Ideas for Travel Operating close to the Car

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  1. That hike at Clingman's Dome is definitely steep and were it not for the benches spaced fairly close together, I'd never have made it to the top. Take a lot of breaks and you can do it, just be patient. It's actually an enjoyable climb. I'm 73 now but made that climb when I was 69. I hike a lot in a park near home that is pretty hilly, carry a pack when I'm hiking and try to work up to trips where I may want to hike someplace a bit difficult.
  2. It's not Georgia, but for great scenery and wildlife near your car...

    Start in San Francisco, drive north on California 1 to Fort Bragg, California. There are beautiful costal views. At Fort Bragg, take the Skunk Train, a steam engine train, through some Redwood forests. Then walk around Ft. Bragg. Next drive to Willits (also a scenic drive through forests) and pick up US 101 north toward Eureka. Along the way get off 101 and drive the Avenue of the Giants, the Giants being very tall old Redwoods. You will see elk and deer along the way. Everything in easy walking distance. From Eureka take US 101 and continue driving along the coast all the way to Astoria, Oregon. At Astoria, after you visit the Lewis and Clark National Park and Fort Clatsop, hang a right and follow the Columbia River east. Great scenery and much wildlife along the road or just a few hundred yards from the various parking lots.

    On your drive back to San Francisco, stop a Crater Lake National Park. The view of the lake, just a short distance from the parking lots, is beautiful.

    I would allow about 10 days and I doubt you would have to walk more than 10 miles total.
  3. I guess the present day puts a new obstacle in the way of photography. I haven't been out for a while. Between the pandemic and the heat this summer, and the need to either wear or at least carry a mask outdoors, my photography has kind of come to a halt. But I'd like to get out there again at some point. By the way I was born in Merced, CA, pretty close to San Francisco. I love that city and I've been there once to visit years ago. I'd like to do that again though I'm not sure if I'm up to it. I mostly took streetcars and I guess I could do that again if the weather wasn't too hot (and we weren't in lockdown). I'd really like to see the Japanese Tea Garden again.
  4. WHEN we can get out for pleasure.

    Small/light gear.
    Micro 4/3, bridge camera, P&S or cell phone.
    I did pretty good when all I had was a Nikon L35AF. You make do with what you have.
  5. My camera is already pretty light, Leica M and 2-3 lenses. I'm down to a pretty small bag. Worse comes to worse, I can go down to something like the Sony RX1 or RX100 or something like that. But I still carry the M for now. I agree though, weight is really important.

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