to send me a roll of film for each print mailer without a date.
    They offer callers (1-800-242-2424) a single use camera but if you ask they have a large selection of slide, color print and B&W film to choose from. I took the 400Tmax. There is a 4 roll maximum.
    I am still out hundreds of dollars!

    My slide mailers WITHOUT a date are still good until the end of the year 2009.

    They also said they are working on putting up an announcement on their web site. Funny how Kodak uses the word professional all the time but failed to announce this policy change before it took effect and their support people don’t even know what is going on.

    I also talked to a Qualex employee on the phone. She tried to help me in spite of the fact that Kodak had told her she was being laid off.

    The customer service person on the phone with you did NOT cause your problem. They are trying to help you within the limits of their authority. PLEASE do not yell at them. Save your outrage for letter to a Kodak executive! Remember to vote with your dollars. My vote will no longer go to Kodak.
  38. You can't blame any company for not allowing you to use redeem something like that if you bought it know it would eventually expire. I can see a good argument for the mailers without and experation.
  39. I am not convinced that Kodak or Dwayne's will honor even the mailers without expiration dates. The main problem that I see now is that Kodak assured us last year that even the mailers with expiration dates would be honored until the end of 2009. If Kodak could not afford to make that commitment then it should not have given out that information. I don't know what volumes the Qualex labs were seeing. I was never a fan of the quality control at those labs but I saw that they served a purpose. Numerous retail locations were part of the labs' distribution system. Many of these retail locations are still selling film but can no longer accept it for processing. When their customers start bringing the film in for processing and are told the service is no longer available, film sales will fall off another cliff. This will make it less likely that processing and even film itself will be available much longer for those of us who still want it. These lost film customers will not all run out and buy Kodak digital cameras and Kodak inkjet printers. In the case of slide film, at least the E6 slide film, Kodak has a willing partner in Dwayne's. As long as at least one large lab exists for processing E6 film, Kodak can still make and sell it. Unfortunately Kodak is putting itself in the position of cutting off the sale of film. This is one of the few areas where they still make money.
    With equivalents of the old Agfa 200 speed color slide and 100 and 400 speed black & white films being made again and with equivlents of the old Agfa black & white RC papers being made again we can see a time whe people might still use film even when Kodak no longer exists. Will these products be as good as TMY2 or E100G or Ektar 100? Perhaps not. We should enjoy these while they are still here. Like the yellow color of the forsythia, they won't be here forever.
  40. Kodak lets me down again.
    Earlier I had stated that Kodak agreed to send me several rolls of film in compensation for my mailers that Kodak was no longer honoring. Well after a week I got TWO technical data sheets for Elite Chrome film in my mail box but NO film. I called Kodak again and they assured me that they would send real film the next time. But before that would happen a Kodak supervisor would contact me.
    So far no call and no film.
  41. Greetings everyone!!! Here is an update of sorts concerning the "PK Slide Film Mailers". As i mentioned above,i too have a good supply of these mailers.I too,have tried contacting Kodak and Kodalux and have not recieved a satisfactory answer to my questions concerning this matter.For more information on this matter,please check out the Kodachrome Project.com
    Anyhow,i tried contacting Kodak at their 1-800 number again yesterday.I ended up speaking with the same person i spoke with the first time i called.I informed them that i have a total of 10 dated PK Mailers,and asked that i be sent film as a reembursement.At first,they only offered me some 400 speed print film,but i asked for Kodachrome 64 slide film.I doubt that they will be sending me 10 rolls of film,but we shall see what happens.
    Has anyone who wrote a letter to Kodak recieved a reply as yet? And if so,what was said by them concerning this matter? Thank You in advance to anyone who may have any new information on this most frustrating topic...
  42. Greetings everyone!!! Here is an update of sorts...In todays mail i recieved a large manilla envelope from Kodak;Inside the envelope contained "Technical Data" for(Get this!!!)Kodachrome 200 Slide Film!!! Why would they bother to send me this? So,tomorrow its back on the phone to complain a little more.Is anyone else beside myself even bothering at this point? Please,if you still have these mailers-contact Kodak to complain!!! Its OUR Money!!!
  43. Kodak also promised to send me film but sent technical data sheets for the film and not the film itself. I called and gave them the case number printed on the envelope. They said my complaint would be sent on to a supervisor who would contact me. I never got a contact but a little over a week later I got another envelope with more technical data sheets. I called again and again they said a supervisor would contact me. No call came but I did get a third envelope with more technical data sheets! So far I have called Kodak 21 times (I am keeping a list of calls and dates) and sent several (unanswered) emails. I have the number memorized and know to push 16 when the computer picks up to get past the automated menu. I call once a each day when I have a few free minutes and let them know again that a supervisor still has not called me. They say they will send another message to the supervisor each time. They will not put a supervisor on the phone or give me their number. I am told all they can do is leave an email for the supervisor to contact me. Maybe the supervisor has been laid off and nobody is reading these emails. Keep calling and maybe they will get their act together. Remember it Kodak PROFESSIONAL that we are taking about. Someday I may actually see a roll of film in my mailbox but until I do I will buy no Kodak products.
  44. And Still Another Update:Today i called Kodak at 1 800 242-2424,Extension#19;I spoke with an idividual who actually knew what was going on!!! After explaining the situation i was told that "YES" the mailers with dates on them are no longer valid(We knew that,but read on)I then asked if there was a way to be re-embursed with film and i specifically asked for Kodachrome 64 slide film.I was then informed that i had to mail in my expired "PK24" and "PK36" Mailers in to Kodak and then they would mail me out some replacement film.Its not much,but at least it is something! Here is who i spoke to,and the mailing adress for Kodak.
    Attention:Mister Tom Dolan
    2400 Mt. Reed Blvd. 1/205/Kodak Park-Dock 55 P-64
    Rochester,New York 14650-3016
    Its up to you guys if you want to proceed past this point.I honestly feel that this is the best deal we are going to get at this point.I will be mailing in my expired mailers shortly.You may want to call Kodak at the above number before you just mail your mailers in,so you can be assigned a case number by Kodak.Please ask to speak with Mister Dolan,as it looks like he actually knows what is going on in regards to the mailers.So,there-i have done my part.Its up to the rest of you to do the rest.I have laid the groundwork.Now,make the call and send those mailers in.It may not be much(probably just a few rolls of film)but i guess its better than nothing at all...And please,let the rest of us know how you make out in your dealings with Kodak...
  45. GOOD NEWS.
    Kodak comes throught in the end.
    Kodak finally agreed to exchange my print mailers for film. I sent in 65 mailers and received 50 rolls of film in exchange. Not perfect but not bad. I still have close to a hundred slide mailers that I will have to use up by the end of the year but that's not bad either. I forces me to get out and shoot (and it will help Kodak out as I will buy more Kodak slide film as a result). Also in addition to receiving the film in the mail I finally got an automated reply to the email I sent over a month ago. Still it would be nice if someone had actually read my email. All in all the people at Kodak I talked with were nice and helpful. The company is very dissorganized however. I hope they can hold it together. I am really praying for them.
    Best of luck Kodak. I will do my part to support you. Just keep supporting me.
  46. GOOD NEWS ON MY PART AS WELL: Today i recieved a small package from Eastman Kodak; Inside this package were 3 Super Fresh rolls of Professional Kodachrome 64 Slide Film(Emulsion Number 1562-Expiration Date 08/2010) This film was in exchange for 8 Expired "PK24" and 2 "PK36" Slide Film mailers. While i probably lost several Dollars on the exchange,i feel something was better than nothing,as Kodak really didnt have to send me anything at all. A special "Thank You" to Mister Tom Dolan at Eastman Kodak,who helped me out-I sincerely appreciate it!!! Now,if anyone else out there has any expired mailers,you now know what to do.Long Live Kodachrome!!!
  47. I am sending a letter to Mr. Dolan about my seven mailers asking to swap them for film. I have, actually, an eighth mailer. I've had it since I was a kid; it is one of those with the little yellow cloth bag and a drawstring. I'm keeping it for fun; it is much nicer than a roll of film as a conversation piece. I should take a picture of it and post it, huh? BTW, I hand out with a friend who worked for Eastman for 41 years before she retired in ca 1980; yup, she's 90 now!
  48. I too have some PK mailers so is the Kodak film for PK mailer swap still available ?

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