How in gods name is this done?

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  1. The lighting is incredible and the colors are so rich! He is using flash right? In camera?

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    The Birth of Booze - BRIAN FINKE
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    flash and a load of makeup. hahahahaha
  3. First of all, I think it's in violation of policy to post a photo that you did not capture yourself.

    In any case, I know that Brian Finke has used (or still uses?) a Nikon D800. He lights up the images with 2 Quantum Q flashes, both of which are handheld (he holds one, while an assistant holds the other). .
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    i knew that but as the OP only joined today i thought i’d cut them some slack.

    as u did. cool.
  5. It just looks so digital posterized to me.
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    For clarity, it appears that the OP joined in 2013, but that is irrelevant - pointing out the terms of use concerning what may and may not be published is relevant and also useful.

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    really, every time i click on the OP’s name i get something completely different.

    there’s something fishy going on.
  8. To me, the images, in style, color, and even to some degree in content, have a Norman Rockwell feel. The particular use of flash gives it an illustrated feel.
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  9. ahhhh didn't know that my mistake.
    Joined in 13, but never posted. :D
  10. You nailed it! Exactly what I am feeling as well.
  11. All of the photos appear to have flash in them. In some, the flash worked well (for example this one), whereas in a few shots its seems overwhelming to me (this). Perhaps, the lighting would have been better without flash in some of them.
  12. I feel the images have a rather sterile look to them which often comes with the over use of flash photography.

    Sort of plastic and gimmicky without any atmosphere or feeling. .
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  13. Yeah, that is what I was referring to, it looks flat, more lithographic than photographic, at least the first pic.
  14. synchro sun

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