How many cameras have you had stolen over the years?

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  1. I had two that I know of, and two that went missing. I had a Nikon N2000 stolen from me while in the US Navy in 1984, and a Polaroid stolen from me when I was like, 10, 1972-ish, in Chicago. I don't miss them much now but to this day I miss a really great shot that I captured that a jealous photog stole the negative of. Thank you very much, ET1 LeMoyne.
    I had two go missing, a Minolta Freedom Zoom and a Fujifilm digital something or other. They may have been stolen or simply lost to the ether, or they're in that place our cat goes when he doesn't want to be found. We call that the vortex.
  2. None stolen and none in the vortex so far.
  3. None
  4. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

  5. Just one - a Pentax ME Super stolen in 1983.
  6. None stolen
    At first I thought the title was, How many cameras have you stolen over the years, so I was writing my reply and finally realized that I misread the title. Figured I would leave my story for anyone else that felt like confessing the sins from their younger years:-0
    I stole a motorcycle when I was 17. I remember being on the school bus coming home from school and the police were waiting at my house. I will never forget the look of my mother crying as they took me to jail. That image is burned into my soul. I thank God that I got caught or there is no telling how badly I would of destroyed my life or hurt others around me.

    Off Topic- Just lost another Nikon lens hood last week. Thank goodness it was not the 70-200mm again. Wonder if Canon lens caps and hoods fall off as easy as Nikons?
  7. Like John, somehow at first I thought your were asking how many I had stolen.
    Does getting something on eBay for way below the going price count?
    also off-topic:
    The good (?) news about Canon not supplying hoods for so many of their lenses (non-L, as a rule) is that there are huge numbers of cloners out there making what seem to be identical hoods for a fraction of the Canon asking prices. And only last week, I was awarded an accolade for "looking on the bright side".
  8. Two cameras stolen. And an awful lot
    of e-mailed images still orbiting Pluto.

    Rick H.
  9. 2 Leica M3's in separate incidents: Burglaries in Rochester NY and Phila PA. I cringe to say that both of them were my Dad's.
  10. None so far.
  11. One! I bought the Nikon F2AS back in 1977 as my very first camera. Someone stole it from me in 1984. Was a sad day and I am still sad thinking about it.
  12. None so far, and I'm 63 and have had gear since 1969. It might help if I had something worth stealing. I've always had second hand, beat up stuff. I like user equipment to use. Stuff that is too mint is often worth more sold. You know, sell one lens to finance two or three.
  13. A small Hasselblad case, and some expensive nikon lenses. Have stopped two robberies (not burglary) with a
  14. I had my first digital camera stolen in 2007. It was a Canon S45 point and shoot. I mistakenly put it in my suitcase when I was traveling by air. I returned from an Alaskan cruise to find it had been removed from my luggage somewhere in baggage handling. Either the airline baggage handlers or the TSA obviously. They took the battery charger as well. Lost some photos, but had also taken a second digital SLR with me, which I carried on my person and fortunately retained the bulk of my photos. Lesson learned, no valuables in checked luggage.
  15. None but I recently misplaced my fav Canon S95. Dang the luck!
  16. None so far
  17. None here, either. Maybe I need to start buying more expensive cameras?
  18. None stolen, but a couple (Anscoflex & a Yaschica Electro 35) that I just don't recall where they went. Probably sold at a garage sale...
    off-off topic: Weirdest hood thing I had was after my 100-400 came back from Canon, the hoods didn't fit as well as before. As for buying them, I still get the original Canon hoods, I just get them cheap from KEH!
  19. Interestingly enough at age 58, after 43 years of owning expensive cameras. I only recently had two stolen in NYC. Both were obsolete digital cameras, that had both lost their value. A Nikon D50 and a Panasonic P&S. The worst part was losing a beloved 35/F2 AI Nikkor that I had owned since it was new in 1980. Which was attached to my D50. A 35mm equaling a 52mm on a D50 was my everyday lens.

    That lens went to at least 500 weddings with me and countless trips It did have sentimental value. As well as it's approximate $200-300 current value.
    So when I add up all the years of travel, etc with expensive cameras. I really have suffered very little, and Ive been very lucky.
  20. Personally - none. Although I seem to be missing a 18-105vr lens that I got as a "kit" a couple of years ago - and I don't remember selling it on E-bay or CL. But with other bodies and lenses in the same location, find it hard to believe that a thief would take that lens and not one of my other primes.
    My 15 yr old has had 1 stolen - when she was on a trip in England. A Nikon Coolpix...
  21. Since I won a Rolleiflex in a raffle for a buck in 1957 -- none.
  22. This was robbery: I once walked up in time to help a woman at a flea market. She and the vendor couldn't figure out how to open, the working, pristine Zeiss folder, she had just purchased.
    Had I gotten there 3 minutes earlier, I would have owned the "old" camera for $8, not she.
  23. One, a Nikon N2000 with a 50 mm lens back in 1990, at a train station in Poland. I was just dog tired and not super alert and it was stolen out of my backpack.
  24. A couple of decades ago I had to park on the street at night in Manhattan to run a quick errand. In the back seat were two identical bags. When I got back one window was smashed and one bag taken. The thief left behind a Bolex 16mm movie camera with a sweet Angenieux zoom lens. Neither the camera nor the lens was mine and had they been taken I'd have been hard-pressed to reimburse the owner.
    The stolen bag contained my gym wear. Overdue for the laundry too.
    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video
  25. Henry, as a recent victim of a similar incident. I have to share the following: I walked away from my truck near Union Sq for 30 seconds. Some miscreant reached in the window and grabbed my knapsack, containing two older digital cameras. He got me for about $500.
    On the floor of the truck in the front seat: 4 money boxes with about $20K in cash of my bosses money!
    So my stupid thief, was stupider than yours!
  26. I would never ever do that for any boss, Steve. No way.
  27. Henry's thief got some smelly laundry, while your thief, Steve, got $500 worth.<br><br>I never had any photo gear stolen.<br>I thought i lost a Polaroid magazine on location once (forgotten, not taken), but found it years later in a cupboard behind some 'archived' stuff.
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    I missed the "had" and was trying to figure out the response.
  29. Besides not having had any cameras stolen from me, i also never had any cameras stolen for me.
  30. None. I'm careful. Looks like there are tons of "left my bag in plain sight in NYC" posts. I've been to NYC a ton of times and because I'm cheap I almost always park on the street. I have never had a problem. The reason is I never leave anything in plain sight. I put everything in the trunk BEFORE I drive into NYC. And if I can't put it in the truck before I get to NYC I pull over and put it in the trunk at one location and park in another so thieves don't see me putting the stuff up. It's not fool proof but with everyone else leaving a camera bag buffet out it makes my car look far less tasty. Frankly I don't leave ANYTHING lying around. My problem with a lot of stuff like my Canon film camera is the financial hit if it were stolen wouldn't be bad (<$100) but the broken window could be a pain in the @$$.
    Have stopped two robberies (not burglary) with a handgun.​
    Do you work in a camera store?! If not sell the gun and put the proceeds towards moving to a different neighborhood. That sucks.
  31. During my early Air Force days (1984), I was driving from west Texas to central California on my way to a new assignment with the back seat piled high with stuff. I spent a night at a Motel 6 on the outskirts of Phoenix and must have left a door unlocked; unfortunately I didn't discover my Yashica TL-Electro (with one of those so-called "hippie" camera straps) and a case with all my pilot logbooks missing until 2 days later when I unpacked my car in California. I finally got another TL-Electro 2 years ago. Too bad I can't get my logbook back... it had all my original solo endorsements!
  32. Someone broke in to my car and stole a.slow Nikon zoom along.with various cassette tapes of rare stuff. The lens was
    found two days later nearby lying in the grass in the yard. It almost got mowed. A year later the theif was charged with the
    crime after admitting to a bunch of similar breakins. The tapes were never recovered whuch was the worst part.
  33. I have been taking pictures since 1956 and have never had any of my cameras or photo equipment stolen. My wife, however, had her Canon Sure Shot Telemax camera stolen during a trip to her native Brazil. She was eating with a friend at the airport restaurant in Belo Horizonte and placed her camera on the tabletop. Someone was able to grab it without attracting her attention. When she got back to the U.S. she bought the exact same Canon model as a replacement.
  34. Well... 4 exactly. About a month ago when someone entered our house in the middle of the day and left with quite a load of cameras, lenses, a bag of gadgets, 6 long guns, a couple of watches, a computer and a few other things. Not a very pleasant experience. Items included a 7D, 5DmkII and 5DmKIII, 10-22, 100 2.8 IS and a 300 2.8 IS.
  35. Wow, Richard, that's a shame. Sorry to hear of your huge loss. Makes me feel sad that we have so many lowlifes on planet Earth.

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