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  1. My bad! Yes they do go down to 30s. If 15 seconds is 16 and 30 seconds is 32 then the camera is correctly calibrated.
  2. I don't think there is one. You're out of luck. Both full frame and DX cameras have the same flange distance so there is no room for the adapter.
  3. Can you shoot without flash? The flash has to be very powerful in order to overcome daylight in the outside background.
  4. 1 piece or 2 pieces I have used them on the FM2, FM, FE, F3, F2 without any problem. There must be something wrong with the cap if that is the case. You can buy the 1 piece battery if you want.
  5. obviously it should work without the the ring so the cap is defective? I wonder if you can find a good cap and fix the problem correctly?
  6. I think you can skip the flash meter but a good used one for $50 is nice. For that type of shooting I agree you don't need iTTL or CLS. Just manual is simpler.
  7. For long exposure and exposure on tripod I always use manual mode so the eye piece blind isn't needed. I do feel the Df without the finder blind is a cost saving I don't like.
  8. If the meter on your cameras dead on arrival then you didn't buy them new.
  9. My 60CT4 is nice because I can use it at ISO 1600 and f/5.6. At that setting even with bounce it will recycle very fast. What would you want for your 45 with bad battery pack?
  10. I don't generally use the manual mode on the flash with the flash mounted on the camera. I use it for a lighting setup with the flash on stand or tripod in which case I use my Metz 60-CT4 which has 27 steps manual power.
  11. The Nikon Df has both the B and the T settings on the shutter speed dial.
  12. I manual focus with the 45-CT1, 60-CT2 and 60-CT4 without a problem. The 45 series although smaller is a bit heavier because it's self contained. On the 60 most of the weight is on your shoulder. The 60CT4 is nice because I can use ISO1600 @ f/5.6. At that settings it can recycle very fast.
  13. I mean not buying the expensive greatest and latest like the SB-5000 and SB-910. They are not better the old SB-24.
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