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  1. Wow, a $5.00 Hasselblad. All the yard sales in my area are generally clothes, tools, 8 track tapes, bicycles, etc.
  2. With second Sunday camera show disbanded because of covid, my local flea market has been the source for camera finds and ebay of course.

    it’s getting harder to score a deal even in flea market because junk dealers whip out their phones, check sold listing on eBay and think their corroded or rusted camera is worth top dollar… don’t even think about haggling and if the camera is inscribed “Made in Germany”, you are expected to pay a premium just for that…
  3. I've picked up several tripods from charity shops but nothing of that quality & very rarely have they been that cheap! The only full size one cheaper than that was probably the last one I got IIRC it was £2 brought for curiosity value as it had a cable release built into the handle.
  4. That Gitzo beats my find of a Manfrotto model 028 + 029 head, bought for £8 at a car-boot sale.

    However, I recently bought an f/2.8 300mm Tamron in perfect optical condition for £20. Mechanically a bit worn and with an Adaptall mount stuck firm by someone that obviously couldn't match green mounting dots together. The mount was written off removing it, but I had a spare.
  5. I'd be very happy with a good heavy duty tripod for the Speed Graphic I have. The flimsy JC Penny one I have I am afraid the wind will blow it over or I will bump it while fiddling with the lens or cassettes and boom ...down she goes with the camera. I saw one once in the US for cheap..but shipping to Europe makes it not so cheap . I am a cheapskate and though you can buy for a few hundred a nice sturdy tripod.. can and will are two very different things!! :)
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  6. Camera and general auctions are a good source of bargain tripods. Things like tripods, lightmeters and camera bags tend to get overlooked in favour of old Rolleis, Leicas and such that get all the bidding fever.
    A couple of years ago I got a nice sturdy Gitzo among a lot of old wooden 'pods for a hammer price of £25.

    One of the wooden tripods was a mahogany and brass affair that came up nicely with a bit of TLC too. It would make a nice display stand for a vintage plate camera or brass telescope.
  7. I've been after a No.1 Folmer Crown tripod for ages and they rarely popped-up on Ebay, and the I found two going cheap over the course of a month.

    There's a number on there right now, too.
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  8. There are many things that seem to go for low prices. One that I bought some of are Bose noise-canceling headphones with worn out ear pads. Buy replacements for a low price, and you have nice headphones for much less than the usual price.
  9. Well, I bought an original new Quick Release Plate by Gitzo that set me back $50. Just to prove that nothing's cheap!

    But I used it this weekend, and it is quite a nice setup. The ballhead with a Field Camera on top is going to take a bit of getting used to.

    Having an empty bag hung from the hook is fantastic. Keeps all my camera gear off the dirt, and weighs down the tripod for even more stability. Very handy.

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